by Tim Che'

It starts with an Idea... from the depths of your soul:
"I have a lavish, steady, dependable income, consistent with integrity and mutual benefit"
This quote represents a certain 'channel', or 'state of mind', that you tune yourself to. You will know that you have tuned to this channel when you can say this quote and it FEELS natural to do so, like you already have it. FEELING is the secret. Now, If you already had "a lavish, steady, dependable income, consistent with integrity and mutual benefit", you would obviously know the feeling. If you do not already have it, you must find the feeling within you.

How do you do that? 

Ask a powerful question, "what would it feel like if..." Then Allow the feeling to develop. It is sure to feel something like: Relief, or satisfaction, or certainty, or gratitude etc. Or, some combination thereof. Then, hold that feeling for as little as 17 seconds. This allows your new channel to begin growing the roots of permanence, a groove in your mind called habit. The more often you do it, the better the result.

It is this reshaping (Be ye transformed by a renewing of the mind) of our fundamental consciousness that makes changes in our "outer" world "appear". IT has been said that "Thoughts create reality". But where do thoughts come from?

Thoughts are habitual patterns that come out of the state of consciousness that you are in or Channel you are tuned to. Did you know that 98% of the thoughts you had today are the same as the thoughts you had yesterday? We are creatures of habit. Deliberate creators are practiced at recognizing and changing habits.
"REAL Wealth is understanding this principle, that you are the source. When you understand how to apply it, even if you lost everything, you would easily be able to replace(re-create) it. And, conversely, if you do not understand this principle, you could be the heir to a fortune and losing it all, remain forever impoverished"
 The consciousness of our modern culture is sooooo polluted with dis-empowering ideas and beliefs around money that it is too lengthy to list them all here. The main themes are "I am not worthy" and "I am not worthy unless..."

Having to Work hard to MAKE money is an ABOMINATION.

 You want to be in the consciousness (tuned to the channel) of HAVING money. There is nothing wrong with working hard for the satisfaction of doing so. But to say, "You have to work hard for money" is a LIE and a common error. After all, we all know people who have a lot of money who do not "work" at all. HAVING money and MAKING money are very different channels.

So how do you "tune into" the "Having Money" channel? As said previously, first catch the feeling, and then you must "Allow". Allowance is a state of mind that has no resistance to its expectation. It is a mind that always makes the assumption that whatever is happening is a sign that I am getting closer to my goal, my ideal, even though logic and reason would argue otherwise.

You have to start seeing things differently. 

I remember that after we bought our 38' Motor Coach ,with a huge diesel engine, that fuel prices went up to $4.80/gallon! Some folks snickered a bit... and we noticed that every time we saw prices increase we got a pit in our stomachs. We knew this was NOT the feeling we would have if we had plenty of money, so we immediately began telling ourselves a different story and feeling different about increasing prices. That story went like this, "Oh, look! Fuel prices have gone up even more! That must mean we are making even MORE money! Because the universe would NEVER leave us without enough money for fuel!"

Well, guess what? Our income did go up! Big Time!!! And even better... fuel prices went down!!!

One of the best descriptions of this concept is displayed in the Abraham-Hicks video below. There is a recurring theme that keeps popping up among most people because they have been trained by modern culture, religion, education etc... that in order to get money, or have wealth, you must provide value to someone else and that value is only created through your physical action. What a load of CRAP!

 The simple and miraculous fact that you exist has value beyond the imagination.

But our culture is programmed to believe that "you have to work hard for money" even though the people we admire most... celbrities and the like... have enormous amounts of money and we all know of people who have a lot of money and they have not "done" anything for it. A lot of people dismiss the 'Law of Attraction' teachings as silly, pie-in-the-sky, nonsense... And here Abraham explains it perfectly:

We are here to remind you that the journey first began with the desire to change channels, so-to-speak, and tune-in to passive income as stated at the top of the page. It took some time, some deliberate effort, a lot of allowing and a lot of meals of "Humble Pie".

Our Story of Residual Income

Thank God for the Recession! We really mean that!

Why? Because it just might be the only way to open you up to your freedom.

What do we mean by that? The key word is open…  When you are grinding through your J.O.B (Journey of the Broke) and you just refinanced your home, and you have all kinds of new toys to play with… It is not likely you would be open to an opportunity that would set you free. It is not likely you would take any action that would set you free either… because your jail is sooo nicely decorated! And that 30 year Re-Fi is sure to keep you on a tight leash to that job you sooo love to go to every day and to that BOSS that loves you so!

It’s when times get tough that we either get creative and opened up to new ideas… or we suffer the down turning of the old patterns which are now out of your control...

Time for a new pattern.

You cannot continue doing the same old thing and expect different results. This may be quite a shock. Your skill or your industry may not even exist anymore.

What will you do now?

You may need just a couple hundred dollars a month to stay in the game. “I know… I’ll get a part-time job!” Newsflash… Your expenses (driving, fastfood, etc.) will eat up most of your low-wage, part-time income and you will end up tired on top of broke… not to mention the negative effects on your health and the dangers of entering the wealth-confiscation industry of disease.

Is it possible to work at home, with flexible hours, with people you like and fill in your financial gap?

