Tuesday, April 14, 2015

UFO's, Aliens & Understanding the Architecture of Human Consciousness

UFO's and Aliens are the modern icons of the mysterious and the fantastic. I don't know about you, but I have always wanted to see a UFO. It just seemed so out-of-this-world... and a little scary and unnerving. As an adult I still think it would be neat, as I have not seen one yet... Some interesting lights in the sky here and there, but nothing that would suggest a craft powered by beings from another planet. Whether you believe in them or not, its hard not to listen to the incredible stories of people who encounter them. And it begs the question...

 ...what is REALLY going on?

As consciousness matures and the Imagination begins to awaken, you will find a new context for how these
phenomena fit within the framework of our shared reality. Have you noticed that people who have experienced alien abductions never have any witnesses? Nobody sees them being abducted or being
returned. This seems kind of scary and mysterious but it becomes clear that these are all psychic phenomena, taking place deep in the psyche of the individual, in another dimension of reality. And as such,  they must be part of the collective human psyche because so many people have described very similar experiences and describe similar beings from ancient to modern times. This is a real phenomena, and even though it is not taking place in the physical reality, they are just as important and significant... "As within, so without". Because we live in a "Mind-Created" reality, these phenomena can manifest as "real" to those who are tuned into that mental vibration. They unveil hidden truths that are reflective of consciousness unfolding. Graham Hancock's video down the page will nicely tie together some of these concepts.

It is useful to separate UFO's that may be from another world and those that are terrestrial... or man-made. It is clear that their is man-made technology, that currently exists, that is FAR beyond what the

Friday, April 3, 2015

Barabbas or Jesus...The Trial of Your Mind

Here we will share with you a mystical version of the trial of Jesus. This trial takes place in the mind, not in the pages of history. Pontious Pilate is the personification of Logic and Reasoning. He asks Jesus, who is the personification of Truth, "What is the Truth?"  Jesus does not answer because he knows that there is no way for Logic and Reasoning to understand the Truth. Pilate gives up and turns him over to the crowd who clamour to release Barabbas, the robber, and crucify Jesus. Barabbas is the personification of that which denies, or robs, you of your desires... and he has been turned loose on the crowd ever since. Jesus is also synonomous with the Imagination and it is your Imagination that creates your salvation.

Here it is in this transcribed lecture of Neville Goddard. You can also read our last year's Good Friday post with this link http://lifestyleluminaries.blogspot.com/2014/04/good-friday-easter.html

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Neville Goddard 4-5-1963


Tonight's subject is "Barabbas or Jesus." This is the greatest trial that ever took place in eternity. You have read of trials in countries where billions are involved. It means nothing compared to this trial. This is the greatest of all trials. When we read the scriptures we find things like the raising of Lazarus, which is the most fantastic thing you can imagine. A man who was dead for four days and his sister said: "By this time there is an odor" and he raises Lazarus, and yet only one Evangelist records it - only John tells the story. Matthew, Mark, and Luke do not mention the story of Lazarus. How could you tell the story of a man in this world who could raise someone who had decayed and bring him back to life, as we understand life, and not tell it as part of his biography? I could take you through the many stories and show you that one story is told by two, and sometimes three, and only by one, but here, in this story of the trial, all mention it. It has tremendous significance. The story of the greatest trial that ever took place in eternity.

May I tell you: it is taking place here tonight and you are the witnesses. You are the ones who will