Thursday, June 15, 2017

Power Through Experience...

“a veritable San Andreas Fault in the American psyche: the personality’s wish to have power over experience, to control all events and consequences, and the soul’s wish to have power through experience, no matter what that may be.”

Whyte, David. The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America. New York: Doubleday, 1994. 1-30.

Here is a link to a great summary of a wonderful book, especially for any of us seekers who are, or
have been, in the work-world.

The above quote is very revealing and explains a lot about the 'Why are we here?' question. It is easy to see the truth of this quote in all aspects of life, modern or ancient. This, again, outlines the prodigal purpose of life. Read our earlier post on The Prodigal Son

Our personality/intellect/thinking-mind loves the idea of controlling everything but the overriding and overpowering desire of the soul always seems to get its way. We may think we want something but the soul wants the greater power, through experience, that may have nothing to do with what we think. Ever notice that in your life?

Join us Che' & Tim) in a poetic discussion of life's intriguing journey through the world of work and corporate america and the preservation and elevation of our soul's "work in progress" on our RADIO SHOW

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Pursuit of Visions and Experiences Leads to Illusions and Self-Hypnosis

"What an extraordinary thing meditation is. If there is any kind of compulsion, effort to make thought conform, imitate, then it becomes a wearisome burden. The silence which is desired ceases to be illuminating. If it is the pursuit of visions and experiences, then it leads to illusions and self-hypnosis. Only in the flowering of thought and so ending thought does meditation have significance. Thought can only flower in freedom, not in ever-widening patterns of knowledge. Knowledge may give newer experiences of greater sensation but a mind that is seeking experiences of any kind is immature. Maturity is the freedom from all experience; it is no longer under any influence to be or not to be.Maturity in meditation is the freeing of the mind from knowledge, for knowledge shapes and controls all experience. A mind which is a light to itself needs no experience. Immaturity is the craving for greater and wider experience. Meditation is the wandering through the world of knowledge and being free of it to enter into the unknown." - Krishnamurti, Krishnamurti Notebook,213

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Dialogs of Distinction...

Join us as we discuss the navigation through the endless sea of information to the islands of truth.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Using No Way as Way... Having No Limitation as Limitation

Bruce Lee is one of those extremely rare examples of a human being who reached his physical, mental and spiritual potential. Most people only have passingly heard of him as an actor/martial artist but have no idea how driven he was toward those aforementioned human attributes. PHYSICALLY he trained up to 16 hours a day, and could perform miraculous physical feats, which required intense MENTAL concentration. Spiritually, he pushed philosophy to the boudaries of understanding which is where he realized his famous quote in the title of this post. The accompanying YouTube is worthy of your viewing. It is the documentary we are discussing, Bruce Lee, A Warriors Journey. 

I recall early on in my 'awakening', that I bought my brother-in-law, who was into martial arts, the DVD documentary of his short life, with the full intention that I would borrow it to watch myself. There were many impressive moments throughout and I will highlight a few here:

  • Remember the old TV detective show Longstreet, about a blind detective in the early '70's? Well, I guess I've dated myself now! Bruce made a cameo appearance on a few episodes and give some powerful philosophical messages... "Without method, what is there to teach?" "I have found the cause of my ignorance"  "Be like water, my friend".
  • His dream was to create a TV show entirely about Eastern Philosophy and that is what birthed one of my favorite shows of all time... "Kung Fu". The producers were nervous about him, being oriental, being the lead, so they chose David Carradine. When asked in an interview about how he felt about that, his answer shows the depth of his maturity.
  • His intensive training resulted in a 6 month hospital stay flat on his back where he focused all of his intensity on studying philosophy... particularly, Jiddu Krishnamurti. There is one clip they show of Krishnamurti saying, 

"You must be a light unto yourself! In a world that is in utter darkness" 
I was so entranced by that short clip that I said to myself,   "I don't know who that guy is, but I have to find out more". So I went to the bookstore and his book...
"Freedom From The Known"
Lit up like a Christmas tree on the shelf. That book is essential reading to anyone endeavoring to Know Themselves.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

To BE is to be Related...

"Without relationship, there is no existence: 

To be is to be related. 

 Most of us do not seem to realize this; that the world is my relationship with others, whether one or many. My problem is that of relationship. 

