Monday, October 7, 2013

You are Not a Sorry Person...

"I'm sorry". We all say it. Some people say it obsessively! You know who they are... you know who
you are!

It is an EXTREMELY bad habit to say "I'm sorry". It sounds harmless enough. But you have to understand the power of any statement... "I am _______" . That statement is a claim of divine right! When you say, "I am sorry", you are claiming to be a sorry person and are blaspheming yourself! So stop claiming it NOW and never say that again!!!

Now the obvious question is, "How do I express the sentiment without blaspheming?". Well, try "Pardon Me" instead.

Years ago, I was talking with a good friend about the power of words and the word, "sorry" because I pointed out how he was using it over and over agian. Then he recalled when he was a boy, he would be helping his father and would say, 'I'm sorry' if he made a mistake and his father stopped, and yelled at him, "You are NOT a sorry person! You made a mistake. Now learn from it and move on". He only just realized during our discussion 30 years later the wisdom of his father.

Be aware of the power of words and the creative power of any "I AM _____" statements. We can discusss it together every Week on LifeStyle Luminaries Radio . If you like to be on the show to ask a question or join the discussion, fill out a comment below.

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