Friday, January 23, 2015

Harold and the Purple Crayon

A Profound Revelation of Human Imagination and True Causation:

Disguised as a Children's book, Harold tells the ultimate story of every Human's journey through this world of illusion, in a cute and lighthearted way. Harold desires an adventure, so he takes his purple crayon to draw a path and begins walking down it. It's a boring path and he begins feeling lonely so he goes off the path and draws some friends with his purple crayon. You will notice that Harold NEVER loses his purple crayon... it is ALWAYS with him. Harold is causing and creating everything in his adventure. Even when he is frightened by one of his creations, he unwittingly creates a problem with his crayon. But... no problem! He just uses his crayon to create a solution! Harold's purple crayon is the Imagination... with the power to do everything and anything and like your imagination...  is with you always.

Harold is Imagination
 in the act of Imagining.

This is a VERY important concept as we explore the mystical meanings of scripture. You will notice that Harold's discovery and use of the purple crayon takes place in his sleep. Man is in a profound sleep... the sleep of 'Adam'. And isn't it interesting that nowhere in the Bible does it say that 'Adam' ever woke up?

When Harold discovers his creative power... his Imagination... his "Purple Crayon" and begins creating lots of things, good and bad, lovely and dramatic. He draws himself into the Prodigal Journey (Link; The Prodigal Son post) With his creative power, he begins to remember who he is and longs to return home.

Again, he uses his creative power to get back. Harold draws a policeman to ask for the way home... but he was pointing in the direction Harold was going anyway, so he just continued. Then, with his Imagination, he begins to remember his bedroom where the adventure began, and starts drawing all the things that surrounded him in his bed. He draws a window around the moon, draws his bed, climbs in and "draws" up the covers. A perfect ending!

One of our truly favorite books and so simple to understand!

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