Friday, September 3, 2021

The Evidence of Dis-Trust... Contracts

by Tim Che'
Clearly, we embark on a journey to understand the true nature of ourselves, our mind, the "external" world and the source of all causation.

We must proceed carefully for we are bound to encounter the resistance of people who are not inclined to such an endeavor, and are not prepared, yet, to accept the ultimate responsibility that comes at the conclusion of such a quest. It is alright. It is part of the design. It is simply a matter of learning how to navigate such a terrain.

And so we step into the world of CONTRACTS.

The word itself makes one begin to recoil and collapse... to contract, if you will, into a state of dis-empowerment and smallness. It seems to be the accepted norm in our culture and yet, you can't deny that "pit in you gut" feeling when you find yourself needing to sign a lengthy one that you do not really understand. Perhaps, those who are trained as attorneys, and understand the "secret" and tricky language of that world, may revel in the ability to outwit their rivals and "get a better deal", or "pull one over" on the lesser intellectual. They are free to use this skill and knowledge to rule as tyrants, or help the ignorant navigate this system of trickery and mistrust. But they are the exception, the minority, and are doing the best that they know how. However, do we need contracts, attorneys and complex language if we TRUST? And, what is it to TRUST?

"Contracts don't work because they're not based on trust" (Prince)

Coincidentally, while writing this article, I saw the interview of Prince (R.I.P.) with Larry King, in which he
made the above statement... a wise person indeed! Most people will quickly dismiss the premise of this statement because they are not interested in discovering what it is to trust, implicitly. If a person is really intelligent and has an education that others do not, it just seems easier for them to get what they want using and placing their trust in the tools of contracts and their intellectual prowess over the lessor intelligent and educated. And who could blame them? But, What kind of world would it be if we could trust ourselves, trust others and trust in workings of this world we find ourselves in? Great question!

The foundation of trust is in the knowledge of "Causation".
And the bedrock of causation is in the direct experience that "Imagination Creates Reality"

If you had the direct experience of actually being the source of Causation in your world, you would
know to trust yourself, to trust in the workings of the world, and to trust in your relationship to it. Instead of manipulating the "outer" world to get what you want, you would manipulate your mind... re-arrange your consciousness, to get what you want.  This is spiritually moving from the 5th eye of God to the 6th. Most of today's modern world is in the 5th eye as it seems everyone is manipulating each other. The 6th eye is seeing your consciousness as "cause". You can read more about "The Seven Eyes of God" at

The feeling that a contract will give you security is a sure sign that you are in the consciousness of needing one. Most people, in modern culture, innocently enter blindly into contracts as a social norm, and they are easily manipulated by those who find satisfaction in such a manipulation. If you trusted (know yourself to be the cause) your state of consciousness, you would not need contracts. The people and things that your state of consciousness attracts into your world would reflect your TRUST. If someone who lacks integrity finds their way into your world... you know what you have to work on. They are your gift to alert you that your state of mind is not yet perfected. Your job then is to Forgive - change your mind - and alter your reality. You can do this through Ho'Oponopono

Beware, if you have a highly developed intellectual mind, you will find it WAY EASIER to manipulate others to get what you want. And you will probably do that. The cost of ALLOWING the reflection of your mind to guide you to your perfection, may not be pleasant or comfortable. However, learning the law of allowance, and understanding this relationship, is the last great task before your redemption. If you are satisfied as an intellectual overlord, you may find yourself comfortably in a state of stagnation and decay for a long (maybe lifetimes), long time. If you look around with a calm clarity, you will see it all around you. It is alright. All things are meant for good and if you are about manipulation and materialism, then drink a full cup of it. Until you have had enough and say, "No More!".

It is then that you become WISE.

Let us share a personal experience that illustrates this kind of trust. Some years ago, I had the opportunity to split my property and sell the new lot as a result of a new housing development had been built around me. My neighbor, who I only new very casually, wanted to buy it as insulation between him and the new development. We easily came to terms on the price and I agreed to put his NAME on the newly created lot and he agreed to pay me cash. We shook hands as a token of our honor to the agreement. It all came together without a hitch. And he still, to this day, thinks it's just the coolest thing he's done. You see, he comes from a background of big money, big contracts, big attorneys, and everyone trying to "get the best" of the "other" guy. Just remember...

There is no "other" guy.
It is All your mind pushed-out.

Perhaps contracts could serve you and you could master them, but what would it be like if we did not
need contracts? If we all had TRUST in ourselves and love for another AS ourselves? And, is it possible for anything to serve you if you have not mastered the Imagination... the source of it all? If you had not the experience of being "at cause"? You would just be cleverly re-arranging surfaces to suit you and not really advancing yourself to the mastery of your own consciousness.

On the surface, contracts seem to make sense. We have all had the experience of telling someone something, only to have them come back later and say,"You never told me that!".  People hear what they want to hear and remember what serves them at the time. So the clarification of putting an agreement into words would certainly solve this problem... Right?

Obviously NOT

Now we enter into the tricky labyrinth of language, attorneys and courts. Which perhaps started as a good idea, but seems to have complicated things to the power of infinity... using language that looks like English but has very different meanings. And unless you are schooled in that language, well, good luck... and hold on to your wallet! Your money will begin to flow to those who are educated in such. And don't forget to read the "Fine Print"!  Now, there is nothing wrong with any of this, as it is part of the play here in the 'Earth-School'

But certainly, there must be a better way? Yes?

