Our Residual Income

It’s a vision that starts as a dream and sends you on a journey in order to make it real. 
HELO and World Global Network is the manifested end of that journey.
  A dream come true!

Making History
The FIRST technology product company in the Network Marketing Industry.
The only company in that industry to partner with a global giant... Toshiba.
HELO is a Category Creator

No Competition
No other Network Marketing company sells in this new category.
HELO has twice the features of other wearables.

Simple System
Just by sharing a 2 minute video from your home or smart phone, you can create a LIFE-CHANGING income. No exhaustive product knowledge. No parties or presentations. No traveling all over town. No complicated compensation plan. No monthly back office fees. No sales volume flushing

Breaking Records
Just by following the simple system... sending the links to the following videos to your friends and through your favorite social media. Since our official North American Launch in January, Wor(l)d is breaking records as one of the fastest growing companies in Network Marketing history! 
We are breaking our own records: Diamond in 10 weeks! That's $6-10k/month and took us 18 months in our last biz.

World Class Support Team
You will be in business FOR yourself... But not BY yourself.
You will Leverage videos to invite and explain product. You will use Che'Lisa & I to offer the vision and give direction. You will access 24 year veterans in the industry to launch your business through a private webinar. You will access daily training webinars to keep engaged on your journey and ensure your success.


We have been living the dream-life of time freedom and residual income for almost 10 years.
 And an expanded vision of ourselves has now been birthed and that vision includes the celebration of all that is good in the world with others who have the courage to take the journey. 
We hope that “other” is YOU!
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7 Minute Explanation:

Full Explanation an Fast Start Training:

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