Monday, February 24, 2014

Movie Pics... The Matrix Trilogy Decoded

No doubt one of our favorite series of movies! And before you watch them again... you must view this documentary by Mark Passio on the hidden meanings in the movie. The audio quality may be a little less than desirable, but the information is so compelling that you will barely notice it.

There is only one thing that strikes me as missing in the discussion and that is as it relates to the second movie's theme which is about "Why are we in the matrix", in other words, what is the purpose of it? The thumbnail picture above shows  the most revealing segment of the entire documentary, and you see  the word, 'Causality', which plays a big part in this revelation as it moves to the discussion with the 'Architect" of the matrix and the concept of  "Choice" or the "Illusion of choice". Both of which are laid out brilliantly by the presenter... not to mention the writers of the movie. It leaves us hanging, and appropriately so, with the notion that we have to ask and answer the question of purpose for ourselves. The question of "Why are we in the matrix"

I propose that the answer to that question relates to the Prodigal Son  post I expressed in December.. And I also feel it relates to the value of 'Contrast'... the central theme of the Abraham-Hicks work.

"Non-dualistic" states of consciousness are really nice. And that brings up a question... "Is it possible to 'Know Thyself' from a 'Non-dualistic' perspective?" The concept of "Know Thyself" is central to Neo's encounter with the Oracle in the first movie. I'm guessing that we must more clearly define the terms 'Know' and 'Thyself' in order to fully entertain the outcome of the inquiry.

So, for now, let us sit with these questions... let them percolate for a while. Watch the documentary then enjoy the movies from a whole new perspective. I know we will!

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