Here, our purpose is that of "Mirror Workers"... To reveal a higher level of relationship. To give people a different way to look at things. To reflect back to the reader a different way to "be" in the world. To share the Joy of "Waking Up".  To transcend  the intellectual trance of logic and reasoning with the
Awakening of the Imagination in Man!


These pages and posts are a form of clearinghouse for the critical and inspirational things and events that were/are crucial in our own awakening, as well as, reflections
of what the world looks like from the awakened state. Check out the Blog and the links on the right. Check out ALL the posts... because we have not trivialized them. Each one is there for a reason. Each one is a lesson in itself. Each one comes from the heart of that which is us, as an expression, for that which is you.


To Live is to be Related:
"The understanding of oneself does not come through the process of withdrawal from society or through retirement into an ivory tower. If you and I really go into the matter carefully and intelligently, we will see that we can understand ourselves only in relationship and not in isolation. Nobody can live in isolation. To live is to be related. It is only in the mirror of relationship that I understand myself, which means that I must be extraordinarily alert in my thoughts, feelings, and actions in relationship. This is not a difficult process or a superhuman endeavour; and as with all rivers, while the source is hardly perceptible, the waters gather momentum as they move, as they deepen. In this mad and chaotic world, if you go into this process advisedly, with care, with patience, without condemning, you will see how it begins to gather momentum and that it is not a matter of time."   - Krishnamurti,

Life Should be a Perpetual Increase of the Things You Love!

"This platform is concerned only with the great secret of life. Here we are convinced that the Supreme Power that created and sustains the universe is Divine Imagining, and it does not differ from human imagination save in degree of intensity. So God-in-man is your wonderful Imagination; that is God.... As you know, we feel that life should be a perpetual increase of the things you love! That, to me is the art of living. In man's ability to live in the end, to live in the feeling of the wish fulfilled, lies man's capacity to live the more abundant life. I do not care what your objective is; feeling that you have it is living a more, abundant life... We tell you that Imagination creates Reality, but bear in mind that at this human level on earth it takes time and persistence." (Neville)

A simple progression of study:

  1. Byron Katie disconnects unhealthy mind patterns from the emotional body.
  2. Eckhart Tolle introduces you to"Presence"
  3. Bill Donahue connects the Bible to the Mind of Man
  4. DeMello invites you to  "Awareness" and to Wake Up
  5. Abraham-Hicks gives you the compass of your feelings to aid in your creation
  6. Krishnamurti elevates us to  "Choice-less Awareness"
  7. Walter Russell proves the science of the light that you are.
  8. Neville introduces you to the "Awakened Imagination"
  9. Alan Watts... Just because he is so fun!

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