Saturday, November 8, 2014

Spiritual Enlightenment... The Damnedest Thing

The heretic in me just can't wait to post this about Jed McKenna. We have read these books several times and have to admit that the first time through was a bit discombobulating. You will be transformed for the reading... and in a good way. If you are invested in the GURU business or New Age Philosophy... you will be like some of our friends and treat us as a bio-hazard and keep your distance. And I think this is really the purpose of these books. Not to make people friendless, but to dynamite ANY notions of Spirituality, Reality and Truth that has not been stripped bare, like bleached bones in the desert sun.

These books are fun and transformative and take the reader well beyond the warm and fuzzy concepts found throughout the New Age arena. Jed McKenna is a pen-name and most people believe that they are written be spiritual teacher Adyashanti. We have viewed many of Adyashantis videos and like them very much and can see where he could be Jed McKenna... perhaps we will never know but it is only interesting and not really important who wrote it... just what it says and how it impacts humanity for the better. Here is a fantastic video interview of Adyashanti for your in-joyment

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Einstein Debunked?

Like you, I did not realize that Albert Einstein needed to be 'debunked'. The icon of modern, scientific achievement surely must be beyond questioning? Alan Watt has some interesting info to share about a lot things that make sense at a certain level of understanding and openess. If you are new to any material from Alan Watt (Not to be confused with the deceased '60's hippie philosopher Alan Watts), you can look him up on YouTube. In the spirit of questioning ALL things that we, as a culture, have accepted as true... Even I found what he says about Albert Einstein extremely difficult to accept. However, 4 things I have learned over the years that have allowed this alternative view, of the great mind called "Einstein", to take some roots, are as follows:

  1. Light does not travel.  HUH???   Walter Russell (see claims that light does not "travel". This from a man who mastered all of the arts; music, painting, sculpture, architecture, and science with NO... Zero... education or formal training!!! and he has left us an exhaustive accounting of his tireless workings... the guy was no slouch! If it does not travel, then using its speed as 'The' universal constant is useless and the evidence through the field of quantum physics proves its inaccuracies by all of the unexplained contradictions that surround that theory.