Enter the journey through the Network Marketing industry and Home-Based business.  Just the tax benefits alone, of starting a home-based business, are worth $200 a month to the average person… Statistically, that would save most people from foreclosure.
The obvious question is…

“If i can make a little bit of money part-time, could I replace my JOB income?”

And when you replace your job income and fire your boss?… “I wonder how much money is possible?’

We were just like you… wondering if this Residual Income thing was real or not? Wondering if we could do it our way? And dreaming the more abundant life.

We have since helped hundreds of people become financially independent and free . We are creating a culture of freedom and abundance, raising each other up to the Liberty of Self-Empowerment!
You will start your business for yourself, but you will not be by yourself.
We have created teams of over 80,000 people and have been living a life that most people cannot comprehend.

If you can hear this calling, we can’t wait to hear from you! Its not as much fun playing by ourselves… so let’s play together! And, If you are in a financial crisis…
let it be a catalyst to set you free!!!!

“Man Should Not Stay Man, His Aim Should Higher Be. For Only Gods Will Gods Accept as Company” (William Blake)

Set yourself Free!...

Is the promise of Multi-Level Marketing Real? 
Can you really make a lavish, steady, dependable income consistent with integrity and mutual benefit
Are the people walking across the convention stages, boasting of amazing income REAL? 
Or are they just some super-sales people suckering us into one of their schemes?

Can we do it our way? Can we use the 4 universal laws to manifest our desire for income? Can we step into more ‘feminine’ principles of attraction and allowance? Or do we have to do what all the MLM training says… make  20 calls-per-day… practice scripts…  learn closing techniques… blah, blah blah.

Welcome to our Journey of Multi-Level Marketing… We prefer the term

“Cooperative Enterprise” 

We are In-Joying this opportunity to share with you what we have learned and invite you to explore for yourself what feels in alignment with who you are and what you want.

Our exposure to MLM began like most people’s… we found some amazing products that we loved, joined the company and shared it with the people we loved through our relationships of friends, family and clients. Some of the best and most innovative products seem to come through MLM, probably because it takes that kind of one-on-one explanation and testimonials. Our practice of Holistic Health covered many modalities and we love helping people with wonderful products that we found to be in alignment with our requirement for integrity and mutual benefit.

Well, we helped some people, made a little bit of money and loved the personal development that goes hand-in-hand with MLM.

It's really a personal development workshop with a paycheck.

We have studied everything from mysticism to nutrition, on our own journey of self knowledge and self empowerment, and know the value of these kinds of training's for a person’s “whole’ life” (physical, mental, spiritual). We enjoyed teaching, writing and sharing what we had come to know.

When the movie ‘The Secret’ brought The Law of Attraction into the mainstream, we were excited beyond belief. Mainly because we no longer felt the need to make our own movie about it.
We found that our love for inviting people to their own self-empowerment was our main passion, but also found that coaching and facilitating workshops was a slower way to the financial abundance we had been desiring and was still exchanging time for money.

 Then one day the light bulb went off! 

We could use MLM as a platform for our teaching expression?

Could we build a team by deliberately refining our ‘Point of Attraction’, and then teach others to do the same? It turns out the MLM journey is the perfect platform for an on-going workshop in self-empowerment because you are getting constant feedback about where you are mentally, in relation to where you want to be. Where you are is your point of attraction. If you can learn to change it deliberately…

You can do Anything! You Own Your Life.

Next, Can we find a product and company that is in alignment with our desire for “A lavish, steady, dependable income consistent with integrity and mutual benefit”?

We started with one company that had a product we liked and worked it for about 10 months but found that we were not in alignment with the leadership or the owners and the compensation plan looked great, but… not so much. So we got it half right and met some incredible people on the way.
So, we refined our point of attraction (this is what we teach). The contrast of what we did not like clarified what we wanted and we adjusted our vibration to the clarification.

Our new alignment attracted us to a financial company, and a friend of ours started a really cool nutricuitical company which was very cool! and things were rolling along…

Then a few months later the Universe presented us with an opportunity. A small and fairly new company with a really unique product.

But, if this was going to be our ticket to “A lavish, steady, dependable income consistent with integrity and mutual benefit”, we needed to meet the owners in person. So, one month after we joined, we loaded up our 38 foot diesel motor-coach with 5 new distributors and off we went to see “The Wizard”. What a trip!

We found a great synergy with the owners and in our first year we became Triple Diamond Executives and established “A lavish, steady, dependable income consistent with integrity and mutual benefit”.  Our team reached over 80,000 which allowed us to “Live the Dream” and express ourselves as Lifestyle Luminaries for 5 years, traveling around the country teaching, learning, loving,sharing and growing.

As we grew, that company began to express some failings that oftentimes befall personalities that come into great wealth for the first time. We no longer felt alignment in that and appreciated the new contrast which clarified a desire for another possibility.

And that brings us to the present and the Universe presenting us with the reward of our new clarified desire and Residual Income Endeavor, called:

Custom Nutrients based on your DNA
Click here for more info http://dnadesignernutrients.com

So, Is the promise of MLM and residual income real? We have to say… YES!

Can we do it our Way? Again… YES!

Will YOU do it YOUR Way?

Will you join us and find your dreams?

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