Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Truman Show... A Beautiful Metaphor for Awakening

Sedona, Arizona... our stay this time is Perfect weather and Very dreamy for us. A long hike to the end of Boynton Canyon where there was a point where we felt an extreme energy change and a 20 drop in tempurature with a drastic and wonderful change in scenery from desert to forest. 4.5 hours later we returned rather tired and very satisfied. We came across the movie, The Truman Show, on Netflix and remembered it being light and entertaning so we indulged ourselves in a couple hours of Hollywood distraction.

What a great metaphor for Awakening... for Resurection! Well worth the viewing! Have you been feeling driven to push your boundaries lately? Did you notice when the creator watched Truman finally realize the truth and depart the stage... the creator tried to talk him into staying but you could see the love in his eyes.

So, what is your stage? I hope it is half as nice as the one Truman grew up with... but nice is no guarantee that you will awaken and may be more likely to keep you asleep in your comfort. Don't worry though... Awakening is Inevitable!

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Oh, and in case we don't see you, "Good afternoon, Good evening and Good night"!!!!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Flood of Facts...

OK... so you heard about our camping on the St. Vrain River in Lyons, CO, during the recent FLOOD  Well, We left Boulder, CO on Monday and some construction workers broke a water main just as we were leaving, shooting water 50 ft in the air and FLOODING the entire street. Then we stopped for fuel in Walsenburg, CO, as we turned into a 40mph headwind and decided not to attempt to go over the mountain pass and stay the night. Then we kept smelling Diesel fuel, and looked to discover a fuel line had split open spraying a FLOOD of diesel fuel all over the back of the bus and our tow vehicle. Fortunately we actually had some fuel line to make the repair and cleaned up the car and stayed the night.

As with ALL things... they are symbolic... they reveal patterns and they teach us. So, obviously, FLOOD was a recurring theme... And the message to us reflects the FLOOD of Facts that we collectively find ourselves in world wide. No one knows what is true any more as we are in the biblical time called Babel. Pick any topic and there are so many different viewpoints and all of them seem valid!
So what is true? or better question, Where is truth?

Next Wednesday, on LifeStyle Luminaries Radio, our topic will be on the "FLOOD of FACTS" that have overflowed the world. This is a powerful topic regarding the creative power of the universe. Here is an sample of how the discussion will flow:
"May I tell you facts have overflowed the world like the FLOOD described in the bible. Man is drowned in facts, victimized by facts. It is in the Imagination that everything lives and not in its fact. Unless Imagination penetrates the facts, the deluge remains a deluge; this is the FLOOD that is upon us all"
"A man is in jail. that is a fact. He knows he is in there for X number of years, that is a fact. He waits and hopes that in some strange way he will be released from his confinement and never uses his Imagination to penetrate the fact. In March of 1943, I too, was imprisoned... in the army. and I didn't want any part of it. I simply penetrated the fact and saw myself in my apartment with my family. In nine day I was in my apartment in New York City, honorably discharged .
 This is the FLOOD and there is no other. We are drowned in facts and overwhelmed by them.

Facts always follow... they never precede. If there is a fact, it is preceded by the imaginal act that created it and the creator is always greater than the created, known as facts.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Choose Love...

You can choose to be right... 
Or you can choose to be in love.

The voice of self-righteousness is the
only voice you will hear in hell. If you think you are right and you hear righteousness coming out of your mouth, then you know who you are and you know where you are standing. And justifying your righteousness is just more hell. It may be challenging to fully grasp this concept, so lets start with a simple question:

Have you ever met anyone who thought they were wrong? 

Of course not! Everyone has come to a conclusion based on ALL their life's experience. If I could possibly know all the things that someone had experienced, all their beliefs, all their education, all their exposure to other's opinions, what they've read, all the TV they've watched, etc, etc...for their entire life, which led them to their conclusion... I would see that they ARE right! The fact that you and I can have radically different conclusions about the same subject is, well... sort of crazy! We both could be looking at a glass on the table and have such different opinions about it that it comes to violence. This is the force and the lunacy behind all War and  conflict. When you clearly understand this concept, you will put away the childish toys of self-righteousness and you will choose love!