What I am... that (is what) I project, and obviously, if I do not understand myself, the whole of relationship is one of confusion in ever-widening circles.

So, relationship becomes of extraordinary importance, not with the so-called mass, the crowd, but in the world of my family and friends, however small that may be, my relationship with my wife, my children, my neighbor.

 In a world of vast organizations, vast mobilizations of people, mass movements, we are afraid to act on a small scale; we are afraid to be little people clearing up our own patch. We say to ourselves, "What can I personally do? I must join a mass movement in order to reform." On the contrary,

real revolution takes place not through mass movements but through the inward revaluation of relationship

that alone is real reformation, a radical, continuous revolution. We are afraid to begin on a small scale. Because the problem is so vast, we think we must meet it with large numbers of people, with a great organization, with mass movements. Surely, we must begin to tackle the problem on a small scale, and the small scale is the "me" and the "you." 

When I understand myself, I understand you,

 and out of that understanding comes love. Love is the missing factor; there is a lack of affection, of warmth in relationship; and because we lack that love, that tenderness, that generosity, that mercy in relationship, we escape into mass action which produces further confusion, further misery. We fill our hearts with blueprints for world reform and do not look to that one resolving factor which is love." - Krishnamurti, J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

...Just Sayin'...

Thursday, May 18, 2017

I AM the Light of My Soul

Lay down quietly and listen to this at least once per day and amp up the Magic in your life!!!
Thanks Sirgun Kaur!!!!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Scriptural Language...

Biblical Language
Neville Goddard

"All are Men in Eternity. Rivers, Mountains, Cities, Villages,
All are Human, and when You enter into Their Bosoms,
You walk In Heavens and Earths;
Just as in Your own Bosom You bear Your Heaven And Earth,
and all that You behold, though it appears Without, it is Within,
In Your Imagination of which this World of Mortality is but a Shadow." 

(William Blake's Jerusalem, Plate 71:17)

You may ask yourself what Blake is talking about, yet this is the language of the Bible. Biblical language evokes rather than describes. It is telling of another world, another Man and another age; for in truth, all of the places in the Bible are aspects of human consciousness.

In the Book of Revelation, John sees Jerusalem become a woman, descending out

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

EVIL-ution? or a time to grow up?

by Tim Che'

Have you noticed that everywhere you turn, people are clamoring for trans(trance)formation? Whether it is from the religions of the world, or New Age'y mysticism, people are trans(trance)fixed on becoming something better than they currently see themselves as being now. 

People are mentally bamboozled into believing that something, greater than them, is going to save them whether it is Science, Jesus, Allah, medicine or benevolent aliens from another, "better" world. And this feeds into the idea of evol(Evil)ution  which claims that we (human beings) are just a cosmic accident of mutated desperation facilitated for survival... And for absolutely NO apparent reason! REALLY?

Yet, people want to Evolve. they seem to love the idea of becoming something greater and I am suggesting that this is only possible because they are conditioned NOT to see their own greatness. 

The bible talks of "Grasshoppers in a land of giants" (Numbers 13:33 And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.)  We make ourselves feel small compared to the seemingly great and self-created Giants of government, business, religions, medical, entertainment and education. 

The Information-brokers, the, "Expert-Class", of the world assert their dominance over the less informed and their power seems absolute to the ignorant. But these knowledge-brokers stand in the nakedness of their own ignorance to the truth of the oneness and brotherhood of humanity. Time for both to grow up.

Your insignificance can only be self-proclaimed and thus self-projected

"For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned" (Matt 12:37)

The inspiration for this writing came from a recent conversation about Evolution and it was the first

Saturday, April 29, 2017

DNA... A Reflection of Human Consciousness

by Tim Che'

If I slapped you in the face, would you conclude that my hand was the cause of your face being hit?

Of course not. You know that something non-physical put the hand in motion. That non-physical something would be Me. I caused your face to be slapped. I appear to be physical, but my physicality is an expression of the Me that cannot be seen… the Me that set the hand in motion.

“…so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear” (Heb 3:11)

So it is that we learn that the physical is an expression of the non-physical. All physical things, not just a few.

This non-physical thing were are referring to is ‘consciousness’

Consciousness is looking at its expression, called the human body, with the intellectual part of the mind and breaking it down into tiny bits called genes in order to understand it. Sounds pretty normal… until we step into the question of “causality”.

