Sunday, March 30, 2014

Time to Wake Up...

Ever wonder where words come from and what they really mean? Take the word 'spelling'... is it a coincidence that people use words to cast 'spells'? Kate Rene is worthy of some study. Below is a recent post from her FB page, and be sure to visit her blog for an unusual 'education' is truth and words:

Kate Rene
Dear system worshipping whores of Babylon, You and Your Psychopathy
by kate of kaia

I find it fascinating watching your system and its delusional reality crumble down around you. You're beginning to see how powerless you truly are once those, like me, see through you for the ignorant, bought and paid for slaves that you are. In the same way the roman legions fell that was exactly the same system you serve today, your impotence is exposed as well for all to see. Yes, you love to parade yourselves in true peacock fashion with your fancy robes, your clown suits, your 9mm penis extensions, your titles, offices and repugnant elevated levels of self-impotence. Every day your masters and the foul intents you serve show their fear in grand fashion, ramping up the same old diatribes, dragging out the same old empty Trojan whore-se’s to no avail.