Sunday, March 30, 2014

Time to Wake Up...

Ever wonder where words come from and what they really mean? Take the word 'spelling'... is it a coincidence that people use words to cast 'spells'? Kate Rene is worthy of some study. Below is a recent post from her FB page, and be sure to visit her blog for an unusual 'education' is truth and words:

Kate Rene
Dear system worshipping whores of Babylon, You and Your Psychopathy
by kate of kaia

I find it fascinating watching your system and its delusional reality crumble down around you. You're beginning to see how powerless you truly are once those, like me, see through you for the ignorant, bought and paid for slaves that you are. In the same way the roman legions fell that was exactly the same system you serve today, your impotence is exposed as well for all to see. Yes, you love to parade yourselves in true peacock fashion with your fancy robes, your clown suits, your 9mm penis extensions, your titles, offices and repugnant elevated levels of self-impotence. Every day your masters and the foul intents you serve show their fear in grand fashion, ramping up the same old diatribes, dragging out the same old empty Trojan whore-se’s to no avail.

you can doubt this all you want but perhaps a little time reading my ritings on my website will clear your bought and paid for minds a little where, in truth, it is my intent to wake the sleepiest aspects/as specks of humanity up. You, that serve your dead CROWN, are the sleepiest of all. Is it ironic that in the "execution (lovely word eh?) of your due-t's (owed cruci-fictions), not only are you killing your own souls but the souls of the ones you claim to love such as your children, families and friends? What's funny as well is that you go about your daily programmed lives inflicting pain and harm on others, especvially those trying to snap you out of your delusions. I would suppose the hardest part for me is knowing that I'm dealing mostly with psychopaths like you who think this is a good and "normal" thing.

Just a few questions that might shed some light on your psychopathy, never an easy thing for those salvageable to accept, but try I will, nonetheless. By the way, if you answer yes to any of these questions, you're a certifiable psychopath with serial killer tendencies...just a little heads up for Do you think that war, where the murder of people, uniformed or not, is a good idea just because some puppet master banker type or media talking head is a "good" thing? Does fleecing the creations of others to enable you to have a paycheck, in that you produce nothing anyway (welfare/capitalist), justify the harms your wilful ignorance or wilful choice allows? In that you already know that any use of a legal NAME creates slaves of humanity long ago shown and proven, are your continued choices of your "profession" to aid and abet slavery for your unseen masters OK with you?

Does the fact that your jobs as elevated slaves showing your disdain for all human life (including your families) bother you enough to stop using psychotic justifiers bathed in human suffering to actually look at the proofs surrounding these facts? Does the illusion of power and control over others using violence and threats of such draped in titles and flags dripping with blood and suffering keep you up at night or are you simply content to justify this psychopathy with phrases like "I'm just doing my job", the same phrase that got many war criminals hanged? Are you content to spin out lies against others like the rumour mongers outlined in revelations 18 and other tomes as your standard operating procedure to harm people like me exposing your corruption and enslavement?

The list of questions could go on endlessly and seamlessly as I know you're aware but really, why bother? That's the trouble with psychopathy and egos like yours that are bought and paid for; you can't negotiate with insanity, especially those with an evil, soulless intent to begin with. Just like my interaction with a few of your well trained dogs a couple of weeks back. I'm sure they were scratching their heads with their "stand down" order that saw them run off with minimal effort on my part because I know what rules yours and their minds. This is likely the first time they ever chatted with someone who uses Phoenician law, you know, the law of creation herself. Best that you catch up with the facts on my website http/ It's also funny that the same pair of fetchers showed up the next day when I was in the same place I was the night before. This is the difference between force and power where force is the effect, a place you live in but not me. Lol.

I mean really, how many times do you have to be handed the same truth, deny it and then even try to claim that you're not a psycho and a parasite on humanity? Unfortunately for you, the masses are awakening to this very quickly but then, once you know how to be cause over this reality, those at effect are, effect, like you. How neat is that. Seriously, how long do you think your supposed jobs are going to last in that we are beyond the critical mass now that is bringing your psychopathy to an end? Now imagine this for a minute. Imagine that the roles are reversed and I am to be the one to "judge" you. How exciting is that? Would you wish for me to judge you and your actions in the same way that you have corrupted every truth to attack me to the point where you are now powerless?

That's the trouble with your spell casting masters, the scribes, Pharisees and corruptors of truth that you MUST get joinder/consent to a NAME, dripping in spiritual contract in the same way that a vampire cannot enter your house until you invite them in kinda thing. Your whole system is based in this fact of feigned authority and is solely dependent upon the masses never waking to this. Uh oh, we're, you can sit there in your eensy little ivory towers made of glass and deny whatever it is you need to deny but the facts remain; ignorance of true law was, is and never will be a defence for psychos hell-bent on feeding on others just because you think you can. No, your royalty, your popes, your clergy, your presidents and prime ministers etc. are only held in place by one, teensy weensy thing; people must be made to think they have power to get the spiritual consent and contract.

While much of this is going over your ability to comprehend, the good news is, myself and others get it and your illusions and delusions of grandeur are toppling daily now. Tell me, what does it feel like reading this when you know in your hearts (if you have a soul) exactly what it is that I am saying is pure truth? The truth is, the time is coming swiftly where all the harms you have wished upon me and my family will be granted in your spiritual mirrors as per the golden rule where I use the golden Mene. Look up the Narmer Palette to get a handle on the little books all cops carry and what they are and why. you'll have to do a little reading, assuming that you can, to actually get a grip on this. What I do know is that most people in uniform and government jobs etc. are simply duped into thinking what they're doing is right but then that's the product of you well designed schools, churches and "training" to keep this insane reality chugging along. End of the line kids, this train you're riding is going off a cliff in the same way that lemmings do the same thing because "everyone" else is. Yup, psychotic, even by your delusion psychiatric definitions. Too funny.

