Friday, March 31, 2017

Reflections on the Word "Please"...

by Tim Che'

All righty then... I had an 'a ha!' moment regarding the word "please". And it will require some 'background context for it to make sense to the reader, so 'please' (LOL), bear with me! It is important to know that there are many detrimental, yet seeming harmless, words, that most people are in the habit of using every day. Words such as; Must, Have-to, Always, Never, Should, etc... rattle off our tongues while we are oblivious to the detrimental state of mind that they bare witness to. So to understand words is of utmost importance.

Literacy is Slavery for those who do not fully understand the root of words, the vibration of words and the unconscious meaning behind them.

"By your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned".

Words make fools of those who use them lightly. (Reference John Taylor Gatto). What do you think George Orwell was referring to with his term 'New-speak'? What have words become in our society? We are buried under endless mountains of words and
we, as a culture, are more confused, more separated and more lost than at any time in human history (cancel/clear/delete/in the past)... Can you say "Babel"?

Now look at the word "Sword". Did you notice it is 'word' with an 'S' added? Think this is an accident?

In scripture we have; 
"In the beginning was the word..." 
and "I come not to bring peace on earth, but a sword"

So we begin with words, and end with a sword
Words are mind. 

You think with words and are lost in words, lost in mind and lost in time because time (psychological time) is thought and thought takes us out of the eternal 'Now'. The following example illustrates this point; "The first time a child sees a bird, the child is absolutely amazed and excited to see this colorful, fluttering, hopping, living being in all its detail and in all its glory! Then an adult comes along and says, "Oh, that's just a sparrow". That child never sees that bird again." The word replaces the actuality of the sparrow and the sparrow is just one of many concepts, which we have categorized with words, that the mind is accumulating.

And, the ego is built on this accumulation so it does not really care what is actually there, it just tends to wants more accumulation.

This is our world today, and confusion and chaos has reigned until now that the Imagination is awakening in us.

The Imagination is the Sword. 

It is the end of the rule of words. 

Substitute the word 'Christ' with the word 'Imagination' and you will find a more accurate and useful meaning of the new testament. "Christ (Imagination) in you, the hope of glory" Col. 1:27...  Men of great vision use words Very carefully. I will expand in further posts. So,

Let us talk about the word "Please". 

On the surface it seems innocent enough. We are taught to be gracious and polite by saying 'please
and thank you' when making a request of another.

Graciousness is a wonderful attribute of higher consciousness and 'thank you' is in alignment with the gratitude expressed at that level. 

Now,  the word 'please', when used in this way, has the same vibratory pattern as the word 'plead'. Have you noticed that we are taught to 'plead', or to beg for the thing we ask for? Using the word 'please' automatically sets the user in a pleading or subordinate position, like a child position. It makes others authorities and anchors a lower vibration than the graciousness intended. Your parents demand that you 'plead' to them for what you want and that is part of our training for perpetual servitude...

all wrapped up in a cute little package of politeness. 

When you say "Can I PLEASE have some cookies?", how does that feel? Normal, maybe... servile for
sure. If you plead, "Please, God, make aunt Edna healthy!", you have condemned Aunt Edna because to plead is evidence of lack and  God will not be mocked...

"when you praybelieve that you have received them, and you shall have them."

So, is there a way to express graciousness without pleading, without saying "Please"? Isn't it interesting how challenging it is to find new word patterns? It's like the mind goes "Huh?"... I know ours did. And if you stick with it, as we did, the answers will come. We now say, "I am grateful for you to pass the potatoes..." or any such version without the pleading of the word "Please".

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