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Spiritual Adulthood & Ho'Oponopono

Spiritual Adulthood and You, the Great Redeemer...

Imagine that your relationship to all things is that of "Creator". And Imagine that we have come here to this dense reality to learn to be creators and the world is a school room where you learn to be creator through your "Mis-creations". This is the period of 'sleep' , the "Sleep of Adam", that we go through unaware of our creative power and thankfully that power is keyed low. Ohhh and what monstrosities we have created in our sleep! 

Well, as you get close to graduation, Your Imagination begins to awaken and your relationship to the world is established as the cause, NOT the effect. Knowing that you the cause of the things in your world, you are then confronted with all of your mis-creations from the last 6 millennia, or so.

Now it is up to you to re-make these mis-creations, to "go to the potters wheel", and remake them into a higher image. In fact, you are the "ONLY" one who can do it and your life IS the process by which this is brought about.

"There is no Redemption beyond the grave..."

Your next life IS this life, so might as well get it right this time in a  "Ground Hog's Day" movie kind-of way. Our mis-creations come to us symbolically, as car accidents, disease, angry neighbors, insect bites etc...  Because we wouldn't be able to mentally handle being confronted with the "messes" we have created during our period of sleep if we
were shown them blatantly. Now, if you hold these as symbols in your minds eye, you can raise them up, easily with this simple technique, 


The words in the phrase given by Dr. Len have a more accurate interpretation which we will share with you here. The original phrase: "I'm sorry...  I love you... please forgive me... and thank you", has some spiritual land mines that are deeply imbedded in our cultural venacular . So, Let's break it down with the most precise words we can find:

1.  What I Witness, I Have Created:  Saying "I'm sorry", is making a spiritual claim, "I AM a Sorry Person". And we would Never suggest anyone make such a claim or claim any sense of "regret". This part of the Ho'Oponopono phrase is a way of acknowledging that what you have witnessed you have participated in its creation, even thought you may have no recollection of such an act, which may seem reprehensible to you.

2.  I Love Myself Through All I See:  When you say, "I Love You", you are claiming the understanding and the feeling of a deep connectedness to All that you witness. In that "Connectedness" you become "Love" itself. You will feel a sense of "Parenthood" and all the things in the world around you are now your children... birthed, at least in part... by you. And what mother would not love their child no matter what they have done?

3.  I Evoke My Power to Revise:  When you say, "Please forgive me", it is too easily externalized and becomes a form of Ego satisfaction. "I forgave you. Look how great I am!" 
True Forgiveness is Absolute Forgetfulness
Your awakened ability to use your Imagination to "Revise", in your mind, any situation to a more satisfactory outcome, to a higher level of consciousness, is what you claim and what you Evoke with this statement. And a successful revision leaves no scars of the original dis-harmonic, unpleasantness. 

4.  With Generosity of Spirit, I am Grateful:  Graciousness is the quality that is present in a Spiritual Adulthood and "Thank you" is ever on the lips of  such an man.

Say these words, infused with the above meanings, over and over again while focused on the symbol of disharmony (anything you see as less than ideal) that you have just witnessed. And keep saying it until you FEEL different about it. It may take one time. It may take days, or weeks, or months, but you will get to the point where you no longer feel the same about it... it no longer has any "charge" with it. You may feel a sense of relief.  That is when you know you are finished. Dr. Len calls this process "cleaning". We find ourselves cleaning all the time and we have seen our world continually grow lovelier and lovelier. It costs you nothing to try it!

The following is an article I found in the early days of the internet. I was studying Hypnotherapy and NLP and a technique that we learned was called, Ho'Oponopono. It was a nice, light-trance technique that was very effective. And it was the name that I could not get out of my mind so I went to the internet and this was the only thing I could find about it. The technique had little to do with actual Hawaiian concept but it led me to this greater understanding.

The ancient Hawaiians were tuned-in, tapped-in and turned-on... And every day, as the sun would set, they would imagine they were connected all the people, things, and events of the day with an energetic cord. They would then imagine these energetic cords dissolving as the sun set on the horizon. They did this with the understanding that they did not want anything of today... the hurts, the words, the pain or the pleasures... to infect/affect their tomorrow.  WOW! I guarantee that if you try this with someone in your Imagination... you will hear from them in some way... a phone call, a text etc... and in short order! It has happened to us many times and is a great way to begin to exercise "spiritual sovereignty" (better words than detachment) in your life.

The article below is written by Joe Vitale who was featured in the popular movie "The Secret". He wrote a book about Ho'Oponopono called Zero Limits which is worthy of your attention. His writing style is not our favorite but you will be better for the reading. Our words at the beginning of the page are a combination of our learning's and verified in the articles after Joe's.

We feel strongly that as your awareness expands, and you come into spiritual adulthood, Ho'Oponopono is the only thing left to do. It parallels with what Neville calls "The Seventh Eye of God" and you can read about that with this link 

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