Tic, talk, tic, talk, is the sound of your control clocks running out of time. The best part is that I still wish you no harm and why should I since what goes around comes around in perfect pendulum swings. I merely have to think this into existence now and this is what your masters were always terrified of. Have a listen to my show that was briefly interrupted by these truths I'm sharing...March 14th, 2014, as per your calendar control system, I'll share a link at the bottom of this last reminder. Also, take another look at a 3 year old plus video "judge bows to sovereign" and then apply the same rules they used on Sesame Street where "one of these things, is not like the others" that even a five year old mentally retarded child could spot. No, you have grown fat and slothful on the preying on your fellow mankind either through your wilful ignorance or simply because the psycho in you saw easy game to give you an elevated sense of self-importance/impotence, where I KNOW some of you are FULLY/fool-e aware of the "rules of the game" like myself.

I, and countless millions now, are sick of your sickness, your mental illnesses, your psychopathy and are befuddled at how stupid must one be to continue this or how insane and mentally ill you truly must be. I have looked in the empty eyes of some of you soul-feeders, the empty biological computers far too many times and sickened by your complete lack of compassion. No, I'm not going to sit here and try to "educate" you because your programs either run too deep or your insanity makes any compassion for yourself and others unfathomable so I won't even bother to try; that's your job. The choice is simple and the choice is clear; either you will be a villain or a hero, no-one sits on the wall. Hell, you know what happened to Humpty right?....No, your child raping paedophiles masters in your governments, your churches, synagogues, mosques, palaces and all manner of titles be they king, queens, popes, bishops, presidents, prime mini-stars and those you cannot see want to make sure your "deals with their devils" stay in full force and effect. You are at the crossroads now.

You have already signed your deal with the devil by being oathed to a dead crone/cronos/CROWN corpse. You reinforce this with any/all ID-entity pay-pers where your only power over others rests in them being as stupid or evil as you. Day after day you, and your minions go out into the world reinforcing this narmer trap in every country on this globe. You wilfully pre-meditate spiritual murder with the intent to dupe someone dumb enough into being one of the names in your book of the dead. No, this spell is broken where no-one has authority over me, where I will never invite any of you vampires and werewolves into my house as clearly shown on March 14th and countless times before. The only thing more unyielding than you in my reality is me but then, you already know this...tic, talk, tic, talk, tic, talk....

The real irony here is, is that I am still trying to help you awaken to your evil ways if that is or was ever even possible. You have gathered quite the collection of karmic re-tribute-ion to date and that's only what I have witnessed, never mind the countless others you have screwed over in this one single lifetime. Every wrong you have done and continue to do must be paid for in full, such is the way of the com-mon (with-my) law. Yup, you create your own laws within and those that make the laws, must obey them and I'm not talking about the mindless psycho-babble in your legal books of the dead. Here's where I get to play the mirror role of Pontius Pilate and simply wash my hands of you and cast you to the mobs you have been preying on because honestly, I've done enough to awaken your feeble minds and it's up to you to sort yourselves out. Regardless, what you don't fix, the universe will fix for you; fact. Look Mom, no hands, no wish of harm, no need to since your own actions of past, present and future in the infinite moment of now has you judging yourself anyway. In short, sucks to be you.

Even as I write these things, these little heads up to your psychopathy, I ask myself why I even bother but then the law of truth (law-ve'/verily/truth/love) unconditionally is the only thing that motivates me knowing it's costing you your soul (if you have one) and I'd sure hope you'd do the same for me. As for the mindless, soulless meatstick bio-borgs, nothing there so nothing lost anyway. I spend every waking moment focused on taking your false idol towers down, let’s say all your attempts to destroy my family and my life only served as motivation. No amount of your created hate either by you or those scared into believing your shite will make my infinite and immortal soul buckle. You have tried, at gunpoint and via kidnapping etc. and you have failed. The good news is, you KNOW this now as I do.

Seriously, how does one convey truth to someone who is a willing psychotic like you? You and your ilk have duped innocent souls for far too long and your time is up, it’s written in your stars silly. No, I harbour no ill will towards you or any of your psychotic kin or masters because you’ve already sealed your fate and your deal with the devil contracts are now due anyway so I’m just going to sit back and watch you self-destruct now. What will you do when your fate is in the hands of beings like me and others? Who’s money will you steal when money no longer controls the masses? Who will feed you, build your homes or take you in knowing what YOU have done to them and WHY? Your media spin-dogs are spinning out already. Your master’s false flag attempts are exposed before they’re even conceived now. Humanity is tired of your insane wars and psychosis of control mind-sets.

You have a pretty ugly mirror to look into but now you can call it your crystal ball where your future is secured by the mirror of harmful actions. I honestly hope you’re up to the test. Yup, keep a very close eye on me dear psychos because I want you to see me laugh, I want you to begin your long trek home with my laughter ringing in your ears. I wonder what a fully aware and conscious slug thinks of as a boot comes down to crush it in the same way that your boots came down on the innocents of countless ages? As I said before and will say again to appease your ego-testicle angers and fears that I wish you no harm where you have wished more harm on yourselves than I could ever bear to imagine. Time to set the record straight my dear lost psychos because the truth is, the record will set you straight anyway, no fuss, no muss…you see, that’s what fear tastes like and since your minds are great at inflicting it, you should have no problem imagining what you have urn-ed by and of your choices and actions. In closing, may the universe be as merciful on you as you have been on others…mercy me indeed…lol…mwahs and love/lao-ve’, M/E……

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