Monday, February 10, 2014

Freedom From the Known...

An absolutely essential book to begin to break through our encrusted ideas and ideologies to start to uncover the truth of you as you actually are! I was drawn to this book as a result of watching a documentary on the life of Bruce Lee, the famous martial artist, it's called 'A Warriors Journey'. At one point in the documentary, it talked about how Bruce was physically incapacitated for a long period of time, from a spinal injury, and began reading philosophy which he credits for many of his martial arts break-throughs. Krishnamurti was his favorite, and up pops a clip of Krishnamurti saying, "You must be a light unto yourself". There was something about seeing him say that which inspired me to go to the bookstore and find out more about him. This book, Freedom From the Known, caught my attention as I had been recently questioning everything I thought I knew. It is not a big volume, however, it took a long time to read. The concepts were so foreign that I would read a paragraph, thoroughly digesting every word, extremely present, and would sit dumbfounded... wondering what I just read. This is not a book of information or more acquisition for the ego/mind. It is an invitation to search for truth and see the world more clearly. Take your time and you may need to read it several times before it starts to sink in... But READ IT!!!

I also Highly recommend watching A Warriors Journey.  Very Inspiring!!!

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