by Tim Che'

As a theme of continuity, a Luminated Relationship, is the outcome of True Causation. When you understand that YOU are the source of causation in your life, then ALL relationships are a response to the arrangement of YOUR mind... and that arrangement indicates to you what "Channel" you are tuned to... like the ones on your radio or TV.  Whether it is relationships to people, cars, governments, money, ideologies, animals, family... everything really, YOU are the cause of how that relationship inter-plays. This is GREAT NEWS! because if you are the cause, YOU can change it to something more wonderful if you desire to. BUT how, you say, do I do that?

This is what we will be discussing here and it will be a common topic on our radio show, Casual Conversations on Consciousness with Che'lisa,  every Thursday at 5:30pm, Mountain Time.

When one really owns this concept of causation, and its responsibility, then one can cast aside the old patterns of...
...relationship as a form of self-gratification

and embrace relationship as a process of self-revelation!...

Self Gratification:   Relationships built on self-gratification permeate our lives and culture. It is the natural, normal and infantile starting point. It's about getting your needs met and when your needs are no longer met, the relationship changes, or ends. Or, you will end up in counseling where your needs will be negotiated and your behaviors managed (Good luck with that!).

Self-Revelation:  As your spirituality matures and your awareness expands, you begin to see that relationships are ALL symbolic. They reveal truths about ourselves in this way... my relationship to you is telling me something about me. Sometimes whispering and subtle, sometimes loud and obvious, but always telling to the mind that is open and without judgement. Your behavior is a reflection of the arrangement of my mind and my reaction to it reveals the level of understanding I have of myself. A mind that is Self-Revealing, is always discovering something more about itself and is constantly fine-tuning the channel it is mentally tuned into.

People always ask us how we met, and how we came to be known as "The Cosmic Couple". We will tell that story, because it is very magical, further down the page. Right now, it is more import to understand that the magical story is a RESULT of being mentally tuned into a certain channel where magic routinely happens. You will know if you are tuned into that channel when magic starts to happen. SELF-LOVE is a necessary to be able to tune into this channel.

Its like going from AM radio to FM (no static at all! and stereo). You see, if you love yourself completely and see yourself as the source of ALL your needs, you will no longer engage in relationships based on self-gratification... It will be offensive to you. Self-gratification is like being stuck on AM radio... lots of stations there to tune into, some of them bad, some fun, some noisy, etc. But you can not find any of the stations on FM (from AM) and FM is a whole notha' dimension of clarity and depth of sound. And people on AM naturally cannot connect with those on FM channels.

 Now, switching from AM to FM is challenging for most because if you have been on AM your whole life, all your friends, family and co-workers are there as well and when you switch to FM. all your old relationships will change dramatically... some will fade away into the past. Then you will be stuck on FM not knowing anyone... at least for a short while. BUT that is when and where the magic happens. And the people on FM are all about LOVE! You see, when you love yourself completely, you have a lot of love overflowing to give out.


That is the perfect segway into the magic of how we met. Remembering that it all happened because we were both tuned-in to FM... let's call it 'Frequency Maturity' or 'Feeling Marvelous'... Just playin'.

These words from Osho best describe our relationship as we came together and continue to grow in spirit!

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