Saturday, August 23, 2014

Attachment & Detachment... Another Form of Deception

This is an important subject to understand in the quest to free the mind. We must endeavor to cultivate the mind as 'witness' as opposed to 'reactor' in order to see clearly how easily we are deceived. Many people like to preach "Detachment", only to unwittingly be creating a new "attachment" called "detachment"... hence, the deception. The words of the Buddha speak the truth... but the opposite of attachment is not detachment as our logical minds would incorrectly conclude. It's a tricky business, and I think Krishnamurti sets us straight with his words below:

"We are the things we possess, we are that to which we are attached. Attachment has no nobility. Attachment to knowledge is not different from any other gratifying addiction. Attachment is self-absorption, whether at the lowest or at the highest level. Attachment is self-deception, it is an escape from the hollowness of the self. The things to which we are attached, property, people, ideas, become all-important, for without the many things which fill its emptiness, the self is not. The fear of not being makes for possession; and fear breeds illusion, the bondage to conclusions. Conclusions, material or ideational, prevent the fruition of intelligence, the freedom in which alone reality can come into being; and without this freedom, cunning is taken for intelligence. The ways of cunning are always complex and destructive. It is this self-protective cunning that makes for attachment; and when attachment causes pain, it is this same cunning that seeks detachment and finds pleasure in the pride and vanity of renunciation. The understanding of the ways of cunning, the ways of the self, is the beginning of intelligence." - Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

"There is only attachment; there is no such thing as detachment. The mind invents detachment as a reaction to the pain of attachment. When you react to attachment by becoming "detached" you are attached to something else. So that whole process is one of attachment. You are attached to your wife or your husband, to your children, to ideas, to tradition, to authority, and so on; and your reaction to that attachment is detachment. The cultivation of detachment is the outcome of sorrow, pain. You want to escape from the pain of attachment, and your escape is to find something to which you think you can be attached. So there is only attachment, and it is a stupid mind that cultivates detachment. All the books say, "Be detached" but what is the truth of the matter? If you observe your own mind, you will see an extraordinary thing that through cultivating detachment, your mind is becoming attached to something else." - Krishnamurti, J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Beautiful Madness!

OK... It feel like Christmas! I received this list from Bill but could not find it on their website and wanted an easy place for all of you out there to access it. Thank You Joan and Bill!!!! The list below is over 700! youtube videos that are by far the best Revelation of Truth in form and expression that we have had the privilege to witness. We are listing them here because we could not find them on their website and encourage everyone to visit there and make a donation to support them!!! at  or We have only just begun to explore these videos and can't wait to view them all!

You can click on the title and it will take you directly to the video. To see the entire list, click  Read More at the bottom of the post.

Zodiac & The Bible Zodiac 4
The Zodiacal Clock Zodiac 16
Uranus And Aquarius Zodiac 24
Uranus And The Chakras Zodiac 34
Let's Talk About The Zodiac Zodiac 89
Symbols In The Sky Zodiac 104
Headache From The Stars Zodiac 181
Astrology In Christianity Zodiac 216
Aquarius: What Aquarius Means To You Zodiac 277
Aquarius: What Aquarius Means To You Part 2 Zodiac 280
Astrology In The New Tstament Zodiac 294
Pluto Is Ready Zodiac 337
Aquarius Cant Stop Bad Guys Zodiac 342
Plutonic Violence Zodiac 343
Uranus: All About It Zodiac 433
Aquarius: Doorway To Aquarius Zodiac 539
Uranus And Your Body Zodiac 792
Stars Are Speaking Zodiac 828
Let Them Be For Signs Zodiac 870
Roasted Lamb Zodiac 878
Aquarius Constellations 2
Virgo Constellations 4
Libra Constellations 5
Scorpio Constellations 8
Capricorn Constellations 10
Pisces The Fish Constellations 12
Aries Constellations 13
Taurus Constellations 15
Sagittarius 1 Constellations 15
Sagittarius 2 Constellations 19
Gemini Constellations 36
Leo Constellations 177
Cancer Constellations 844