Monday, December 29, 2014

Movie Pics... Frequencies

 Every once in a while... well, not very often... hmmm... almost never, we stumble across a surprise in the movie world. Such is the 2014 movie, Frequencies, also known as "OXV, The Manual". Part romance, part sci-fi and part conspiracy thriller, this film also expresses some very high-conscious concepts and exposes some of the modern, cultural and scientific Mind-F**ks of our time. I doubt most people would be aware of them and it is our hope that they will benefit anyway through it's introduction into their unconscious.

The romance...
is a story of 2 kids who find themselves growing up in a futuristic world where your social and economic Class is determined by your "frequency". The "higher" frequency kids are privileged and demonstrate super intelligence without emotion. So, high-frequency girl meets low frequency boy and it sounds like the same old story, but it is not. They can only be together   for 1 minute per 

year because any longer than that and the difference in their frequencies cause disruptive things to happen in their surroundings. Now, in this world, it is said that it is impossible to change your frequency. As the main character matures he figures out how to change his and stumbles accross a closely guarded secret that the leaders of this world do not want let out... But they are as much trying to understand the phenomena as they are trying to keep it secret.

The class rebellion... Knowledge Determines Destiny

The "high frequency" have such huge intellects that they cannot feel any emotion. Emotion is not suppressed in a Star Trek, Mr. Spock kind of way... there is just no room in their mind for it. But the desire to feel something resides in "high frequency" girl and this creates the relationship dynamics between the 2 main characters.

The discovery of words as vibration and their ability to cast spells

It turns out that the main character discovers a computer program that uses 2 syllable, phonic words to change frequency and alter the minds around him... This brings to mind the work of Kate of Gaia and the use of words as Casting Spells. Ever wonder where the word "Spelling" comes from? Check out this blog post
And, as John Taylor Gatto puts it "literacy is slavery" for those who are only taught passive literacy and, literacy is dominance for those who practice "active" literacy which is only taught to an select few in our society... check out more at

The antidote... Music, Mozart

Fascinatingly enough... the antidote for the worlds "mind-plight" is MUSIC... Mozart in particular, because of its frequency. And isn't interesting to note the rapid expansion of frequency healing, through things like Quantum Bio-Feedback devices and the like? Which measure the frequencies of an individual and can, allegedly neutralize any bad ones.

The final scenes take us deep inside the esoteric to the complete understanding of all things and potentially

the ultimate destination in human potential. 

The movie ends rather abruptly and it seems to leave you hanging... but there is no mistake. Watch the final scene closely and ask yourself to understand its significance...

Can't wait to watch it again!!! (Streamed it on Netflix)

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