Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Mis-Belief in Loss...

by Tim Che'

"...and none will be lost, save the son of perdition" John 17:12

Here we will be discussing a most useful interpretation of this passage. This is not the "right" interpretation according to the experts and scholars (scribes and pharisees). Their views come from studying other "experts" views and not from self-revelation. You can decide which is more useful to you. Please read another blog if you find disagreement with this. We are not looking for agreement. We are sharing things that have been revealed. Things that  can utterly transform Man's consciousness and free him from suffering. This passage, contemplated in the light of this understanding, can lead Man out of the bondage of logic, reasoning, time and limiting beliefs. Are you ready? Here it is:
the 'Son of Perdition' is the 'Belief in Loss'
So, in the end, the end of our long journey here in this world, the only thing that will be lost... is the belief in loss. 

I hope you get just how powerful this is. Nothing can be lost when you can see the eternal nature of all things, and yourself as their eternal source. But what does this look like? How do I integrate it in my life and my view of the world?
"Do you cry at funerals?"
 Years ago, I was walking through the house and one of the kids had left a television on. I had not watched a TV for years at that time, and right as I was passing, I saw Larry King sitting with the Dali Lama, which stopped me dead in my tracks. Talk about the universe trying to tell me something! What are the odds?... Anyway, I turned up the volume to hear Larry ask:

"so, do you cry at funerals?"

The Dali Lama just smiled and paused... then replied,

"Do you cry at a sunset?... 
Just because you can't see the sun anymore, doesn't mean it isn't there." 

Let that sink in for a moment!...

You see this beautiful thing that has been with you all day, giving you warmth and comfort and you watch it disappear over the horizon. You may shed a tear of joy for witnessing the beauty of such a thing but no tears of sorrow because you know it is still there.

"Is it possible to lose anything?"

It is only possible to lose something if you have resigned yourself to the limitations of what you can see, hear, touch, taste, or smell, which seems to be a natural and fundamental human affliction. Our factually-oriented culture and mindset adds to the dilemma and dismisses the eternal nature of what we call the universe. We look at the 'facts'. We see them come and go, rise and fall, wax and wane, be born and die. To such a mind, the disappearance of a thing is permanent. But where was it before it 'appeared'? And such a mind has no way to address such a question. Time for an upgrade...

Que the "Imagination"

Your logical and linear mind is reading this right now. It is interpreting the groups of symbols on the page and creating meaning. Meanwhile, your Imagination is taking a nap, waiting for you to put away your childish toys (intellectual thinking, beliefs) and ready for the call to get to work. Most people's Imaginations are in a state of suspended animation, suppressed by an entire culture of distorted beliefs and useless information.


What is the Imagination?

 Let's look at this on a basic level... can you close you eyes and see things? Of course you can.  Have you ever had a dream while you slept? Did you see things in your dream? Of course you did.  Can you close your eyes and smell coffee, or bacon cooking, even though there is no actual coffee or bacon present? Try closing your eyes and in your Imagination hold out your hand and imagine you are holding a golf ball... now feel the surface and fell its weight. Now imagine it is a tennis ball and feel its surface. You can feel the different textures even though the actual objects are not present. This is called spiritual sensation. So, if you can smell the fragrance of a rose when no rose is present, where do roses exist? Where do tennis balls exist? Where does everything exist? Why, in YOU!

They all exist in you, in your Imagination! 
This includes people, pets, money, jobs, cars... everything.

The Act of Imagining...

The act of Imagining is the union of mind with what exists in the eternal Imagination, and all things exist in the Imagination. It is up to the individual to be selective of that which he is in union with. When, in your mind, you hold a tennis ball in your hand  and feel its texture, you are having union with it. If you are poor, you are in union with poverty and you feel poor. To have union with wealth or health, you must find that feeling, that place, in your Imagination. You can have union with any 'thing' and with any 'time' in your Imagination, and that includes people.

It is the thinking mind that believes in loss.

The factually oriented mind finds it difficult to believe in things it cannot see. Most people spend almost all of their time in this mind. It is interesting to note that the "experts" say that people are only using maybe 10% of the brain. Is the Imagination the 90% that is idle? People are so rooted in logic and facts that they never access the greater power the mind has to offer, as a creative instrument, and are thus stuck with the 10%. The 10% mind sees the sun disappear and it "believes" it will return again tomorrow. The 90% mind (imagination) does not need to "believe"... it "knows" where the sun exists and can access it anytime. The sun, as well as people, are eternal aspects of the Imagination.

What is Sorrow? How does one work with it? 

Sorrow is the emotional reaction to the belief in loss. If you could know your eternal nature and the eternal nature of all things, including yourself, sorrow would not be possible. So, how does one connect with one's imagination? With ones eternal nature and the eternal nature of things? 

"Be still... and know that I AM is God"

Notice the "is" in this statement. It is not normally present in contemporary translations, which leads the reader to believe that God is making the statement about himself (what egoic nonsense!).

Your "I AMness" is God. When you say "I am________", you are claiming your awareness of that which you have named... let's say, wealth.  "I am wealthy". But before you were aware of wealth, you were just aware of being aware. Sounds like a little double talk at first but, be still, and go into it. That is the part of you that is AWARE... Aware of being you and of things around you. And before the awareness of being you, was just awareness. So, get quiet, be still, and just say to yourself, over and over, "I AM". Close your eyes, breath deeply, relax... feel what it feels like to just be in that "I AMness".

If you can get in touch with that feeling, then you can begin to find the feeling of the things you desire union with. 

If it is a significant person of your past...catch the feeling of them and continue in your meditation and you will surprise yourself!

Meanwhile, back in the 'real' world, enjoy your distractions. Enjoy your intellect and let it serve you . Enjoy your emotions but remain its master. Exercise the creative power of your Imagination and make it the strongest of your muscles!

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