Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Day in the Life...

So... it has come to our attention that many people are curious about our lifestyle and would like some in-sight  into how we live. Perhaps that should be a new and separate blog? I tried that once a few years ago and quickly got tired of it... I am not as interested in our life as you may be. So perhaps we will just make a page dedicated to it and try to display it there.

This post is dedicated to our day of June 16th 2014. It was a beautiful morning and forecast, so we decided to drive the car from our motor-coach in Boulder, CO, to Rocky Mountain National Park and take Trail Ridge Rd. west out of the park. It is the highest, continuous paved road in North America. 11 miles over 11,000 feet! and topping out at over 13,000 feet! Above the tree line with STUNNING views of the highest peaks in the Rockies. On the west end of the road, we dropped way down to Milner Pass at 10,500 ft. and took the picture at The Great Divide. We continued south toward Granby and before we exited the Park, we saw herds of Elk and some majestic males. A very nice drive south took us to Winter Park Resort for some coffee and window shopping before we found our way home.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

YouTube with Ann White, Founder, Creating Calm Network

Here we are LIVE from Boulder, Colorado, being interviewed by Ann White... Lots of cool, conscious topics to think about!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Power Through Experience...

“a veritable San Andreas Fault in the American psyche: the personality’s wish to have power over experience, to control all events and consequences, and the soul’s wish to have power through experience, no matter what that may be.”

Whyte, David. The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America. New York: Doubleday, 1994. 1-30.

Here is a link to a great summary of a wonderful book, especially for any of us seekers who are, or have been, in the work-world.

The above quote is very revealing and explains a lot about the 'Why are we here?' question. It is easy to see the truth of this quote in all aspects of life, modern or ancient. This, again, outlines the prodigal purpose of life. Read our earlier post on The Prodigal Son

Our personality/intellect/thinking-mind loves the idea of controlling everything but the overriding and overpowering desire of the soul always seems to get its way. We may think we want something but the soul wants the greater power, through experience, that may have nothing to do with what we think. Ever notice that in your life?

Join us Che' & Tim) in a poetic discussion of life's intriguing journey through the world of work and corporate america and the preservation and elevation of our soul's "work in progress" on our RADIO SHOW on the Creating Calm Broadcast Network at

Friday, June 6, 2014

Look Up...

Here is a beautiful expression of the realization of the limitations of "Social Media". Perhaps it is social media's exaggerated, isolated narcissism that will actually push people beyond it and so they have a true appreciation for the reality and the experience of BEING together with 'others'. Social Media could be the prodigal journey of the community. May we all commune together in LOVE.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

From "It" to "I"

From Mastery Systems... The power of Language. Try this simple exercise:

"Making simple shifts in common every day language is a powerful way to activate your successful life. Over the years I've seen so many people shift just one letter and get amazing results.
From It to I
What seems to be a play on semantics is one of the most powerful shifts you can make.
Our mind responds to words in a very specific way. If I say "It feels" my mind interprets that "It" as me. Just removing the "t" and shifting to "I feel" connects whatever follows back to me, and now I can start on the path to upgrading that feeling because I owned up to it.
Test this for yourself right now. Just say each phrase out loud and feel which one produces more feeling and power. "It feels"... "I feel"...
As the upgrade path progresses, we can literally reclaim energy that has been tied up emotionally and redirect our power and drive into producing results we truly choose.

Each step along the path, language is used to identify specific glitches and systematically shift into our successful life already done. Language is at the beginning, middle and end of every upgrade"