Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Flood of Facts...

OK... so you heard about our camping on the St. Vrain River in Lyons, CO, during the recent FLOOD  Well, We left Boulder, CO on Monday and some construction workers broke a water main just as we were leaving, shooting water 50 ft in the air and FLOODING the entire street. Then we stopped for fuel in Walsenburg, CO, as we turned into a 40mph headwind and decided not to attempt to go over the mountain pass and stay the night. Then we kept smelling Diesel fuel, and looked to discover a fuel line had split open spraying a FLOOD of diesel fuel all over the back of the bus and our tow vehicle. Fortunately we actually had some fuel line to make the repair and cleaned up the car and stayed the night.

As with ALL things... they are symbolic... they reveal patterns and they teach us. So, obviously, FLOOD was a recurring theme... And the message to us reflects the FLOOD of Facts that we collectively find ourselves in world wide. No one knows what is true any more as we are in the biblical time called Babel. Pick any topic and there are so many different viewpoints and all of them seem valid!
So what is true? or better question, Where is truth?

Next Wednesday, on LifeStyle Luminaries Radio, our topic will be on the "FLOOD of FACTS" that have overflowed the world. This is a powerful topic regarding the creative power of the universe. Here is an sample of how the discussion will flow:
"May I tell you facts have overflowed the world like the FLOOD described in the bible. Man is drowned in facts, victimized by facts. It is in the Imagination that everything lives and not in its fact. Unless Imagination penetrates the facts, the deluge remains a deluge; this is the FLOOD that is upon us all"
"A man is in jail. that is a fact. He knows he is in there for X number of years, that is a fact. He waits and hopes that in some strange way he will be released from his confinement and never uses his Imagination to penetrate the fact. In March of 1943, I too, was imprisoned... in the army. and I didn't want any part of it. I simply penetrated the fact and saw myself in my apartment with my family. In nine day I was in my apartment in New York City, honorably discharged .
 This is the FLOOD and there is no other. We are drowned in facts and overwhelmed by them.

Facts always follow... they never precede. If there is a fact, it is preceded by the imaginal act that created it and the creator is always greater than the created, known as facts.

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