Friday, March 31, 2017

Reflections on the Word "Please"...

by Tim Che'

All righty then... I had an 'a ha!' moment regarding the word "please". And it will require some 'background context for it to make sense to the reader, so 'please' (LOL), bear with me! It is important to know that there are many detrimental, yet seeming harmless, words, that most people are in the habit of using every day. Words such as; Must, Have-to, Always, Never, Should, etc... rattle off our tongues while we are oblivious to the detrimental state of mind that they bare witness to. So to understand words is of utmost importance.

Literacy is Slavery for those who do not fully understand the root of words, the vibration of words and the unconscious meaning behind them.

"By your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned".

Words make fools of those who use them lightly. (Reference John Taylor Gatto). What do you think George Orwell was referring to with his term 'New-speak'? What have words become in our society? We are buried under endless mountains of words and

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Intellect and the Grid of Containment...

by Tim Che'

It has been said that the earth is a prison planet and that an invisible grid is in place which serves a dual purpose of keeping us inside and quarantining us from the rest of the universe because we are so dangerous and underdeveloped... that we, as a race have not earned our release and probably never will. Also, allegedly, It keeps us free from outside interference.

You have heard of "The World-Wide Web" which has most of the world entangled in it.

And, perhaps, you have heard that the Illuminati, the elite, have symbolized  their plan and their triumph of control with a huge, creepy, spider sculpture in Rockefeller Center, NYC and in London.

I am quite sure that the Illuminati would love to take credit for creating this web of containment and it is certainly within their free will to use it to their advantage... but I postulate another possibility altogether:
"Consciousness is caught in the Web of the intellect...
The finite and restrictive grid of ideas such as latitude and longitude, Logic and reasoning, science and mathematics"
Let's go out on the ledge together... I am writing from the intellect to your intellect. It's really all we have to work with because it is all that we have developed in modern society. The intellect is useful... but is a double-edged sword. It can save man from his emotions, but can also isolate and imprison him in its ideas.

The intellect is externally focused and sense-dependent. It re-arranges the external world and is limited to what already exists because it is built on thought and thought is always old... of the past. Thought is built on language, and it is impossible to have a NEW thought. Your thinking mind may be offended by this realization, but if it does the analysis, it will come to the same conclusion...

Cleverness is not Imagination.

 Our modern society cultivates the intellect and suppresses the imagination. When I speak of Imagination, I am not saying that the intellect is not clever... just go to the movies! But that cleverness is limited (as with all thought and thinking) to rearrangements of what already exists. It only looks new and is usually very inventive.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

A child of Earth? And a time to grow up...

by Tim Che'

We recently had the opportunity to join a spiritual gathering in the Embudu Caves in northern New Mexico. We had no idea what to expect, and meditating in a cave always sounds good to us, so off we went. There was exactly 12 who showed up, 10 women, 1 man(me, as usual), and a young boy. After a very slow drive down a narrow dirt road along the Rio Grande river, we all met together and walked up to the cave and entered. I was not prepared for what I witnessed.

We walked into a cave of.... Light! Smooth, shaped walls guided us to a larger chamber that reached up to an opening that allowed the light to stream in and fill the cavern. There were several levels and randomly placed cut-outs in the walls for sitting and meditating. It is stunning, warm and inviting womb-space to get grounded or go galactic. This video is about the man who created the cave we were in, but shows some of his more advanced work. We did get a chance to walk into the home shown in the video and that really blew us away! An award nominated short documentary was created about his life and work... you can Google search for that:

This post is not so much about the caves or the beautiful, spiritual ceremony that Karen led us through. It is about the revelation that came as a result of blind, meditative, journaling that percolated something to the surface for me that had been nagging at me from within, yet unsure of its identity and its expression....

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Social Commerce for the Spiritual Entrepreneur...

This is our first run-through of a thought provoking presentation to clear the way for the Spiritual Entrepreneur to take flight. The Abraham-Hicks video that would not play you can find on Lifestyle Luminaries YouTube channel as well as the presentation video The presentation got lengthy and rushed toward the end where we glossed over some pretty big topics. Because of that and the video problems, we decided to break this up into 3 presentations, soon to be released. 

Click to Play Video

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Needy Relationships Breed Conflict...

In a culture that has developed into a 'Needs-Based' society, this quote from J Krishnamurti points out the absurdity:

"...Relationship based on mutual need brings only conflict. However interdependent we are on each other, we are using each other for a purpose, for an end. With an end in view, relationship is not. You may use me and I may use you. In this usage, we lose contact. A society based on mutual usage is the foundation of violence. When we use another, we have only the picture of the end to be gained. The end, the gain, prevents relationship, communion. In the usage of another, however gratifying and comforting it may be, there is always fear. To avoid this fear, we must possess. From this possession there arises envy, suspicion, and constant conflict. Such a relationship can never bring about happiness. A society whose structure is based on mere need, whether physiological or psychological, must breed conflict, confusion, and misery. Society is the projection of yourself in relation with another, in which the need and the use are predominant. When you use another for your need, physically or psychologically, in actuality there is no relationship at all; you really have no contact with the other, no communion with the other. How can you have communion with the other when the other is used as a piece of furniture, for
your convenience and comfort? So, it is essential to understand the significance of relationship in daily life." - Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

Thursday, March 2, 2017

To Live With Effort is Evil...

What do Bruce Lee, Abraham-Hicks and J. Krisnamurti have in common?

Here, J, Krishnamurti sets us all straight and dismantles our illusions around Effort. The Abraham-Hicks video, at the bottom of the article, is all about the law of attraction as it relates to MONEY, and the only, so called, ACTION that is needed is an internal, imaginative alignment which leads one to ALLOWANCE... the action of rest. We think this quote and the video go well together.

"As I was saying, if we do not understand the nature of effort, all action is limiting. Effort creates its own frontiers, its own objectives, its own limitations. Effort has the time-binding quality. You say, 'I must meditate, I must make an effort to control my mind'. 

 That very effort to control puts a limit on your mind. 

Do watch this, do think it out with me. To live with effort is evil; to me it is an abomination, if I may use a strong word. And if you observe, you will realize that from childhood on we are conditioned to make an effort. In our so-called education, in all the work we do, we struggle to improve ourselves, to become something. Everything we undertake is based on effort; and the more effort we make, the duller the mind becomes.Where there is effort, there is an objective; where there is effort, there is a limitation on attention and on action. To do good in the wrong direction is to do evil. Do you understand? For centuries we have done 'good' in the wrong direction by assuming that we must be this, we must not be that, and so on, which only creates further conflict."
 Krishnamurti, Collected Works, Vol. XI,229,Action

Lately, we have had a lot of discussion around the misconception that says that you only have value if