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Knowledge Impedes Wisdom...

It is odd what importance we give to the printed word, to so-called sacred books. The scholars, as the laymen, are gramophones; they go on repeating, however often the records may be

changed. They are concerned with knowledge, and not with experiencing. Knowledge is an impediment to experiencing. But knowledge is a safe haven, the preserve of a few; and as the ignorant are impressed by knowledge, the knower is respected and honoured. Knowledge is an addiction, as drink; knowledge does not bring understanding. Knowledge can be taught, but not wisdom; there must be freedom from knowledge for the coming of wisdom. Knowledge is not the coin for the purchase of wisdom; but the man who has entered the refuge of knowledge does not venture out, for the word feeds his thought and he is gratified with thinking. Thinking is an impediment to experiencing; and there is no wisdom without experiencing. Knowledge, idea, belief, stand in the way of wisdom
-Jiddu Krishnamurti 
 Commentaries On Living-1 , Ch #66

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"Disclosure"... NEO Christianity?

 "Disclosure" is just the New-Age Christianity. Fear and Salvation in one symbolized idea. In Christianity it is fear of suffering and Jesus coming some day from the clouds to save us. In the New Age, it is the fear of the self-destruction of earth (and subsequent suffering) and the Galactic Federation coming from outer space to save us. Same old story, different characters and stage.

Time to grow ourselves up!"

UFO's, Aliens & Understanding the Architecture of Human Consciousness

by Tim Che'
UFO's and Aliens are the modern icons of the mysterious and the fantastic. I don't know about you, but I have always wanted to see a UFO. It just seemed so out-of-this-world... and a little scary and unnerving. As an adult I still think it would be neat, as I have not seen one yet... Some interesting lights in the sky here and there, but nothing that would suggest a craft powered by beings from another planet. Whether you believe in them or not, its hard not to listen to the incredible stories of people who encounter them. And it begs the question...

 ...what is REALLY going on?

As consciousness matures and the Imagination begins to awaken, you will find a new context for how these
phenomena fit within the framework of our shared reality. Have you noticed that people who have experienced alien abductions never have any witnesses? Nobody sees them being abducted or being
returned. This seems kind of scary and mysterious but it becomes clear that these are all psychic phenomena, taking place deep in the psyche of the individual, in another dimension of reality. And as such,  they must be part of the collective human psyche because so many people have described very similar experiences and describe similar beings from ancient to modern times. This is a real phenomena, and even though it is not taking place in the physical reality, they are just as important and significant... "As within, so without". Because we live in a "Mind-Created" reality, these phenomena can manifest as "real" to those who are tuned into that mental vibration. They unveil hidden truths that are reflective of consciousness unfolding. Graham Hancock's video down the page will nicely tie together some of these concepts.

It is useful to separate UFO's that may be from another world and those that are terrestrial... or man-made. It is clear that their is man-made technology, that currently exists, that is FAR beyond what the
general population is aware of. The most blatant example was demonstrated by 911 and the disappearance of 3 of the largest buildings in the world. Something turned them into mostly dust... and it was NOT jet fuel. You can watch Dr. Judy Woods explanation at  So it is likely that most craft that are seen are part of that kind of hidden, man-made technology. As for ET craft, I would not totally dismiss the idea, but from the awareness of Imagination and the knowledge that everything on the outside, including Alien's (beings from "another" world), is actually a projection from that which is within, then real or not, we have something to learn.

The entire contents of  Human consciousness is expressed through the stories and personifications we see in the physical realm AND in those unseen dimensional realms that the intellectual mind has difficulty knowing. The mind naturally personifies, or gives form to,
irrational or negative emotional states, particularly FEAR, in this discussion. In ages past, man used to personify this fear as elves, fairy's, trolls, vampires, werewolves etc. and people were having "real" experiences of them as they became part of the cultural mystique. These beings are just as real as aliens, but both exist in another dimension of our consciousness which is not readily available to man in normal, everyday life. Mankind's intellectual capacity has been developing out of his emotional being and now science is the new authority for our modern culture. Science explains away all of the aforementioned phenomena as ridiculous and silly, and we have accepted this view as it appeals to our developed logical mind. And because these things must be believed in to manifest, they have all but disappeared from the cultural landscape.  All things being eternal, they still exist for the energetically sensitive. But fear is still very much a part of the human psyche and Aliens are  now the contemporary trolls and hobbits etc. After all, what could be more scary to intellectual infantiles, such as modern man (not all of course), than beings with gigantic brains, paralyzing psychic powers, long distance space travel technology, that can pop in and out of existence in a instant where locked doors and windows are no defense? But...

...If Aliens are so powerful, why are they always hiding? 

I feel this one question alone can unravel the mystery and I will follow up on this thought by telling

Thursday, November 23, 2023

The Truth About Truth...

Neville Talk 1956:

 I wish to ask each one of you listening to me today a question – a question which must be close to the
hearts of us all concerning truth. If a man known to you as a murderer broke into your home and asked the whereabouts of your mother, would you tell him where she was? Would you tell him the truth? Would you? I venture not – I hope not. In the most mystical of the Gospels – in the Gospel of St. John we read, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Therein lies a challenge to us all, "The truth shall make you free." If you told the truth concerning your mother, would you set her free? Again, in John we read, "Sanctify them by the truth." If you gave your mother up to a murderer, would you "sanctify her?" What, then, is the truth of which the Bible so constantly speaks? The truth of the Bible is always coupled with love. The truth of the Bible is that spiritual realization of conscious life in God towards which the human soul evolves through all eternity.