It  would seem like the ultimate “Which came first, the chicken

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Un-Intentional Community...

by Tim Che'

Over the years, we have been invited to join many different kinds of
'Intentional  Communities’ 
and have even played with the idea of starting our own.  It sounds terrific on the surface... living, working and growing with 'like-minded' people,  sharing love and life!

We were really considering one choice in particular, because we really liked the people involved. When we got serious with them and sat down... our excitement dissipated as they brought out the contracts and rules and expectations and abdication of authority to the group. To us, it still seemed that something was "OFF" a bit. Definitely a step in the right direction from what we have in modern culture and certainly a much lovelier version of what exists basically everywhere, which is nice...

but is it Really better?

It was not our idea of what a 'new' kind of community living would be like. Of course, we really do not have an idea of what the new model is because if we could recognize it, it would not really be new, would it?

We do feel that the new would come together organically and naturally,

It would be an Un-Intentional Community

It would also come out of the state-of-consciousness of 'allowance'  and the powerful assurance of each individuals ability to be its own source of love, appreciation, health, finances, security etc.

In such a group of people, who fully realize that they, alone, are the true cause of the

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Seventh Discipline of Mind... Doubt

by Tim Che'

You must understand and master the 12 disciplines of your mind... Called "disciples". 
The Seventh Discipline is "doubt" and called "Thomas"
 Doubt, or Thomas, is the ability of your mind to doubt.

Doubt is seen as an obstacle or a hindrance to understanding, in our modern culture. 
Doubt is framed as the opposite of belief.
These are immature understandings.

Your Ability to Doubt is your 
Savior from "uncertainty"
This is why it is a critical discipline to "realize" in your mind.

Disciplines of Mind are not "mastered" through control or will-power, as the word discipline often

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Prodigal Poem

Some fly high in ships of light

Some sail stormy seas at night

They seek the end of their great plight

But it’s in their mind  they've taken flight

Some fly high... Some fly low

In the search to finally know

Why they wander through the land to grow...

Monday, April 17, 2017

Imaginal Cells...

Happy Easter, Resurrecting YOU to a New YOU!!

I once heard it said a caterpillar can fly, but not as a caterpillar.

A caterpillar has to be willing to go through a metamorphosis.

There are imaginal cells in the caterpillar that begin to activate the transformation of metamorphosis.

Now at first the caterpillar’s memory of what the caterpillar is, or its immune system, fights those imaginal cells. (ref. )

Ultimately, because they are of a higher power, those imaginal cells take over and the caterpillar submits to the transformation that brings forth the butterfly.

What is the butterfly of you, seeking to emerge this day?

What is that butterfly?

You can fly. You can do whatever it is that is in your heart and burning to come forth, but not in the image you have held of yourself.

So what is the butterfly image of you today? (removed for relevance and truth: Know that this is God’s dream for the next stage of your life.) added:... Don't make it God's dream... what is YOUR dream. God is waiting for the dreamer in you to awaken!

Get in touch with that image.

It’s you.

Spread your wings!
-- Mary Morrisey's Metamorphosis -- the struggle of the butterfly.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Multi-Tasking... Really?

by Tim Che'

We live in a culture that highly values busy-ness (aka business). And multi-tasking is "all the rage" among super-moms and fast-paced executives.

It's like a badge of honor to be juggling endless things... like the clowns in the circus spinning plates or juggling bowling pins.

Todays TV shows are idolizing characters that easily breeze along while answering to an insurmountable amount of decisions in lofty offices of government and business.

I, personally, have never been impressed by such acts of intellectual bravado. And, I have always questioned whether it

is actually possible "multi-task"? 

I saw a Myth Busters TV show, that the kids showed me, that disproved the notion, in their Myth-buster ways, which showed more of a 'Rapid Tasking' than multi-tasking... a kind of quickly jumping back and forth with a high-speed (perhaps over- caffeinated) mind.

But when you watch a mother of 5 little ones feeding the baby, while making lunch, and talking on the phone to her office manager... what is really going on?

The Sad Clown

The inspiration for this article came to mind with the recent passing of Robin Williams, a self-professed sad-clown, who possessed the most extreme examples of this type of  mental hyper-drive.

