Sunday, September 12, 2021

Why are We Hear?...

by Tim Che'
To listen for the call... 
of the birth of the Imagination in You

Image-Making happens in Man's Imagination

The Imagination is that part of your mind that can "see" things with your eyes closed; that can "hear" the voice of a departed loved one; that can "smell" coffee cooking even in its absence and can reach out and "feel" the softness of a rose petal in your mind. It is this part of you that can connect directly to the eternal. After all... if you can smell bacon cooking, even though their is none present, then where does the smell of bacon cooking exist? When you close your eyes to the "outer" world and find yourself standing outside on a sunny day, in a dream... where does the sunlight come from? If you can, in a dream, see places and objects, and have conversations with people... where do these things exist?

They all exist inside you... in your eternal nature. They exist in that part of you that is distracted by thinking and overwhelmed with responses to the physical senses. It is where ALL things exist and it is within YOU.
You are "The Light of the World"

But you/we have been taught to use our minds to "Think". 
And thought has NEVER created anything.

Thought can only "Think" about what has been created. Yet, it is so clever that it can think it is being creative. A truly creative act
results in a changed reality ie; Something now exists, as a result of your Imagining, that did not exist before the act of Imagining.

Something out of No-thing.
The "Immaculate Conception" of scripture. Impregnation with no physical husband.

Thinking is the "left" brain. It is the "10%" of your mind. 
Thinking-minded folks marvel at how neat it would be to use 100% of their mind... 
but they are really only referring to the 10% that "thinks". And most people are lucky to be able to use a full 10% of that 10%. Meanwhile, the Imagination patiently waits for instructions... visionary impressions onto the consciousness of the world, to be manifested. It does not judge. It is simply on standby.

The "Right" brain has been "Left" behind...

A thinking mind, operating at 100% of that 10%, would certainly show some remarkable abilities that modern culture would celebrate... but those abilities would pale in comparison to a fully Awakened Imagination.

Now, we are told to "put away" or "tithe" that 10%, because you can either be thinking or Imagining, but not both at the same time. Thinking keeps the Imagination idle and thinking is endlessly distracted by the  5 senses. Meditation is helpful in controlling that 10%, which is out of control in most people, but what would happen if all that time, energy and focus that was spent on meditation was invested in Imaginative acts instead

Don't mis-understand... Meditation is a HUGE step in the right direction towards spiritual adulthood and individual sovereignty. But, is it possible that Meditation, particularly as taught by the New Age movement, is the last gate-keeper of lower states of consciousness? It is a tricky business and the wonderful experiences of meditation are certainly compelling. But we postulate that ANYTHING that distracts us from our "Fathers Business", which is Image Making, is at best a distraction and at worst a deception.

Perhaps you have noticed that NOT ONE religion or New Age spiritual teaching addresses the Awakened Imagination and how to cultivate it and how to use it. Whether this fact is the result of deliberate, malevolent controlling, or default human behavior, is interesting but not very useful. The Imagination will Awaken and nothing can stop it... It is written into the play from the beginning of time. If you have made it this far, and  your Imagination is awakening, this will all make sense. If it is not awakening this will all sound like B.S.! and you will be happy to go back to "Thinking".

Thinking is handy and can work out solutions to problems... but the cause of the problem, your
consciousness, will remain. This story will help illustrate; My step daughter was living as a roommate in a house where the door to the hallway of her bedroom would make a clunking sound when closed, even if someone tried to close it quietly. She found this VERY annoying and invested in numerous sound machines etc. to cover up the annoying noise and the annoying, un-conscious people who were making this disturbing noise. After many months of this, I was called in to help solve this problem. My thinking mind loves to solve a good problem and my ego enjoys helping people I like, so I quickly assessed the situation and formulated a solution, which, after a trip to the hardware store worked beautifully! Everyone was impressed. Not more than a week later I returned to discover that the door was making a new clunking sound caused the large fan on the swamp-cooler running during the hot weather... I really had to laugh!!!

You see, in all my brilliance, I failed to address the "Cause" of the problem... which was something in the consciousness of my step daughter. My intellect was so interested in an external solution that I completely forgot about looking for the real "cause". We see this happening all the time with just about everything in the world, as modern culture continues to cultivate and celebrate the intellectual mind (The Left Brain)... with crazy results and never-ending problems of ever-increasing complexity. Sound familiar? There is no better example of this entangled relationship than we see in modern medicine... endlessly combating external 'demons' and patching up physical 'effects', never even considering the true cause of it all... the state of consciousness of the individual.

 When we Awake... We find ourselves in a world, a realm, that is pure Imagination manifested.

If you do not direct your imagination and pay attention to your mental activity, you will probably find yourself involved in someone else's imaginative plan. And do you know what they have planned for you?... NOT MUCH! At least nothing that you would likely choose for yourself.

Now, a popular idea has been spreading among the population of people who's spiritual alarm clocks are ringing, called; "The Law of Attraction" as popularized by the movie; "The Secret" and one of our favorite spiritual teachers, Abraham-Hicks. The Law of Attraction is a revelation to those who have never considered the relationship of one's mind to the reality of one's experience. This is a critical step in the awakening of the Imagination and, at the same time, a stumbling block. Popular catch-phrases like, "thoughts create things", and "what you think about you bring about" reveal that it is thinking minds that are trying to understand this and  that it is all still focused on the thinking.

But Where Do Thoughts Come From?

Thoughts come out of a "State of Consciousness". 
A State of Consciousness is simply everything that

a person believes and consents to as being true. 
To change your thinking without changing the state of consciousness that is causing the thoughts, is a lot like trying to fix an annoying door forgetting about the real cause of that annoyance.

Law of Attraction is not Imagination

You do not attract into your world what you want or what you desire.
You attract into your world "What you ARE".
Your current reality is a reflection of what you ARE.
 If you desire something different, you must:
1st Desire it;
2nd, Imagine its reality;
3rd, have Union with it in your Imagination (this is how you become it);
4th, ALLOW it to become manifest.

This sequence is clearly laid out in this excellent article by Neville:

So, how do you change your state of consciousness?

If you are a good "thinker", you will probably do very well in the modern world, so why bother with the Imagination? Well, it is not likely that you will bother with it, unless there is a burning, yearning, nagging compulsion to find out who you really ARE. That only comes with the "Fullness of Time" and the Grace of your final act in the play.

The movie, The Secret, does touch on visualization and is a good place to start. is excellent for learning to use your emotional guidance, system to become a deliberate creator, and how contrasting experiences are catalysts for creating. Then, Neville Goddard gives the deepest insight into the "why" of existence.

The quote box at the beginning of this article was a personal revelation to this author and continues to inspire the greatest love and  growth from its originator.

This web/blog is entirely devoted to information that can help explore the Human Imagination.

So, What images have you been creating lately?
Does it look a lot like TV, News, or Movies?
Are your Imaginings re-arrangements of the old? Or is it Something truly New?
Are you Imagining at all?

NOW is the time to Imagine!

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