Thursday, March 2, 2017

To Live With Effort is Evil...

What do Bruce Lee, Abraham-Hicks and J. Krisnamurti have in common?

Here, J, Krishnamurti sets us all straight and dismantles our illusions around Effort. The Abraham-Hicks video, at the bottom of the article, is all about the law of attraction as it relates to MONEY, and the only, so called, ACTION that is needed is an internal, imaginative alignment which leads one to ALLOWANCE... the action of rest. We think this quote and the video go well together.

"As I was saying, if we do not understand the nature of effort, all action is limiting. Effort creates its own frontiers, its own objectives, its own limitations. Effort has the time-binding quality. You say, 'I must meditate, I must make an effort to control my mind'. 

 That very effort to control puts a limit on your mind. 

Do watch this, do think it out with me. To live with effort is evil; to me it is an abomination, if I may use a strong word. And if you observe, you will realize that from childhood on we are conditioned to make an effort. In our so-called education, in all the work we do, we struggle to improve ourselves, to become something. Everything we undertake is based on effort; and the more effort we make, the duller the mind becomes.Where there is effort, there is an objective; where there is effort, there is a limitation on attention and on action. To do good in the wrong direction is to do evil. Do you understand? For centuries we have done 'good' in the wrong direction by assuming that we must be this, we must not be that, and so on, which only creates further conflict."
 Krishnamurti, Collected Works, Vol. XI,229,Action

Lately, we have had a lot of discussion around the misconception that says that you only have value if
you are busy "doing" something... anything (for some people everything!) That you must create "value" in order to get what you want from others, or the world. That you have to "work hard for money". That, "money doesn't grow on trees". That, "if you have a lot of wealth, you must have screwed someone over to get it"... etc, etc... The intellectual mind may conclude, from experience, that, "the more I work, the more money I make". It seems logical and reasonable. But we have to take it to another level. We have to get to the "Cause".


So, it may be true that when you work harder you get more money... because you are at cause. And that is fine if you enjoy working hard. But your external efforts (work) just seem to be the cause. The real "work", the work that changes the world and creates universes, is internal... it is an activity of the Imagination.

The Imagination is the fulcrum from which all other effort has any power or ability at all.

The fact that you are alive and conscious in this world of experience is of the utmost value. You do not have to become someone, achieve something or change anything.

The Universe only becomes aware of You when you Know who you are and accept your place in the center of it all.

In the following video, Abraham emphasizes the need to direct any and all "effort" into the internal world of Imagination where we can come into alignment and "Allow". 

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