Friday, March 29, 2019

...That You Are God

..."To know that you are God, is another way of saying that you feel completely with this universe.
That in your seeing, your hearing, your talking, your thinking, your moving, you express that which it is that moves the sun and other stars." (Alan Watts)
You feel profoundly rooted in it and connected with it. You feel, in other words, that the whole energy, which expresses itself in the galaxies, is intimate. It is not something to which you are a stranger, but it is that with which you, whatever that is, are intimately bound up.

There is HOPE in the Next Generation... 

The God Fractal: Performed by Zach & What Army?

LYRICS: It's a matter of importance to me
that you be lucid & aware of what your able to be
since I was able to see the lack of limits
I've been infinite (Read More)