Sunday, January 25, 2015

Conscious Conversation Basics...

Listen to Julian Treasure teach us how to communicate CONSCIOUSLY!!! In this excellent TED Talk...

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Holy Mole-y!!!

 This mole on my nose literally FELL OFF my face in less than 48 hours! I just applied a drop of doTERRA essential oil to it and covered it with a customized band-aid that I made. After 24 hrs, it did not look like much was happening... Then I woke up this morning and took the band-aid off and the mole was stuck to the band-aid. The mole showed up a couple of years ago and was only a little annoying. I had heard of people getting rid of moles with essential oils and finally decided to try it. I am impressed! You can find out more about essential oils at

Friday, January 23, 2015

Harold and the Purple Crayon

A Profound Revelation of Human Imagination and True Causation:

Disguised as a Children's book, Harold tells the ultimate story of every Human's journey through this world of illusion, in a cute and lighthearted way. Harold desires an adventure, so he takes his purple crayon to draw a path and begins walking down it. It's a boring path and he begins feeling lonely so he goes off the path and draws some friends with his purple crayon. You will notice that Harold NEVER loses his purple crayon... it is ALWAYS with him. Harold is causing and creating everything in his adventure. Even when he is frightened by one of his creations, he unwittingly creates a problem with his crayon. But... no problem! He just uses his crayon to create a solution! Harold's purple crayon is the Imagination... with the power to do everything and anything and like your imagination...  is with you always.

Harold is Imagination
 in the act of Imagining.

This is a VERY important concept as we explore the mystical meanings of scripture. You will notice that Harold's discovery and use of the purple crayon takes place in his sleep. Man is in a profound sleep... the sleep of 'Adam'. And isn't it interesting that nowhere in the Bible does it say that 'Adam' ever woke up?

When Harold discovers his creative power... his Imagination... his "Purple Crayon" and begins creating lots of things, good and bad, lovely and dramatic. He draws himself into the Prodigal Journey (Link; The Prodigal Son post) With his creative power, he begins to remember who he is and longs to return home.

Again, he uses his creative power to get back. Harold draws a policeman to ask for the way home... but he was pointing in the direction Harold was going anyway, so he just continued. Then, with his Imagination, he begins to remember his bedroom where the adventure began, and starts drawing all the things that surrounded him in his bed. He draws a window around the moon, draws his bed, climbs in and "draws" up the covers. A perfect ending!

One of our truly favorite books and so simple to understand!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Martin Luther King Jr... An Enlightened Perspective

We had the great privilege and honor of witnessing this dialog with Abraham on a Mexican cruise with them a few years ago. The women was questioning the cultural and educational system that insists on perpetuating the ideas of slavery and injustice, which have nothing to do with her young son. She did not want her son to become identified with those roles and wondered what she could say to her son about it that would be uplifting. Abraham's answer is priceless. If we could all see the world with the understanding described in this video... what a wonderful world it would be!

You can find more information at

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Holodynamics: Every Problem is Caused by its Solution...

Here we are connecting you to Vernon Woolf and Holodynamics. After watching his full interview on Conscious Media Network many years ago... we were so moved that we decided we had to find him and pay him a visit. He was holding a weekend training in Santa Barbara so we and a couple of friends made the trip and spent the weekend in a very unique and powerful training. We really hit it off with him and he invited us to hang out with him for a couple days after which we all shared in consciousness together. He wanted us to become trainers of Holodynamics which he was just getting restarted back in the U.S. after being in the former Soviet Union for ten years. We liked that idea but are not inclined to rigid "systems" of training. We are certainly not against such things as they are very effective for most people but such things are not harmonious with us. We did, however, dive into his books and find his work to be VERY useful.

Every Problem is Caused by its Solution...

You have to think about that one for a minute or two............ problems appear as the result of a covenant with the desire to experience the solution. You have to think about that for a while as well. Vernon is one of the "Super-Educated" most well read people we have ever known or even heard about. His widely varied background and insatiable desire to understand the "Whole Dynamic" of life, ie; "Holodynamics" allowed him to give a powerful perspective on the earth experience.

The video above is a preview of the entire interview which you can access here   You can access the site and the video on a free trial basis and you may find, as we have, that the $9/month is well worth it.

Here are some of his books which we have read: The Therapy Manifesto is an invitation to a higher consciousness of what is called "Therapy" which we really love. The Dance of Life is priceless. Holodynamics explains it ALL!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Pruning Shears of Re-Vision...

After a wonderful gathering of like-minded individuals and discussing a lot of deeply spiritual concepts... It became apparent that we could all benefit by reviewing one of the most powerful activities that a human being can indulge in... The Art of Re-vision. We have all been given the greatest gift in the Universe... Imagination. This is the 90% of the brain that lies dormant... also known as the Right Side of the brain. Our left brains are sooo overwhelmed with stimulation and intellectual activity that there is no room and no time for Imagination. And just a few simple techniqies that absolutely anyone and everyone can do... FOR FREE!... is described in the lecture that follows. The speaker is a bit cryptic, so stick with it because that kind of speech is addressing the Imagination.

Fundamentally,  a great way to start is to sit or lay quietly in room, close your eyes, and Imagine you are in another room... perhaps your kitchen. You can close your eyes and see your kitchen... Yes? Do not be discouraged if you say you cannot... have you ever had a dream? Did you see people or things in your dream? If you did, then you can see things in your Imagination. Just keep trying. Your inner vision muscle may have atrophied and just need a little coaxing. So, with your eyes closed, in your
Imagination, open some cupboards. Feel the knob on the door to the cupboard. Hear the squeak of the hing. Look at what is inside. Continue exploring different areas. Do this every day and when you have become board with the kitchen, move to another room, or perhaps the house you grew up in. Continue this exercise and keep expanding it. You can go places you have never been before, when you get practiced. And, this will be the launching point to cultivate your power to change the world or the universe... but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Practice!

So, here is the lecture;

Neville Goddard 1954


This morning's subject is "The Pruning Shears of Revision". I firmly believe that if you will wisely and daily use the pruning shears of revision that you will find there is no objective beyond your ability to realize. And I mean that seriously, no objective beyond your ability to realize.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Casual Conversations on Consciousness with Jay D. Allen

As an expansion of, and in addition to, LifeStyle Luminaries radio program (link) we thought it would be fun to video some of the conversations. This one takes place while we were staying in Orange County, CA, and were told by our friend, Angel B, of Angel B Productions, that we just had to meet her friend, Jay D. Allen. We knew nothing about him and Angel has a great reputation for connecting "like-minds" so we agreed. It turns out that Jay has been a motivational speaker and author from a very young age and has written several books. You can find out more about him at

This is a lively and unedited video covering a lot of topics centered around consciousness, spirituality and causality. The conversation got real deep, real fast... even before the camera got rolling. So, thanks Angel B for being a great facilitator!