Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Casual Conversations on Consciousness with Jay D. Allen

As an expansion of, and in addition to, LifeStyle Luminaries radio program (link) we thought it would be fun to video some of the conversations. This one takes place while we were staying in Orange County, CA, and were told by our friend, Angel B, of Angel B Productions, that we just had to meet her friend, Jay D. Allen. We knew nothing about him and Angel has a great reputation for connecting "like-minds" so we agreed. It turns out that Jay has been a motivational speaker and author from a very young age and has written several books. You can find out more about him at www.HumansInHealing.com

This is a lively and unedited video covering a lot of topics centered around consciousness, spirituality and causality. The conversation got real deep, real fast... even before the camera got rolling. So, thanks Angel B for being a great facilitator!

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