Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Ultimate History Lesson...

I just realized I had not posted this Revelation of our educational system yet. I looked through our blog history and could not find it and because we are reviewing the work again, It came to my attention..

This is a FANTASTIC interview with the author of 'The Underground History of American Education' & 'Weapons of Mass Instruction', John Taylor Gatto. It is sooo compelling to listen to a master of  Active Literacy speak to us in a way that inspires the higher faculties of the mind to awaken.

Literacy is slavery to those who are taught Passive Literacy, as in our public 'fool' system. Gatto lays out the difference and goes into the history of WHY it is the way that it is and HOW it became that way. It is i 5 parts so make sure you watch it to the end as it gets better all the way through!

The interviewer, Richard Grove, is another amazing individual and has a website worthy of exploration www.tadgedyandhope.com

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