by Tim Che'

Healing and Health are Opposites:

This is EXTREMELY important to understand. Health is an Expression. Healing is the expression of a Process.. and is endless.
  • You cannot be healing and healthy at the same time. 
  • Health is not the result of a healing process.
  • Health is not the outcome of digesting information or chemistry (Natural or Man-Made)
  • Health is a like a channel on your TV. You attune to it. 
  • Healing is a DIFFERENT channel.
Most Healers abide in the channel of healing and participate on that level with their innumerable healing processes... and there is nothing wrong with that! It is a part of this Grand Play. But people say they want health when they are actually invested in healing. If you have a really BIG disease that you have been fighting with for a long time, it would HAVE to require a REALLY BIG treatment, right?. A simple change in channel would be an insult to our over-inflated and fragile Ego's which have most likely become identified with the illness.

So. how do we change the channel to health? 

This is what we will be discussing here... And first, let's discuss healing as it relates to the "Law of Attraction"

Now, let me describe how I feel about HEALTH. When I was a senior in High School, I was very sick for 5 months with Mononucleosis. That turned out to be very valuable for me. To this day, I value my health and feeling of well-being above all else and I truly enjoy the HEALTH channel that I am currently abiding in. And such is a benefit from the experience from the Healing/unHealth channel.

Later in life, I learned many different healing modalities as my mind was waking up to expansive concepts like The Law of Attraction. A shot of insight, like a bolt of lightning in my mind, made me realize the indisputable, commercial connection between Healer and the Healing. I realized that unconsciously, I would unwittingly be involved in sustaining and expanding these 2 channels (the healer and the sick) by my participation, my desire for a successful practice. And, the Law of Attraction creating and expanding that channel (ie: with a supply of the sick and diseased).

Understanding the Connection Between Disease and Money

It suddenly became obvious why the USA is the sickest country in the world... because more than 1 out of 4 people make their food, shelter and clothing, either directly or indirectly, from the Sickness (Healing channel) Industry. It is PERVASIVE throughout our culture. From doctors, naturopaths, pharmaceuticals, to new-age healers, acupuncturists, reiki masters etc... to the guy who sweeps the floor at the architects office who designs the new "Health" clinic. If everyone was healthy tomorrow, 1 out of 4 of us would be out of work! You cannot avoid the connection.

My choice was clear after that, and it is important to know that I have no judgment against anyone on the "Healing" channel. There are beautiful, well-meaning people there playing their roles wonderfully with much to learn and to teach. I choose the "health" channel and am grateful for the "healing" channel. I wrote an article which may be of interest on the subject that was published in the Edge Life Magazine years ago... I guess I needed a way to self-express. Here is the link "Beyond the Consciousness of Healing"

So how does one 'change the channel' to something more desirable? Join the discussion on our radio show,  Casual Conversations on Consciousness, and listen to our archived library. You can also explore the many works of Neville in the tab at the top of the page.

Now, a note about so-called "health insurance". You probably guessed already that we do not have it nor want it. We know where to go if we are ill... we go inside. Sometimes deep inside. Everything else in our lives takes a back seat if illness shows up. It is an internal movement towards a different channel, in either direction. So-called 'health insurance' would not pay for the kind of person we would engage with to reflect back to us where our work may lie anyway. Now, We always get the question, "one accident could wipe you out financially!". Which is true for most people who do not know who they are, commercially and legally, and consequently do not know how to protect assets and income. A topic we may cover on another page and share with those whom we know.

We subscribe to "Health Assurance". We take REALLY good care of ourselves. We have learned how to take care of our physical bodies. What to feed it. What environments work best for it.  And have developed an ever increasing awareness of it, so we can notice  when it is 'off-track' and make the necessary adjustments. Disease is Dis-harmony. Its expression is evidence of a consciousness inner conflict.

The physical body is a result, a product and a projection of your Mind. Period...

You can understand that statement by referring to our Blogpost on Walter Russell (click).  If you have a disease, "Be still and know that I AM is God". The "is" in this statement is not a typo. It is a more accurate and infinitely more useful interpretation. Turn off the outer world and tune in to the channel of LOVE. Love yourself. Forgive everyone and everything... REALLY! Allow the world to be the way that it is. Don't try to change ANYTHING including yourself. You will be amazed at what happens

The ever-expanding awareness of the channel of 'health' is worth exploring and brings many un-expected rewards.

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