Now, the intellectuals (and I include myself in that) always say something like, "But science is precise and there has to be a right answer!". Well, isn't it interesting that the great scientific minds of our time disagree about many of the so-called absolutes and argue (self-righteously, of course) endlessly about them? One thing you can say about "answers" is that different answers will likely produce different results, of course! Which one is best, is purely subjective, even if the different results are quantifiable.  Even mathematics seems true, absolute and "Right", always with only one correct answer. You know... 1+1 = 2 always, right? But then you realize that 1+1 can = 3?  How? Mother + Father = mother/father/child, or 3. Oops... did your mind just expand a bit? And how does one reconcile the pure logic of mathematics with the abstractions (can you say "square root of a negative number?) it uses all the time? You don't... you accept them and test the results and the results speak for themselves.

The same is true when speaking of consciousness and its relationship to reality. The intellectual mind sees this relationship as an abstraction and dismisses it based on its orientation to the "facts" perceived by the 5 senses, ie; "I believe it when I see it".  But just like mathematics, if the intellectual (left brain) mind accepted this relationship as Cause (consciousness) and Effect (reality), and tested the results, the truth would be revealed in the same way.

And, even as we spend time engaging in this on-going discourse, we could have spent this time... in love!

The Worlds Funniest Commercial!

OK... Imagine watching a very serious YouTube about the waking of consciousness in the world and this commercial pops up! Perhaps it's a sign to take ourselves less seriously? Must be the funniest commercial in the world!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

REALationship Radio Interview with Mary Regnier of "Thriving Age"

REALationship Radio Interview with Mary Regnier of "Thriving Age"

I Invite you to listen to an Uplifting interview with my dear friend of 23 years
Mary Regnier.  This is the first of many interviews to come that I get to share with you on my REALationship Radio show every Wednesday Morning at 9am Mountain Time,
on the "Creating Calm Network". Join us!

Monday, October 7, 2013

You are Not a Sorry Person...

"I'm sorry". We all say it. Some people say it obsessively! You know who they are... you know who
you are!

It is an EXTREMELY bad habit to say "I'm sorry". It sounds harmless enough. But you have to understand the power of any statement... "I am _______" . That statement is a claim of divine right! When you say, "I am sorry", you are claiming to be a sorry person and are blaspheming yourself! So stop claiming it NOW and never say that again!!!

Now the obvious question is, "How do I express the sentiment without blaspheming?". Well, try "Pardon Me" instead.

Years ago, I was talking with a good friend about the power of words and the word, "sorry" because I pointed out how he was using it over and over agian. Then he recalled when he was a boy, he would be helping his father and would say, 'I'm sorry' if he made a mistake and his father stopped, and yelled at him, "You are NOT a sorry person! You made a mistake. Now learn from it and move on". He only just realized during our discussion 30 years later the wisdom of his father.

Be aware of the power of words and the creative power of any "I AM _____" statements. We can discusss it together every Week on LifeStyle Luminaries Radio . If you like to be on the show to ask a question or join the discussion, fill out a comment below.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Is Attachment Love?

An even better question: "What is Love?"

Certainly, it is not attachment, but it seems our society prefers responding to attachments rather than asking the deep, the important questions. Or, perhaps, people are just to distracted and busy... trying to figure out the latest version of Windows, or navigate the latest legislations. Here, Krishnamurti puts the question rightly:

"Our relationship is possessiveness, attachment, various forms of intrusion upon each other. What is attachment? Why do we have such tremendous need for attachment? What are the implications of attachment? Why is one attached? When you are attached to anything, there is always fear in it, fear of losing it. There is always a sense of insecurity. Please observe it for yourself. There is always a sense of separation. I am attached to my wife. I am attached to her because she gives me pleasure sexually, gives me pleasure as a companion; you know all this without my telling you. So I am attached to her, which means I am jealous, frightened. Where there is jealousy, there is hatred. And is attachment love? That is one point to note in our relationships". - Krishnamurti, Mind Without Measure, pp 80-81
So, When will you begin to ask the important questions?

We can ask them together, Live!, on LifeStyle Luminaries Radio every Wednesday morning at 9am, Mountain time 917-889-2275.