Let us look at the MARRIAGE CONTRACT. Again, on the surface, it seems like a good idea. If you are a woman with a child, it is nice to know that a partner will share in the needs of the family and that your part of agreement in sharing the accumulated assets of your combined efforts will be dealt with fairly in the instance of dissolution of the agreement. But, if you were in your "right" mind at the beginning of the relationship, you would have attracted a partner that was also in his "right" mind, right? The question is:
Are you in your "right" mind?

This entire web/blog exists to help understand this question.

Then you have the 'Misty-Eyed', infantile notions of modern nostalgia and glamour called the "Wedding". As a celebration of Love it beats Valentines Day by a long shot, but it still resides in the consciousness of  immature notions of externalized, objectified emotion. Again, nothing wrong with it... just part of the play. However, if people knew who they really were, they would see no need for such agreements or pageantry, although they could still participate and enjoy them on another level. What started as a spiritual celebration of the union of souls is now basically commercial. 

A marriage contract invites a 3rd party into the relationship... and it is NOT God! The 3rd party is  The Government. And in this agreement, both parties are admitting that they are unable to take care of their own affairs and want their "daddy" (the government in this case) to sort things out for them if it does not go "their" way. That is probably a good idea for the intellectually, emotionally and spiritually immature, but it is a major TRAP and part of the dis-empowerment, particularly of the feminine, of personal sovereignty and the Awakened Imagination. It appeals to the intellect and calms the emotional need for security...

But security is ALWAYS the evidence of your NEED for it. 
Think about that for a minute or two.

When you grow up and realize that your consciousness is the source of ALL your experience, you will  put away the toys of intellectual and emotional security, and exercise your imaginative abilities to create the world to your liking.  Easier said than done, but it is the last act at the end of this play called, "Life".

Mystically speaking, all talk of "weddings" and "bride grooms" has to do with the union of a state-of-consciousness. The "wedding garment" is what you wear mentally, clothing yourself with feelings of fulfilled desires. This activity takes place in the "right" side of the mind. The "seat" of the Imagination. The very foundation of what we call "reality".

A Warning about Pledges, Pro-misses and Vows

We have been warned by the mystics to make no pledges and, by the one called Jesus, to take no vows: 
"But I tell you, do not swear an oath at all: either by heaven, for it is God’s throne; or by the earth, for it is his footstool; or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the Great King.  And do not swear by your head, for you cannot make even one hair white or black.  All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.Mathew 5:34

And then we see the legal system, military, government and religions clearly disobeying this warning. Gee, do you wonder who is behind them?

Now let us look at

 "The Deal With the Devil".

 A classic motif throughout modern history and popularized in many movies and tall tales. The "Devil" wants your soul and has the power to give you anything you want in a "trade" for it. But you have to "sign" the contract. Now, it is a silly notion, really. After all, if the devil had the power to create anything you want, he would certainly have the power to create anything he wanted... right? So what does he need you for? But these stories reinforce the notion that somehow some words scribbled on paper have some enormous, everlasting power over you once you sign them. What a Mind-F--k!!! And yet, sadly, people really believe it and it is their belief that gives anything power over them. Read our blog post www.Belief is the Worst Thing That has Ever Happened

All real power is in the Awakened Imagination

The mystics would respond... "What do you need power for? What are you afraid of?"  This response is a real revelation to one who seeks power "over" experience. But we are addressing the power "THROUGH" experience, rather than the power, "OVER" experience. We are speaking to the absolute certainty of your eternal nature and to the Awakened, creative engine that drives ALL creation, which is the Imagination. No need for a contract there.

 "Sacred Contracts"

"Sacred Contracts" is a trendy, New-Age concept popularized by Caroline Myss (and others) who wrote a book of the same name. The idea being that agreements are made by souls before they incarnate here in the earth-school, for the purpose of facilitating the lessons needed for soul advancement. It is a good way of expanding how we look at the world and all relationships. These kinds of contracts are not "BINDING" in the way that LEGAL contracts are with words, or spiritual contracts are with Beliefs and Feelings. 

For LEGAL contracts to be binding, you must consent to the authority of the contract enforcement systems, ie; governments, law enforcement, lawyers, courts, judges, laws, etc. Spiritual contracts are the ones that require the consent of your absolute belief. You must accept the ideas of devils, gods, and saviors, and the prescribed paths to future rewards or punishments in "after-worlds". It is your consent and belief that BIND you to these contracts which have no real power outside of your belief in them.

A sacred contract might be better termed, "Covenant". Which is really a promise made from the everlasting love and a known, eternal connectedness, for the purpose of making Gods worthy of companionship.

"Man should not stay man. His aim should higher be.
For Gods will only Gods accept, As company" (William Blake)

This article is not a condemnation of contracts, their applications or participants. It is merely an attempt to invite the reader to expand their perceptions of the world. To open up a space, in the consciousness, of the individual for a "higher" expression of reality which comes from a place of absolute inter-connectedness and resolute responsibility. A space in consciousness which would project a world of peace and harmony which some would call "heaven".

Surely there is a better way. And, truly, its discovery is dependent on the contrast and limitations which we all find ourselves in, and which we can be grateful for. As without them, there would be no foundation. no reference point, from which to gauge the beauty of the expressions to which we all strive. 

Everything has its place. There is no need to eliminate or change anything. If you find yourself engaged in contracts... Allow it. Witness it. Own it. Transcend it if you're ready. Always ask yourself if there is another way, a higher way, a way which appeals to your higher self and is worthy of the "Gods"

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