Friday, April 21, 2017

The Seventh Discipline of Mind... Doubt

by Tim Che'

You must understand and master the 12 disciplines of your mind... Called "disciples". 
The Seventh Discipline is "doubt" and called "Thomas"
 Doubt, or Thomas, is the ability of your mind to doubt.

Doubt is seen as an obstacle or a hindrance to understanding, in our modern culture. 
Doubt is framed as the opposite of belief.
These are immature understandings.

Your Ability to Doubt is your 
Savior from "uncertainty"
This is why it is a critical discipline to "realize" in your mind.

Disciplines of Mind are not "mastered" through control or will-power, as the word discipline often
These are "REALIZATIONS" that come with, and from, GRACE.
GRACE comes with the "fullness of time" and is the spiritual maturity of an Awakened Imagination.
This Awakening has been called, "The Birth of the Child" or the birth of GOD in and through MAN.

The reason that doubt saves you from uncertainty is that when the mind has been lifted to the higher states of consciousness, it can see clearly that with the ability to Doubt, you can

In other words, it is the ability to 

You see, the immature understanding of doubt is associated with the name Satan. Belief is also part of that lower consciousness. 

At a higher level of consciousness, belief is not recognized as beneficial. 
The reason for this is that you do not need to believe in something that you KNOW.
"Be Still and KNOW"(psalm 46)
"Be still and Believe"

When you doubt your doubt... you Know. 
And when you know you will automatically reject any and
all evidence to the contrary of your objective. Discover all 12 mental disciplines at

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