It would be difficult to find an equal of rapid-fire intellect anywhere on earth. The question that came to mind was... did his extraordinary talent and creativity come from the creative right-brain? Or was it rather an extreme expression of a left-brained intellect that was totally out of control?

The intellect can be VERY clever but is limited to thought and therefor only able to rearrange that which already exists. It is not able to create anything new because all thought is based on language which is only of the past. I ask this question because I read the stories of Mr. William's long struggle with emotional issues and deep depression and I have noticed over the years that some people who struggled with negative emotional states seem to have well developed and over-active intellects.

 ALL emotions expressed are preceded by the programmed mind in response to the stimulus of thought or the environment. If you cannot control your thinking you will not be able to control your emotional responses. I don't pretend to know what his mental state was or is... I just find it interesting and wonder what true creativity is and where it actually comes from.

Neville says that creation is finished, and that creativity is just a greater receptivity to that which

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Know Thyself...

Know thyself, and you will know the truth.
Know the truth, and the truth will wet you free.
And when you know yourself as truth, you are free Indeed!!!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Mis-Belief in Loss...

by Tim Che'

"...and none will be lost, save the son of perdition" John 17:12

Here we will be discussing a most useful interpretation of this passage. This is not the "right" interpretation according to the experts and scholars (scribes and pharisees). Their views come from studying other "experts" views and not from self-revelation. You can decide which is more useful to you. Please read another blog if you find disagreement with this. We are not looking for agreement. We are sharing things that have been revealed. Things that  can utterly transform Man's consciousness and free him from suffering. This passage, contemplated in the light of this understanding, can lead Man out of the bondage of logic, reasoning, time and limiting beliefs. Are you ready? Here it is:
the 'Son of Perdition' is the 'Belief in Loss'
So, in the end, the end of our long journey here in this world, the only thing that will be lost... is the belief in loss. 

I hope you get just how powerful this is. Nothing can be lost when you can see the eternal nature of all things, and yourself as their eternal source. But what does this look like? How do I integrate it in my life and my view of the world?
"Do you cry at funerals?"
 Years ago, I was walking through the house and one of the kids had left a television on. I had not watched a TV for years at that time, and right as I was passing, I saw Larry King sitting with the Dali Lama, which stopped me dead in my tracks. Talk about the universe trying to tell me something! What are the odds?... Anyway, I turned up the volume to hear Larry ask:

"so, do you cry at funerals?"

The Dali Lama just smiled and paused... then replied,

Friday, March 31, 2017

Reflections on the Word "Please"...

by Tim Che'

All righty then... I had an 'a ha!' moment regarding the word "please". And it will require some 'background context for it to make sense to the reader, so 'please' (LOL), bear with me! It is important to know that there are many detrimental, yet seeming harmless, words, that most people are in the habit of using every day. Words such as; Must, Have-to, Always, Never, Should, etc... rattle off our tongues while we are oblivious to the detrimental state of mind that they bare witness to. So to understand words is of utmost importance.

Literacy is Slavery for those who do not fully understand the root of words, the vibration of words and the unconscious meaning behind them.

"By your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned".

Words make fools of those who use them lightly. (Reference John Taylor Gatto). What do you think George Orwell was referring to with his term 'New-speak'? What have words become in our society? We are buried under endless mountains of words and

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Intellect and the Grid of Containment...

by Tim Che'

It has been said that the earth is a prison planet and that an invisible grid is in place which serves a dual purpose of keeping us inside and quarantining us from the rest of the universe because we are so dangerous and underdeveloped... that we, as a race have not earned our release and probably never will. Also, allegedly, It keeps us free from outside interference.

You have heard of "The World-Wide Web" which has most of the world entangled in it.

And, perhaps, you have heard that the Illuminati, the elite, have symbolized  their plan and their triumph of control with a huge, creepy, spider sculpture in Rockefeller Center, NYC and in London.

I am quite sure that the Illuminati would love to take credit for creating this web of containment and it is certainly within their free will to use it to their advantage... but I postulate another possibility altogether:
"Consciousness is caught in the Web of the intellect...
The finite and restrictive grid of ideas such as latitude and longitude, Logic and reasoning, science and mathematics"
Let's go out on the ledge together... I am writing from the intellect to your intellect. It's really all we have to work with because it is all that we have developed in modern society. The intellect is useful... but is a double-edged sword. It can save man from his emotions, but can also isolate and imprison him in its ideas.

