Saturday, January 17, 2015

Holodynamics: Every Problem is Caused by its Solution...

Here we are connecting you to Vernon Woolf and Holodynamics. After watching his full interview on Conscious Media Network many years ago... we were so moved that we decided we had to find him and pay him a visit. He was holding a weekend training in Santa Barbara so we and a couple of friends made the trip and spent the weekend in a very unique and powerful training. We really hit it off with him and he invited us to hang out with him for a couple days after which we all shared in consciousness together. He wanted us to become trainers of Holodynamics which he was just getting restarted back in the U.S. after being in the former Soviet Union for ten years. We liked that idea but are not inclined to rigid "systems" of training. We are certainly not against such things as they are very effective for most people but such things are not harmonious with us. We did, however, dive into his books and find his work to be VERY useful.

Every Problem is Caused by its Solution...

You have to think about that one for a minute or two............ problems appear as the result of a covenant with the desire to experience the solution. You have to think about that for a while as well. Vernon is one of the "Super-Educated" most well read people we have ever known or even heard about. His widely varied background and insatiable desire to understand the "Whole Dynamic" of life, ie; "Holodynamics" allowed him to give a powerful perspective on the earth experience.

The video above is a preview of the entire interview which you can access here   You can access the site and the video on a free trial basis and you may find, as we have, that the $9/month is well worth it.

Here are some of his books which we have read: The Therapy Manifesto is an invitation to a higher consciousness of what is called "Therapy" which we really love. The Dance of Life is priceless. Holodynamics explains it ALL!

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