Saturday, April 29, 2017

DNA... A Reflection of Human Consciousness

by Tim Che'

If I slapped you in the face, would you conclude that my hand was the cause of your face being hit?

Of course not. You know that something non-physical put the hand in motion. That non-physical something would be Me. I caused your face to be slapped. I appear to be physical, but my physicality is an expression of the Me that cannot be seen… the Me that set the hand in motion.

“…so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear” (Heb 3:11)

So it is that we learn that the physical is an expression of the non-physical. All physical things, not just a few.

This non-physical thing were are referring to is ‘consciousness’

Consciousness is looking at its expression, called the human body, with the intellectual part of the mind and breaking it down into tiny bits called genes in order to understand it. Sounds pretty normal… until we step into the question of “causality”.

It  would seem like the ultimate “Which came first, the chicken
or the egg?” question.

It is, quite simply, the wrong question.

The right question would be, “WHO is observing the chicken or the egg?” or, "WHY is there a chicken, egg or a ME?" and, Fasten your seat-belts… “Does the chicken or the egg exist without the observer?”

Now, you cannot have it both ways.

Genetic determinism says that the arrangement of our genes creates, or determines, our physical bodies.

If you believe that the hand caused the slap to your face, you would  be partly right. Genes are like your hand. Your genes are activated by what you are conscious of being. And the arrangement of those genes is determined by the consciousness of all that we have ever been... for generations.

Those genetic arrangements are ‘Possibilities’ or potentials of what we can express in the immediate.

Again, it is consciousness that is determining that expression.

This explains why the scientists look at the genes and say that 99% of the human DNA is “Junk DNA”… they have no idea what it is for. They only know that it is, to them, “Idle” and has no purpose or expression.

Genetic Determinism is just one of many misguided concepts that has been created by our externally-oriented scientists. It appeals to the left-brained, logical and reasoning mind…

But, is it TRUE?

And, is it the only idea out there on the subject? Nobody ever seems to ask that question... and it is
not the only idea.

Genetic Determinism is championed by the external-cause oriented scientific community and it says your genes CAUSE the physical effects we see manifested as a human body, or any other living organism with DNA. There are allegedly genes that cause eye color, sexual preferences, certain diseases... and on and on. And if you have any 'bad' genes, you will have the 'bad'  outcomes caused by the genes. You will be a "Victim" of chance DNA combinations and helpless from the results.

Their experiments show that as they manipulate the genes, it changes the physical expression . Then they conclude that DNA is the cause (Well, the hand DID slap the face, and it does hurt!).

There is another idea

So, let’s explore this... It has been said that Man is some kind of genetic-slave experiment by some humanoid ancient alien techno-race. Or that God made the earth perfect and that he somehow screwed up with Man. A popular idea is that Man is like an unwanted infestation of this otherwise beautiful, blue planet and the planet is sure to 'shake us off' like a bad disease before we ruin it completely.

Whether it’s God or aliens, the left-brained, externally-oriented mind is always looking to Saviors, Creators and Villains as external to itself.

Time to start using another part of the mind,

the Imagination

Think of the Earth and everything on it and in it as Human... as a reflection, or a projection of the
collective, subjective human sub-consciousness. Birds, mountains, trees, storms, rain, etc, etc... everything would be manifestation of the collective sub-conscious. Some would call that the mind of GOD

You and I are the individualized personifications of the same human, collective un-conscious mind with one HUGE exception... we are aware of it. We are conscious.

It takes MAN to express and bear witness to the Mind of GOD

It is for this reason that EVERYTHING has symbolic significance.

So-called man-made things would be the physical projection of Man's conscious mind and in today's world, mostly an expression of the intellectual, left-brained mind.

It is interesting to note that the ratio of one man to the earth is roughly the same as the ratio of the conscious minds capacity to the capacity of the unconscious mind... multiple billions-to-one.

Now, if everything is an expression of the Human consciousness, then it would follow that all of the creatures of the earth would share the same Human DNA.

Scientists have found exactly that, yet, somehow they conclude that man shares this DNA because Man evolved from the creatures. Their belief system has no room for the idea that


The reason that everything has Man's DNA in it is because everything comes out of Man's consciousness and

the Earth and Man are ONE.

Think about this for a while....

A popular mis-conception in modern culture is that the Earth is perfect and separate from Man.
It seems that Man does not want to face his adolescence and grow up. The results of this continued adolescence can be destructive, disturbing and scary!

We see again the intellectual mind caught in the wrong questions... It seems to think that if it knows the "How" of reality, that it will somehow transcend it. It is only the "Who" and the "Why" questions that have any value in transcendence.

Man's manipulation of DNA is like trying to change a movie by cleaning the screen or rearranging the characters on the screen. You have to go to the film and the projector to make any real, lasting changes in what you’re seeing on the screen.

Again, we see an interesting correlation with this analogy... the ratio of the conscious mind to the unconscious mind is the same as the projector to the entire film. The film exists, finished and complete, in its entirety, on the reel and the projector allows you to see just one moment of the entire film at a time.

Now, the question arises, is it possible to change your DNA if you are the source of its arrangement? Yes... and No. Here I am reminded of 2 great quotes:

"Your children are not your children. They belong to life's longing to know itself" (Kahlil Gibran)

"Which one sinned, this man or his parents, that he be born blind? and Jesus said, "neither he nor his parents sinned, but so the works of God be made manifest"  (John 9:3)

Yes... If it is your destiny to change it. If it is your time for transcendence.

No... If it is of greater significance and benefit to you to experience it as it is.

You see, we are in school. Call it 'Earth School'. We are here to learn something.

It seems that Man's manipulation of DNA is evidence of an intellect out of control. It is like leaving mis-behaving children alone to run the household.

The intellectual mind is wrestling with its own shadow.

It is tragically lost in an endless maze of its own ideas and running from its own creations.

Its time for a new approach... time to start looking at things with a different mind. Time to begin to establish the Imagination as the basis for, and sustain-er of, the universe!

Let's do it together!
"Man should not stay man,
His aim should higher be,
For Gods will only God's accept
as Company"(William Blake)

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