Beyond the Consciousness of Fascism...

Discover the Imaginative Power of Redemption

by Tim Che'

from the April 2007 issue of Edge Life Magazine

Freedom to Fascism is an Internet film by director Aaron Russo. Its title reveals its content as it relates to current affairs in this country.

It is a real eye-opener about some dire possibilities that exist as potential truths that could affect the freedoms and the way of life we have become so comfortable with in our society.

This film raises some important questions that directly relate to the power of the "states of consciousness" we entertain individually and collectively.

 It is also a magnificent opportunity to learn to exercise the power of redemption -- that is, our ability to revise any images in our mind, of the past, present or future, to conform to our ideals. Such a revision will affect a change in the world, and yes, that includes the past that we all love to believe is so permanent. This revision is not an idle rearrangement of language in the chattering mind. It is actually the creating of images in the mind and stepping into them, feeling the realness of the images with full sensory detail.

With this in mind, it is very useful to remember that the belief in a thing is more powerful than the thing itself. This is fundamental to the "law of attraction." It is the foundation of the reality we are each creating with our imaginal activities -- the images we are holding in our minds.

Unprofitable Scenarios

Knowing this, it is advisable to realize that this film could be a warning from well-meaning people who are exposing mind-boggling misdeeds imposed upon a sleeping population by some nefarious misfits... or it could also be cleverly crafted by people who understand the law of attraction and know that the more humans thinking in vivid detail of such things, with a lot of emotion (fear in this case), will actually end up helping these images manifest as an unwitting population continues to feed on these ideas. Neither scenario is profitable. Mr. Russo could be a hero, a villan or a useful idiot... we may never know and it is not really important

It is important that we understand that the world is structured with many different, eternal states of consciousness, like parts in a play, which continually recycle. You, I, we, set it up that way from the beginning. It is one grand creation -- and you, I, we are playing all the parts. It is for educative purposes (Link read The History of the Soul of Man, paragraph 8)  Understanding this, perhaps we will see the futility of being in opposition to anything that is occurring.

Everything That Is, Must Be.

"What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done; and there is nothing new under the sun.... There is no remembrance of former things, nor will there be any remembrance of later things, yet to happen among those who will come after."

Nothing New

Asleep on a spinning disk of recurrence, our memory is too short to remember, and our minds are too distracted by the thought demands of the modern, outer world, to be able to see clearly the truth of the above biblical quote.

It also seems that doing nothing has no effect. So what is one to do? Is there a doing that comes naturally out of a way of being? Is there a doing that is not just a reaction to life-circumstances? A reaction is a "doing by default" and is simply the outcome of how your mind is programmed. But we are asking if there exists a "doing", an action, which is truly deliberate and truly creative?


This leads us to see that there is at least one thing we can do that is perhaps our greatest lesson to learn here in this Earth-school. And that is to exalt that which we are perceiving to a higher, more noble level. To see the world as we would like it to be. To create and fully step into these more worthy, mental images and drench ourselves with the feeling of their reality. To feel and believe something lovely for others and for ourselves, even in the face of ideas such as tyranny, deception and fascism.

We have experienced the truth that human imagination creates reality. We have seen the changes in our image-making reflected in corresponding changes in our "outer" world.

This is true for everyone and it costs nothing to try it. If it works for our immediate world, it must also work for larger, national or global issues. Our limited beliefs would be the only obstacle. The beautiful results would reflect our power of redemption.

Beyond Truth or Falseness 

So, if you choose to watch Mr. Russo's film, or the many other conspiracy related media present in our world today, you may think you are limited to consider that they may be true, or they may be false. To take one side or the other is to drop in consciousness to the level at which the conflict is being waged.

And, perhaps, the real conspiracy is that, "fascinating conspiracies" are used to keep our minds distracted and busy with thinking about their intrigue. The mind cannot be thinking and Imagining at the same time, so the power of the creative act of Imagining does not develop.

Is there another option? Can we individually and collectively rise to a state of consciousness where we see that truth is only a reflection of the activities of our Imaginations and adjust those activities to affect higher outcomes?

And, what if we could just be a witness to our reactions to the stories that we make, from what life presents to us? Is it possible that we can only see conspiracy in the world if it exists in us? What is the conspiracy in us? Our minds are programmed to see and think about the world in a particular way. Is our programmed thinking conspiring to collect and to arrange the 'so-called' facts in the world to conform to ideas that our programmed minds are comfortable or identified with?

Then does it follow that if we see beauty in the world, beauty must exist in us? 
Is the lesson to be aware of the contents of our consciousness?
Can we tame the rambling thoughts in our heads and, instead, exercise the powerfull muscle of Imagination?

"That which you are aware of, you are in control of. That which you are unaware of is in control of you." 
 Father Anthony deMello

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