Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Wake Up to Life!

As we search our memories, we come across the significant experiences that highlight our spiritual awakenings and it is here that we re-discover the timeless teachings of Father Anthony deMello. I had already "Come Awake", so-to-speak, when Che'Lisa introduced me to his work, and deMello articulated so much of what had now become obvious to me, that I just couldn't get enough. After I "Awoke", it was like I was using a different language that I did not understand and worse, no one else was speaking it!

The world certainly looked different and I was pretty sure that others were not seeing the same world that I was. It was deMello that beautifully articulated it all for me in his "Wake Up To Life" series of 9 cassette tapes (remember those?). It was like finally hearing someone who spoke your language... I could "hear" him. His voice was like an echo from my soul's clair-cognizance... I felt a knowing-ness about things but could not find the language to put them into coherent though or express them to others.  A lot of things fell into place for me. Che and I have listened to them many times over the years and have yet to tire of the reminders within the teaching.

Wake Up To Life is an excellent entry point into the spiritual world of the 'Mystic', for most people, because of his unusual background as an Irish, Jesuit, Catholic Priest from India (just think about that combo for a moment!),  he is able to articulate with humor and certainty, the puzzling questions of these confusing, spiritual times. We have introduced him to many friends and family and have been astonished at the openings to new understandings that have been created while no one's spiritual sensitivities have been tweaked. However, he will radically change your commonly held notions of prayer, charity and service to others.

Years ago, my brother converted the cassettes to Mp3's and I was about to convert them to videos... but how nice that someone has already gone to the trouble! I share them with you here and now. Merry Christmas!


I could not embed the video that is #1 of a playlist of 72, so follow the link and watch all 72... if you dare!!

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