Saturday, March 25, 2017

A child of Earth? And a time to grow up...

by Tim Che'

We recently had the opportunity to join a spiritual gathering in the Embudu Caves in northern New Mexico. We had no idea what to expect, and meditating in a cave always sounds good to us, so off we went. There was exactly 12 who showed up, 10 women, 1 man(me, as usual), and a young boy. After a very slow drive down a narrow dirt road along the Rio Grande river, we all met together and walked up to the cave and entered. I was not prepared for what I witnessed.

We walked into a cave of.... Light! Smooth, shaped walls guided us to a larger chamber that reached up to an opening that allowed the light to stream in and fill the cavern. There were several levels and randomly placed cut-outs in the walls for sitting and meditating. It is stunning, warm and inviting womb-space to get grounded or go galactic. This video is about the man who created the cave we were in, but shows some of his more advanced work. We did get a chance to walk into the home shown in the video and that really blew us away! An award nominated short documentary was created about his life and work... you can Google search for that:

This post is not so much about the caves or the beautiful, spiritual ceremony that Karen led us through. It is about the revelation that came as a result of blind, meditative, journaling that percolated something to the surface for me that had been nagging at me from within, yet unsure of its identity and its expression....

We have witnessed a variety of ceremonies over the years from shaman and students and well-meaning people diving into the mystic realms of the inner worlds. Beautifully packaged and elegantly expressed, there was something that always felt a little "off" to me. It came clear through the awareness that the meditation facilitated, and we want to be sure that we are in no way being critical of these kinds of spiritual expressions... but I wonder what they could be if we "Grew them up" so-to-speak.

Spiritual Adolescence 

We have all heard the the expression that we are CHILDREN of  MOTHER EARTH. And we can all relate to that and connect to it from our heart center. It feels warm and cozy and gives us a sense of innocence and security. And it is  here that I found the sticking point that I was feeling, and the invitation to a higher perspective of how we view ourselves. Those two words, 'children' and 'mother'... and the claims for them made in ceremony are where we all have an opportunity. For some, the realization or their connection to the earth, can be a ground breaking revelation and a healthy place to open the heart. But this is NOT the end game...


Our society, and modern culture in general, is replete with physical adults who have no idea that they are still children and need to grow up. Everybody else is taking care of them and they want no responsibilities. Just more toys and entertainments... the Peter Pan syndrome.

 Most of the institutions of religion, medicine, business, government, are designed to take care of all these 'children' as they are herded around like sheep being told what do, what to think and how to respond to the ever increasing amount of garbage that is spewed out at them.

Everything is designed to make us feel SMALL and powerless from the constant drone of negative, mind-fragmenting media. I know adults, of all ages, that think they are mature, but spiritually suck their thumbs and still need their diapers changed regularly.

The New Age movement is full of concepts like gurus, ascended masters, galactic federations, seemingly-immortal alien caretakers, channeled beings from 'higher' dimensional realms and on, and on, and on... most with the same concept that they are great, and we are small. Carl Sagan is probably the greatest perpetuator of this myth (outside of most religions) where we are shown fantastic, far-off worlds among billions and billions and billions and billions of other stars and other worlds. Did I say billions? And we are infinitesimally small in that scale of things.  It is all conjecture, of course, because no one knows for sure what stars are... the knowledge we have of stars comes from information that is inferred by theories only. (ref. post What is the Sun?)

Spiritual Adulthood

Then we are led to nifty notions like, "go with the flow", "the Universe will take care of me", "Don't worry, be happy". There are places for these but only in the realm of your spiritual adulthood where you understand that YOU are the Universe and take care of YOURSELF. That it is YOUR flow that you are going with, and that worries are only misunderstandings of the nature of your SELF and of your relationship to what you experience as the world around you!

The Savior

Newsflash! You are the ONLY one who is going to SAVE you. Jesus is not coming from the clouds. The Galactic federation with their Beamships are not going to take you to the safety of a 'better' planet. YOU are the savior you have been looking for. You are the Great Redeemer. It is ONLY through the matured Imagination that this redemption can take place. All of the trials and tribulations of this world are required for the complete understanding of who you are. To know love, compassion, passion, peace, kindness, happiness through the experience of their opposites.

Rights of Passage?

It has occurred to us that this world... this Earth... this State of Consciousness that we find ourselves in, could be the 'Rights of Passage' of a human soul. Not in a "Prove yourself"  or "Earn it" kind of way, but in a way that allows for a constant expansion and refinement of the creative powers of a God-being. Think about it...

Neville says: " We were subjected to this biological experience because no one can know of imagination who has not been subjected to the vanities and limitations of the flesh, who has not taken his share of Sonship and gone prodigal, who has not tasted this cup of experience; and confusion will continue until man awakes and a fundamentally imaginative view of life has been reestablished and acknowledged as basic" 

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