Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Thought is Measurement...

Now, thought is measurable, and I do not know if you have noticed, or reflected on it, that the West is the explosion of Greece, which thought in terms of measure. For the Greeks, mathematics, logic, philosophy—all the things they discovered, which exploded in the West...

are the result of measurement, which is thought. 

Does this interest you? Because without an understanding of the whole machinery of thought, its meditation has no meaning. So unless you really understand, have a deep insight into the whole machinery of thinking, you cannot possibly go beyond it..
tremendous significance, and where it becomes utterly destructive,

And in the East, India exploded over the whole of Asia, not among today’s Indians but among the ancient Indians. Today’s Indians are just like Westerners: romantic, vulgar, superstitious, frightened, grabbing money, wanting position, power, prestige; all that business that goes on all over the world, only they are a different color, have a different climate, a partially different morality.

But the ancient Indians said:

 measurement is illusion,

 because when you can measure something it is very limited, and if you base all your structure, morality, and existence on measurement, which is thought, then you can never be free. Therefore they said, at least according to what I have observed, that the
immeasurable is the real and the measurable is the unreal, which they call maya.

J Krishnamurti
Facing A World In Crisis

Saturday, May 4, 2019