by Tim Che'
To us, Yoga is the natural, essential piece of being a well rounded human being.
Yoga teaches you how to fully inhabit your body.
Most people in today's modern culture, seem to think that the body is this awkward, messy, smelly, necessary nuisance, who's only real function is to drag our overly developed intellects around to meetings! And that is the same mentality that leads to the pernicious idea that the earth is separate from us... that we came from another planet somewhere and are just here to mess things up a bit while we are here... a little diversion from Yoga here and a great topic to discuss later!

Yoga will change the way you eat.
You do not have to change your eating habits to begin doing yoga. It will happen naturally.

Yoga is a tuning fork for the body and your life

Yoga is to the body like the choir  director striking the gong to get everyone "tuned-in" to the right key. Yoga will raise your vibration... it will change your key... tune you in to a better channel. And you will naturally gravitate towards higher vibrational foods. Junk food will be very dis-harmonious and you will not feel well as a result of consuming them.
Yoga literally means 'Union'.
Union of Mind, Body, Spirit... ever hear that before? Well, bringing all that into harmony is something that one gravitates towards naturally when one begins to awaken to who they really are and the greater meanings of life. And, yes, a daily yoga practice could help with your awakening, but it is not essential. You will wake up when you are ready and Yoga is there to harmonize you with your new wakefulness.

Yoga is not a Work-Out
Yoga is a Work-In

In my (Tim) previous, less wakeful life, I was managing some really large athletic clubs in the Midwest. We had every kind of exercise equipment you could imagine. Multi-millions of dollars were involved with the infrastructure of exercise and fitness. EVERY kind of fitness class from yoga to Spinning, to Step, to ballroom dancing were offered. I left after 16 years and started taking Yoga a couple times a week and was VERY humbled. I was in a rapidly awakening time in my life and it really felt good. And I realized something profound... I was getting a better workout with Yoga than ALL of that club equipment and infrastructure, and all I needed was a yoga mat!

And so started my daily practice for the last 15 years. I worked out with weights and cardio almost everyday and did yoga a couple times a week. I finally figured out that the working out was tightening all the muscles that I was trying to loosen with yoga and decided to try just doing Yoga... I never looked back. And how wonderful to have attracted a beautiful yoga instructor to share my life and practice with! Love the way that works!!!

In a vibrational universe, alignment is key. The body is a projection and reflection of mind. When the mind is in alignment and finely-tuned, the body will naturally be drawn to that which is in harmony with that alignment. Yoga is the bodies dancing partner to the song of alignment.

Do Yoga... Do it every day for optimal well-being and a life that resonates in beautiful harmonies!Yoga Today .com
I use is another great yoga resource, and I have only tried a few of their classes from the Gurus in the yoga industry...  but for me, I prefer Yoga Today.

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