Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Intellect and the Grid of Containment...

by Tim Che'

It has been said that the earth is a prison planet and that an invisible grid is in place which serves a dual purpose of keeping us inside and quarantining us from the rest of the universe because we are so dangerous and underdeveloped... that we, as a race have not earned our release and probably never will. Also, allegedly, It keeps us free from outside interference.

You have heard of "The World-Wide Web" which has most of the world entangled in it.

And, perhaps, you have heard that the Illuminati, the elite, have symbolized  their plan and their triumph of control with a huge, creepy, spider sculpture in Rockefeller Center, NYC and in London.

I am quite sure that the Illuminati would love to take credit for creating this web of containment and it is certainly within their free will to use it to their advantage... but I postulate another possibility altogether:
"Consciousness is caught in the Web of the intellect...
The finite and restrictive grid of ideas such as latitude and longitude, Logic and reasoning, science and mathematics"
Let's go out on the ledge together... I am writing from the intellect to your intellect. It's really all we have to work with because it is all that we have developed in modern society. The intellect is useful... but is a double-edged sword. It can save man from his emotions, but can also isolate and imprison him in its ideas.

The intellect is externally focused and sense-dependent. It re-arranges the external world and is limited to what already exists because it is built on thought and thought is always old... of the past. Thought is built on language, and it is impossible to have a NEW thought. Your thinking mind may be offended by this realization, but if it does the analysis, it will come to the same conclusion...

Cleverness is not Imagination.

 Our modern society cultivates the intellect and suppresses the imagination. When I speak of Imagination, I am not saying that the intellect is not clever... just go to the movies! But that cleverness is limited (as with all thought and thinking) to rearrangements of what already exists. It only looks new and is usually very inventive.

The Imagination re-arranges the internal world which can  transform its external projection into something completely new.  If you look closely at our world, nothing has changed in untold thousands of years. Yes, we have lots of nifty gadgets, modes of transportation and creature comforts now, but fundamentally and psychologically, mankind is still playing out the same old dramas. Just read some Shakespeare, pick up a bible, or listen to the fantastic stories of past Alien dominators! Every movie, every book, every novel is really just a rearrangement of only a handful of dramatic themes... or just one according to Joseph Campbell, The Hero's Journey.

OK... so we can now start to see the difference between intellect and Imagination. Imagination is the creator of worlds and universes. It is the power that sustains the Universe and it is being individualized in each of us. And it is the Imagination that is awakening in Man.
"Think of the intellect as a highly evolved defense mechanism of the reptilian mind."
 It explained away distorted manifestations of the emotional mind, as it developed out of the Survival mind, such as vampires and werewolves, (which is nice) but it is now lost in its own abstractions. It (the intellect) is the "Veil" that will soon be lifted from humanity as we remember how to use the Imagination.

Now, Consciousness is expanding as it always has. The Earth and Man are one. Man is not some parasitic infestation of the earth. You could think of

MAN as Personified, Individualized Consciousness and the

 EARTH as Man's Objectified, Collective Unconscious. 

If the consciousness of Man expands, then so does the earth. But Man has run into a little conundrum. Man looks at the world with his intellect and says, " it is finite"... "It has a beginning and an end"... "We, in our brilliance, have measured every inch of it (just check out Goolge Earth)"...etc.  Won't we be surprised when we find out how silly these ideas really are? So, as consciousness expands, so does the earth and the entire animal kingdom will change with it. But, Our minds are trapped in a fixed grid of ideas and the pressure is building. What happens when you put something under pressure? It heats up. Sound familiar? Global warming ring a bell? Could they be related?... makes you wonder.
"Science is simply the religion of logic and reason"
Science is a belief system based on the rational observation of facts which we see with our 5 senses and analyse with our intellect, from the perspective of a Personified Consciousness. But what, or whom, created these facts? Its nice to be able to measure force A against object B, and it can be useful, but where did object B come from? Science, mainly physics, can only take it back so far and then throws up its hands and then says its not important when they realize that some-thing came from no-thing.

And we all know that if science was "Truth", then why all the endless arguing among scientist? And why do their important theories change radically as time marches on? If you think quantum physics, or organic chemistry is the absolute truth... try reading some of Walter Russell's work !!! We are led to believe that 1+1=2 is an absolute... until you find where 1+1=3... mother + Father = 3; mother, father, child. Logic has a problem!

So, if you think mathematics is gospel... just look at the abstractions like the number zero, negative numbers, infinity or the square root of a negative number? really???  Is truth an abstraction? We have been conditioned to believe so and those abstract concepts seem to serve us, so what is the problem?

There is no problem. Everything is the unfolding of perfection. The rise and recent domination of the intellect is a necessary step in the expansion of human consciousness and

the awakening of the imagination is the pre-ordained outcome. 

Which brings us back to this web of containment.... This encapsulating grid of limiting ideas and the paralysis of the information age. It is all the precursor for the awakening of the Imagination. A way to use the mind to express the true creative acts...

"Things are made from that which do not appear". 

Or, some-thing out of no-thing.

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