The intellect is externally focused and sense-dependent. It re-arranges the external world and is limited to what already exists because it is built on thought and thought is always old... of the past. Thought is built on language, and it is impossible to have a NEW thought. Your thinking mind may be offended by this realization, but if it does the analysis, it will come to the same conclusion...

Cleverness is not Imagination.

 Our modern society cultivates the intellect and suppresses the imagination. When I speak of Imagination, I am not saying that the intellect is not clever... just go to the movies! But that cleverness is limited (as with all thought and thinking) to rearrangements of what already exists. It only looks new and is usually very inventive.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

A child of Earth? And a time to grow up...

by Tim Che'

We recently had the opportunity to join a spiritual gathering in the Embudu Caves in northern New Mexico. We had no idea what to expect, and meditating in a cave always sounds good to us, so off we went. There was exactly 12 who showed up, 10 women, 1 man(me, as usual), and a young boy. After a very slow drive down a narrow dirt road along the Rio Grande river, we all met together and walked up to the cave and entered. I was not prepared for what I witnessed.

We walked into a cave of.... Light! Smooth, shaped walls guided us to a larger chamber that reached up to an opening that allowed the light to stream in and fill the cavern. There were several levels and randomly placed cut-outs in the walls for sitting and meditating. It is stunning, warm and inviting womb-space to get grounded or go galactic. This video is about the man who created the cave we were in, but shows some of his more advanced work. We did get a chance to walk into the home shown in the video and that really blew us away! An award nominated short documentary was created about his life and work... you can Google search for that:

This post is not so much about the caves or the beautiful, spiritual ceremony that Karen led us through. It is about the revelation that came as a result of blind, meditative, journaling that percolated something to the surface for me that had been nagging at me from within, yet unsure of its identity and its expression....

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Taming the Wild Ass...

You will be transformed by a renewal of your mind. 
The Renewal of the mind is the Awakening of your Imagination. 

by Tim Che'

You know... that part of your brain that can see things even with the eyes closed? That can hear the good news from a friend that is thousands of miles away... that can Feel the health of a loved one from anywhere in the world. The same part of the mind that can create something out of nothing. The Imagination. It's awakening comes to you as a "wild ass"... something that is raw, unbridled, difficult to tame and seemingly impossible to ride.  

But that is exactly what you are called upon to do. Tame the "wild ass" and ride your Imagination triumphantly to the expression of your desires.

Your awakening happens at the crossroads... always at the crossroads, where the past and the future intersect with the rising dimensions of your entire, eternal being.

When you first attempt to mount this wild animal, this untamed imagination, you will be captivated and exhilarated by its power and possibilities. AND it will easily throw you off like trying to break a
thoroughbred stallion. This is where you will learn the focus, the intention, the humility, and the importance of controlling your meandering mental moods, emotions, patterns and distractions. Until you triumphantly ride that 'wild ass' into your imagined outcome... your Jerusalem.

You will naturally relinquish your previous concepts of truth and dismantle the ideas that you formerly championed, for you will Pass-Over to a new state of consciousness. Then the "New Man" can ride that wild beast into the glory of a high mood, for you must hold a high mood if you are to walk with those who dwell in such a place.

You will do this, unaided by any "other". No religious men, no "New Age" system or guru can help or is necessary. When the Imagination awakes, it will seem obvious to you.

And as you wipe the sleep from your eyes, the brotherhood of awakened humanity will applaud, from the unseen realms, for the return of their prodigal brother and for your riches of experience and contrast, which is a tide that

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Social Commerce for the Spiritual Entrepreneur...

This is our first run-through of a thought provoking presentation to clear the way for the Spiritual Entrepreneur to take flight. The Abraham-Hicks video that would not play you can find on Lifestyle Luminaries YouTube channel as well as the presentation video The presentation got lengthy and rushed toward the end where we glossed over some pretty big topics. Because of that and the video problems, we decided to break this up into 3 presentations, soon to be released. 

Click to Play Video

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Spiritual Adults in Relationship...

When 2 Spiritual Adults come into this kind of Relationship... 
We call that, "NAMASTE"