Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Prodigal Poem

Some fly high in ships of light

Some sail stormy seas at night

They seek the end of their great plight

But it’s in their mind  they've taken flight

Some fly high... Some fly low

In the search to finally know

Why they wander through the land to grow...

Some go out... and some go in

Both the perfect place to begin

The stars so far and the atom so small

Yet in between they learn it all

A single notion stirs in Man

Who am I... and what if I can?

In the fantastic or in the mundane

It matters not the dimension of plane

When flying through the minds wild eye

To land within and finally die

To every notion, deep in the ocean

That hides the truth that you are protean

Then through the years... and mind-made fears

The Imagination will awaken

And You will shout... without a doubt

Alas, there’s nothing broken!

And in the end, you find a friend

The one and only trusted blend

Of all the characters in the play

Which you've played all... In one long day.

Then you’ll forgive, and  begin to live

Forever in Today

Before the fall, we had it all

But never knew this treasure

And all these wonders, we could not see

T’ill we took the plunge, and sailed that sea

T'was only then I knew...
 that God was Me.

by Tim Che' 

Written in parallel with blog post "UFO's, Aliens and Understanding the Architecture of Human Consciousness" Link

BTW... "Protean" means the ability to play all the parts or be all things.

Art by Josephine Wall


  1. Thank you for the harmony and balance in all aspects of this post...Peace, Light and Love