Wednesday, March 30, 2016

De-frag Your Soul with Ho'Oponopono

Ho'Oponopono, is the program... the software, if you will, that cleans up your hard-drive... your operating system. You know, like the "Disk Clean-up" or the "De-frag" application on your computer.
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It does not eliminate the "mega-bytes" of data that are occupied by useless or detrimental programs or information... it re-arranges them to neutral... to "zero point", as Dr. Len likes to say. All of those mega-bytes are now available to be arranged as seen fit by the "cleaned up" and "upgraded" you. 

You see, if you eliminated and removed the megabytes on your system that you no longer like, or that frightens you, or causes you pain or disease, etc. etc. Eventually, you would not have enough megabytes to do, or be anything. You would slowly disappear. 

This parallels exactly with our blogpost on . 

After a long life, or many lifetimes, the accumulated information is there for you to re-solve into that which seems good to you to do. But, you have to learn to play the Keyboard of Life, and, just like the piano, you must learn THROUGH experience and practice.

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