Friday, September 27, 2013

Now You See Me...

We recently went to the cinema and saw the movie, 'Now You See Me'. It was Thoroughly entertaining even though it was full of highly improbable plots and sub plots. We really enjoyed it!

But the real magic of this film is how it subtly reveals the 'Illuminate Controlled' media in the United States. To really GET the movie it helps to understand the symbolism that is everywhere in modern media, and the fact that there is some kind of unseen force that seems to be manipulating what we consume through the media. Like the movie, 'The Matrix', people can feel that something is not quite right, but our over-developed left-brain mind dismisses anything it cannot see. Think that is an accident? Food for another conversation for sure!

Check out this link /Vigilant Citizen, Now You See Me and read through it even though it is long... most of it is right on the money! And fascinating to explore!
From left to right: Henley Reeves is an escapist and has been given the High Priestess card; J. Daniel Atlas is an illusionist and was given the Lovers card; Merritt McKinney is a mentalist and given The Hermit Card; Jack Wilder is a sleight of hand illusionist and was given the Death card.

Monday, September 23, 2013

There is no existence at all without Relationship...

So, we thought this quote was a great way to start our Blog on REALationship!

"Surely, to go far, you must begin very near, but to begin near is very difficult for most of us because we want to escape from “what is”, from the fact of what we are. Without understanding ourselves, we cannot go far, and we are in constant relationship; there is no existence at all without relationship. So relationship is the immediate, and to go beyond the immediate, there must be the understanding of relationship. But we would much rather examine that which is very far away, that which we call God or truth, than bring about a fundamental revolution in our relationship, and this escape to God or to truth is utterly fictitious, unreal. Relationship is the only thing we have, and without understanding that relationship we can never find out what reality is or God is. So, to bring about a complete change in the social structure, in society, the individual must cleanse his relationship, and the cleansing of relationship is the beginning of his own transformation."  - Krishnamurti, The Collected Works vol VI pp 137