Thursday, November 6, 2014

Einstein Debunked?

Like you, I did not realize that Albert Einstein needed to be 'debunked'. The icon of modern, scientific achievement surely must be beyond questioning? Alan Watt has some interesting info to share about a lot things that make sense at a certain level of understanding and openess. If you are new to any material from Alan Watt (Not to be confused with the deceased '60's hippie philosopher Alan Watts), you can look him up on YouTube. In the spirit of questioning ALL things that we, as a culture, have accepted as true... Even I found what he says about Albert Einstein extremely difficult to accept. However, 4 things I have learned over the years that have allowed this alternative view, of the great mind called "Einstein", to take some roots, are as follows:

  1. Light does not travel.  HUH???   Walter Russell (see claims that light does not "travel". This from a man who mastered all of the arts; music, painting, sculpture, architecture, and science with NO... Zero... education or formal training!!! and he has left us an exhaustive accounting of his tireless workings... the guy was no slouch! If it does not travel, then using its speed as 'The' universal constant is useless and the evidence through the field of quantum physics proves its inaccuracies by all of the unexplained contradictions that surround that theory.
  2. The Theory of Evolution. We are taught this in a way that the mind accepts it and nobody ever seems to question it. It is seen as the logical work of great science... until you find out that Charles Darwin was from one of the wealthiest families in the world and was pushing hard a eugenicist idealism. For those who don't know, eugenicists believe in the idea of a master race and especially a ruling class. You can check out our blog post The Ultimate History Lesson  and watch the video of John Taylor Gatto, where you learn that Darwin got most of his ideas from his cousin and that there is really no "science" behind any of his theories and that to this day, not a single one of them has been proven or verified. Most of the science on the subject since Darwin proves the opposite... so we are left, at best, with a mystery and at worst in confusion.
  3. You Can Not See the Sun From Outer Space.   Crackpot or not... Eric Dollard raises some interesting questions in this blog post What is the Sun?  Watch the video and ask yourself 'what is the sun?'. I don't know if you can see the sun or the stars from outer space or not, but this video will make you wonder about what the sun actually is. I like the great poet William Blake's explanation the best... He say the sun in "a million angels singing hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!"
  4. Ptolemaic or Earth-Centered view of the heavens.  Nothing is more ingrained in the human psyche than the idea that the sun is the center of the solar system. However, the Newtonian mathematics to launch rockets into space is exactly the same in either model. Hmmmmm... An interesting alternative description can be found watching this  YouTube   I question the sun-centered solar system model not because I believe in the Earth centered model... the helio-centric (sun-centered) model makes more sense to me... but some deep, inner nagging leads me to think that it is much more than either model indicate and just beyond our current level of consciousness. Sort of like the consciousness of the 'Flat Earth' people... they were not wrong, it was just that the Earth was sooo much more than flat. I feel that we are not wrong in our view of a spherical earth that spins and rotates around the sun... it sure looks that way to me. But I am feeling that it is way more than what our current state of consciousness can currently accept.
I do not pretend to know the answers to these questions but sometimes these make more sense when the underlying motives are understood. Perhaps Einstein was just a stooge fronting the elitist agenda of the religion of  modern Science... Maybe he was a genius... maybe a useful idiot... I don't know. Famous for sure. And well quoted. I have used many of his alleged quotes that have inspired me in some way.

One thing for sure, it seems that it is all about the LIGHT. Jesus is the light of the world. Amen Ra is the Egyptian God of the Sun (Light) and now the "God" of the science religion is Light... and its velocity (if it indeed does travel) as displayed in the famous dogmatic equation E=MCsquared. And I am just pointing out that there are alternative ideas out there that NEVER get any press. Walter Russell is a case-in-point... no one has ever heard of him. If you study his work you can not deny his genius.

Einstein's theory of relativity is just that... a theory not a fact. You would think that after almost 100 years with the greatest minds in the world working on this "theory" that they would have proven it by know... maybe we are not as smart as we think? Or maybe we are not being told the whole story. 
I actually like the name, "The Theory of Relativity" which is really just about how things relate to one another. I feel that substituting "consciousness" for "the speed of light" would make it a much more useful equation for the awakened mind. But since everything is and comes from consciousness, I think that the equation would look more like E=MC to the power of infinity... that is E being everything, M being My and C being consciousness. It would look a lot cooler if I could figure out how to put the infinity symbol above the C. You probably can't build any atomic bombs with it but if you know how to navigate your consciousness, you can build a lovely life.

Here is the Alan Watt video,  Debunking Einstein... Warning, you may not like what you are about to watch, so don't kill the messenger (That would be me)

And if you are REALLY brave... YouTube what he has to say about aliens, channeling, eugenics, science to name a few...

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