Sunday, April 20, 2014

Society is not changed by example...

The truth of the following statement will probably not make us many friends in the New-Age/Spirituality movement... but it is the truth and we would rather be friends with the truth

Society is not changed by example. Society may reform itself, it may bring about certain changes through political or economic revolution, but only the religious man can create a fundamental transformation in society; and the religious man is not he who practices starvation as an example to impress society. The religious man is not concerned with society at all, because society is based on acquisitiveness, envy, greed, ambition, fear. That is, mere reformation of the pattern of society only alters the surface, it brings about a more respectable form of ambition. Whereas, the truly religious man is totally outside of society, because he is not ambitious, he has no envy, he is not following any ritual, dogma or belief; and it is only such a man who can fundamentally transform society, not the reformer. The man who sets out to be an example merely breeds conflict, strengthens fear, and brings about various forms of tyranny. It is very strange how we worship examples, idols. We don't want that which is pure, true in itself; we want interpreters, examples, masters, gurus, as a medium through which to attain something - which is all sheer nonsense, and is used to exploit people. If each one of us could think clearly from the very beginning, or reeducate ourselves to think clearly, then all these examples, masters, gurus, systems, would be absolutely unnecessary, which they are anyhow. - Krishnamurti, J. Krishnamurti The Collected Works Volume IX

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Ultimate History Lesson...

I just realized I had not posted this Revelation of our educational system yet. I looked through our blog history and could not find it and because we are reviewing the work again, It came to my attention..

This is a FANTASTIC interview with the author of 'The Underground History of American Education' & 'Weapons of Mass Instruction', John Taylor Gatto. It is sooo compelling to listen to a master of  Active Literacy speak to us in a way that inspires the higher faculties of the mind to awaken.

Literacy is slavery to those who are taught Passive Literacy, as in our public 'fool' system. Gatto lays out the difference and goes into the history of WHY it is the way that it is and HOW it became that way. It is i 5 parts so make sure you watch it to the end as it gets better all the way through!

The interviewer, Richard Grove, is another amazing individual and has a website worthy of exploration

Monday, April 7, 2014

About Time... Movie Pic's

We had the great surprise last night of discovering one of our new favorite movies... About Time. It is a nicely paced film with quirky English characters and a wonderful performance by Rachel McAdams who's smile really adds an innocent quality to the story.

It is a story about time travel and some of the interesting paradoxes and cliche's around that topic, but in the end, it is really all about the Imagination and that is why we love it so much. The story sort of tricks you into a concept that we feel is one of the most important lessons to learn here in the Earth-school and that is exercising the power of the Imagination in the art and the act of Revision. The end of the film really ties it all together without getting into the esoteric concept and carefully leads into into a reverence of the present moment.


The following is a transcribed lecture that really lays it out...

 Neville Goddard 1954

This morning's subject is "The Pruning Shears of Revision". I firmly believe that if you will wisely and daily use the pruning shears of revision that you will find there is no objective beyond your ability to realize. And I
mean that seriously, no objective beyond your ability to realize.

When I was a boy of seven, a lady said to me, "I have had a vision concerning you. I'll make it now very,
very clear to you--I do not know what it is you are going to do, but I've been shown you will do something
that through the centuries after you are gone man will not undo it. I can see it and through the centuries you
will grow in stature long after you have gone. And then three men will be mentioned in hundreds of years to
come and you will be one of the three when something is discussed that was done for man."

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

WOWfull Information!

OK... So, we are not being lazy here. Here, we post only the things that inspire us and it just so happens that Kate of Gaia has done it again!

This is a document outlining a very different vantage point and perhaps the last one you will need to understand. It reminds us of the mindset described from the Jed McKenna books... all of them worth a viewing. And with clear knowledge of our culture's current situation. We think it is important to remember her points that what we are here, in the physical realm, is mirrored in spiritual realm. So, pay attention and be discerning, as always. We are on our 3rd reading of it so far...

Kate lays it out here nicely with very little 'in-your-face' explitives to make her very important point. Read it here or go to her website


An Essay by Kate of Gaia

“This entire game breaks down into its simplest component of sound and the creation of realities we experience and has been encased in the sigils and symbols of letters and words. This is the very basis of Phoenician law and the sonics and phonics intertwining where we have been blinded by the creations of visual light. In this realm of light, we are living in the past and at effect to all things visual which are the effects of sound where light, as a vibration, is merely a higher vibration of frequencies that began with sound or, more accurately, thought. If you want to hear the sound of creation all one must do is sit still, close your eyes and, in your mind only, say the word “rabbit”. Did you hear it? That, to me, is the root/route of pure creation and why our thoughts had to be carefully trained to be manipulated.