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The Solution to Everything...

What no one wants to say about Fergeson... is the Solution to Everything

We just had to add this other video that he made....

The following exerpt is from

Richard Williams, stage name Prince Ea 
has lived in St. Louis Missouri ever since 
he was born there, in 1988. He's won 
numerous prizes for his style of Conscious 
Rap and has a successful underground 
clothing line. I ran a video of his, last 
September, which was spectacularly 

In this clip, he responds to the recent 
international spotlight placed on his 'hood 
(i.e., neck of the woods), aka  Ferguson, 

The question is: "How do you fix 

He says, the way that we fix Ferguson is 
the way we fix everywhere else. He says, 
"We have to stop and be open to the 
possibility that we've been brainwashed, 
on every single level of our lives. 
Brainwashed with conditioned thoughts; 
thoughts that we've killed over, died over, 
gotten angry, sad and depressed over.

"We're so loyal to these thoughts, right? 
But we've got to question them, because 
they were created by the culture we were 
born in. Look at that word: CULT-ure. And 
it taught us that there was 'race' and we 
believed it. It taught us that 'war and 
violence was peace' and we believed it. It 
taught us that 'Love was weakness' and 
we believed it...we ate it up!

..."Just because our parents or grandparents 
believed something or did something doesn't 
mean that we have to continue that cycle. 
This is our time, here, right now, as I 
stand here, right now. This is our time. 
Billions have come before us and billions 
will come after us but we have a chance, 
right now to make a real diference - or we 
could die, doing the same thing that we've 
been doing, expecting different results. 

"Everybody's worried about changing...the 
outside. But we've forgotten about that which 
is *looking* outside, which is ourselves.

"'Who are you?' Is the question. Who are you, 
in the deepest sense? I'm not talking about 
your [redacted] race or your ethnicity or your 
heritage or your [redacted] ancestry - I'm not 
even talking about your experiences or your 
memory. Who ARE you, in the deepest sense?

"...There will never be external peace, without, 
at first, internal peace. And once you figure 
that out - I promise you, the entire world will 
transform and change. And as More and more 
people find themselves find themselves, mankind 
has the opportunity to transform into Kind Man.

"Jesus once said, 'Forgive them, for they know 
not what they do,'...they know not what they do, 
because they know not who they ARE!

"A lot of people won't understand the words that 
I'm saying, they jst won't hear it. Some people 
will respond negatively.

"But for the few of you guys watching this - 
wherever you're watching this - I urge you to try it.

"Try to find out who you are, inside of your body...
what have you got to lose?"

P.S. I'm not interested in offering my free service 
to people who will NOT hear this message and get 
hung up on a 2 instances slang-based uses of a 
swear word. I ask that people who will make these 
the focus of the very uplifting message of this 
video to unsubscribe NOW. 

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