Tuesday, March 29, 2016

To Look in a Different Direction...

Have you ever noticed that our educational and cultural systems only present us with one version of reality, one system of understanding, one viewpoint?

 And you may have also noticed that the versions we are presented are typically extremely complicated, taking years to figure out and comprehend? Or, spiritually, so convoluted in superstition with blind rhetoric and ritual that its only result is a thoroughly-scratched head.

Quantum physics is so complicated that the mind can be entangled in it for an entire lifetime, lost in mathematical labyrinths, before the mind can transcend its own projections. On the bright side though, it seems that the scientist's quest has brought many of them to rather spiritually mystical understandings of the universe creating a bridge from the logical mind to the wealth of the right-side.

It has been suggested that this quagmire is by design by some ill-meaning control-mongers, or maybe just the outcome of the fundamental distortions of the intellectual, left-brained mind. Either way, it is fun and useful to take a diversion into the un-presented, the not-talked-about, the ideas of great thinkers, dismissed for stepping outside the status-quo.

Walter Russell, http://philosophy.org , is a contemporary of Nicola Tesla and it is said they were friends. Dr. Russell had ZERO education and yet mastered all of the arts and sciences ie; music, painting, sculpture, literature, architecture and science. And his cosmogony of the universe will have your head spinning! (In a good way!)The embedded video here is a talk between some of his students, which you will find very fascinating.

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