Friday, October 11, 2013

Choose Love...

You can choose to be right... 
Or you can choose to be in love.

The voice of self-righteousness is the
only voice you will hear in hell. If you think you are right and you hear righteousness coming out of your mouth, then you know who you are and you know where you are standing. And justifying your righteousness is just more hell. It may be challenging to fully grasp this concept, so lets start with a simple question:

Have you ever met anyone who thought they were wrong? 

Of course not! Everyone has come to a conclusion based on ALL their life's experience. If I could possibly know all the things that someone had experienced, all their beliefs, all their education, all their exposure to other's opinions, what they've read, all the TV they've watched, etc, etc...for their entire life, which led them to their conclusion... I would see that they ARE right! The fact that you and I can have radically different conclusions about the same subject is, well... sort of crazy! We both could be looking at a glass on the table and have such different opinions about it that it comes to violence. This is the force and the lunacy behind all War and  conflict. When you clearly understand this concept, you will put away the childish toys of self-righteousness and you will choose love!

Now, the intellectuals (and I include myself in that) always say something like, "But science is precise and there has to be a right answer!". Well, isn't it interesting that the great scientific minds of our time disagree about many of the so-called absolutes and argue (self-righteously, of course) endlessly about them? One thing you can say about "answers" is that different answers will likely produce different results, of course! Which one is best, is purely subjective, even if the different results are quantifiable.  Even mathematics seems true, absolute and "Right", always with only one correct answer. You know... 1+1 = 2 always, right? But then you realize that 1+1 can = 3?  How? Mother + Father = mother/father/child, or 3. Oops... did your mind just expand a bit? And how does one reconcile the pure logic of mathematics with the abstractions (can you say "square root of a negative number?) it uses all the time? You don't... you accept them and test the results and the results speak for themselves.

The same is true when speaking of consciousness and its relationship to reality. The intellectual mind sees this relationship as an abstraction and dismisses it based on its orientation to the "facts" perceived by the 5 senses, ie; "I believe it when I see it".  But just like mathematics, if the intellectual (left brain) mind accepted this relationship as Cause (consciousness) and Effect (reality), and tested the results, the truth would be revealed in the same way.

And, even as we spend time engaging in this on-going discourse, we could have spent this time... in love!

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