Wednesday, March 30, 2016

De-frag Your Soul with Ho'Oponopono

Ho'Oponopono, is the program... the software, if you will, that cleans up your hard-drive... your operating system. You know, like the "Disk Clean-up" or the "De-frag" application on your computer.
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It does not eliminate the "mega-bytes" of data that are occupied by useless or detrimental programs or information... it re-arranges them to neutral... to "zero point", as Dr. Len likes to say. All of those mega-bytes are now available to be arranged as seen fit by the "cleaned up" and "upgraded" you. 

You see, if you eliminated and removed the megabytes on your system that you no longer like, or that frightens you, or causes you pain or disease, etc. etc. Eventually, you would not have enough megabytes to do, or be anything. You would slowly disappear. 

This parallels exactly with our blogpost on . 

After a long life, or many lifetimes, the accumulated information is there for you to re-solve into that which seems good to you to do. But, you have to learn to play the Keyboard of Life, and, just like the piano, you must learn THROUGH experience and practice.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

To Look in a Different Direction...

Have you ever noticed that our educational and cultural systems only present us with one version of reality, one system of understanding, one viewpoint?

 And you may have also noticed that the versions we are presented are typically extremely complicated, taking years to figure out and comprehend? Or, spiritually, so convoluted in superstition with blind rhetoric and ritual that its only result is a thoroughly-scratched head.

Quantum physics is so complicated that the mind can be entangled in it for an entire lifetime, lost in mathematical labyrinths, before the mind can transcend its own projections. On the bright side though, it seems that the scientist's quest has brought many of them to rather spiritually mystical understandings of the universe creating a bridge from the logical mind to the wealth of the right-side.

It has been suggested that this quagmire is by design by some ill-meaning control-mongers, or maybe just the outcome of the fundamental distortions of the intellectual, left-brained mind. Either way, it is fun and useful to take a diversion into the un-presented, the not-talked-about, the ideas of great thinkers, dismissed for stepping outside the status-quo.

Walter Russell, , is a contemporary of Nicola Tesla and it is said they were friends. Dr. Russell had ZERO education and yet mastered all of the arts and sciences ie; music, painting, sculpture, literature, architecture and science. And his cosmogony of the universe will have your head spinning! (In a good way!)The embedded video here is a talk between some of his students, which you will find very fascinating.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spiritual Adulthood & Ho'Oponopono

Spiritual Adulthood and You, the Great Redeemer...

Imagine that your relationship to all things is that of "Creator". And Imagine that we have come here to this dense reality to learn to be creators and the world is a school room where you learn to be creator through your "Mis-creations". This is the period of 'sleep' , the "Sleep of Adam", that we go through unaware of our creative power and thankfully that power is keyed low. Ohhh and what monstrosities we have created in our sleep! 

Well, as you get close to graduation, Your Imagination begins to awaken and your relationship to the world is established as the cause, NOT the effect. Knowing that you the cause of the things in your world, you are then confronted with all of your mis-creations from the last 6 millennia, or so.

Now it is up to you to re-make these mis-creations, to "go to the potters wheel", and remake them into a higher image. In fact, you are the "ONLY" one who can do it and your life IS the process by which this is brought about.

"There is no Redemption beyond the grave..."

Your next life IS this life, so might as well get it right this time in a  "Ground Hog's Day" movie kind-of way. Our mis-creations come to us symbolically, as car accidents, disease, angry neighbors, insect bites etc...  Because we wouldn't be able to mentally handle being confronted with the "messes" we have created during our period of sleep if we

Monday, March 21, 2016

The Power Within...

Here we are highlighting a lecture by Bill Donahue called, "Phoenix" which you can watch at from this link and scroll down to the MYTHOLOGY section and click on the title. Here are some fascinating topics:
  • Discover the importance of the Fornax in your head.
  • The mystical Meaning of Solomon... Sol=sun, om=chakra meditation, on=city of the sun
  • The pyramids in Egypt are about your mind. Pyr= fire, amid= in the middle
  • The western mind asks, "How?" about the pyramids. It is time to awaken the mind that asks, "Why?" about them... The Imagination
  • And MUCH more!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Release All Condemnation

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.
So, stop watering your dislikes with your attention and shower your dreams and the dreams of others instead by thinking the best for them!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Comprehension's Affinity with Moods

What you are aware of determines the depth of your comprehension. To be aware of your inner conversations and the moods which those conversations arouse, is to comprehend the relationship between "reality" and your mental activity. Read the article: Mental Diets