LifeStyle Luminaries Radio is where YOU can relate to US every Thursday afternoon at 5:30pm, mountain time, and join the conversation with your hosts, Che'Lisa and Tim.  

Maybe YOU have a topic that you would like to discuss with us on the show?  

Maybe something you heard us say that you would like clarification or how it relates to your life? If you would like to join the call, or would like to be a guest on the show, please contact us at .  We will not be taking random callers during the show due to the high percentage of 'pranksters' that interrupt the flow of the show.  You can listen to past shows in the archive below or browse some of the other wonderful shows that are part of the Creating Calm Network. We are no longer part of BlogTalk radio becuase of the offensive advertising that suddenly appeared before our shows without our consent or knowledge.

Devi Adea Interviews The Cosmic Couple

You can watch an introduction to our show in the video below where we are being interviewed by Ann White, the founder of the Creating Calm Network.



  1. Hey guys I've listened to all of your radio shows but for some reason am not able to listen to the recent essential oil radio!!!