Truth is an ever-increasing illumination. 

No one who seeks sincerely for truth need fear the outcome for every raising erstwhile truth brings into view some larger truth which it had hidden. The true seeker after truth is not a smug, critical, holier than thou person. Rather, the true seeker after truth knows the words of Zechariah to be true. "Speak ye every man the truth to his neighbor and let none of you imagine evil in your hearts against his neighbor." The seeker after truth does not judge from appearances – he sees the good, the truth in all he observes. He knows that a true judgment need not conform to the external reality to which it relates. Never are we so blind to the truth as when we see things as they seem to be. Only pictures that idealize really depict the truth. It is never superior insight but, rather, pure blindness that reads into the greatness of another some littleness with which it happens to be familiar.

We all know at least one petty gossip who not only imagines evil against his neighbor, but also insists upon spreading that evil far and wide. His cruel accusations are always accompanied by the statement, "It’s a fact," or "I know it’s the truth." How far from the truth he is. Even if it were the truth as he knows the truth, it is better not to voice it for 

"A truth told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent." 

Such a man is not a seeker after the truth as revealed in the Bible. He seeks not truth so much as support for his own point of view. By his prejudices, he opens a door by which his enemies enter and make their own the secret places of his heart. Let us seek sincerely for the truth as Robert Browning expresses it:

"Truth is within ourselves; it take no rise

From outward things, whate’er you may believe.

There is an immortal center in us all

Where truth abides in fullness."

The truth that is within us is governed by imaginative love. Knowing this great truth, we can no longer

Monday, September 4, 2023

Knock, Knock..."Who's Actually There?"

In the experience of separation that we find ourselves, the closest any two people can ever be is during sexual union, particularly during orgasm. For a brief moment (In most cases), the ideas of self dissolve and it is possible to feel a disassociated unity. And, in most cases, our ideas of each other, and the world around us, return rather quickly. It is in the physical that we are separate. It is in the non-physical realm of eternity where we know unity. We are actually closer to our deceased, loved-ones, than we could ever be in the physical world. But for most, it seems as though they are lost, as they do not recognize their own eternal nature and do not endeavor to find that unity in the exploration of their own consciousness. We hope you do.

Even in the physical closeness of intercourse, you are still "separate". And so it is

Monday, June 5, 2023

The Great Gnostic Secret...

At exactly 18:00 minutes, Bill reveals the Great Gnostic Secret. But watch the whole presentation! 

Monday, May 22, 2023

What have you "Learned"?

What is learning? Probably most of us have not even asked that question, or if we have asked it, our
response has been from tradition, which is accumulated knowledge, a knowledge that functions with skill or without skill to earn our daily living. This is what one has been taught, for which all the usual schools, colleges, universities, etc. exist. Knowledge predominates, which is one of our greatest conditionings, and so the brain is never free from the known. It is always adding to what is already known, and so the brain is put into a straitjacket of the known and is never free to discover a way of life that may not be based on the known at all. The known makes for a wide or narrow rut and one remains in that rut thinking there is security in it. That security is destroyed by the very finite known. This has been the way of human life up to now. ...

Knowledge is the past always. Is there a way of acting without the enormous weight of humanity's accumulated knowledge? There is. It is not learning as we have known it; it is pure observation – observation which is not continuous and which then becomes memory, but observation from moment to moment. The observer is the essence of knowledge and one imposes on what one observes that which one has acquired through experience and various forms of sensory reaction. The observer is always manipulating that which it observes, and what it observes is always reduced to knowledge.

So one is always caught in the old tradition of habit-forming. So learning is pure observation – not only of the things outside you but also of that which is happening inwardly; to observe without the observer."

J. Krishnamurti

Friday, April 7, 2023

Judas... The Revealer of Christ


Good Friday

Neville Goddard

(Circa 1954 - Edited by Jan McKee)

You know the story of Good Friday. A man is in a garden. It's night time. And one called Judas comes in search of him, seemingly to betray him. He comes into the garden, and it's dark, so he asks the simple question, "Where is Jesus?" Then the voice in the dark answered, "I AM HE." We are told in the story they all fell to the ground. When they regained their composure they asked the same question, "Where is Jesus?" Again the voice answered, "I have told you that I AM HE." This time Judas kisses him and the voice said to him, "Now that you have found me, let all else go, but do not let Me go, and what you have to do, do quickly." Then Judas goes out and commits suicide.

Now when you read the story you might think that that drama took place in a garden. No. That drama must TAKE place in the mind of man. For this is all about re-birth. I t takes a man, a normal man, a man of sense, but hidden in that man and bound hand and foot is the second man that rebirth loosens and lifts up, and that second man is God. So the mystery is all self, and he uses the word "mystery" no less than 18 times. He asked those in the Corinthians to esteem him as a steward of mystery. Then he said, "Great is the mystery, God was manifest in the flesh." Then he spoke of the greatest of all mysteries, the one hidden from the foundation of the world, "Christ in you is the hope of glory." Christ IN man. Not Christ in the pages of history, but God IN man must be awakened, and this is the technique by which he is awakened.

Now come closely with me and let me take you into the garden of your own mind. Right now just imagine you are in a sick room of some wonderful hospital, a ward. You see the case history. You heard the verdict of the doctor, and the man, seemingly, is dying. What would save that man from such a verdict? What would save him? A state of health by which he would rise from that bed and become a normal, healthy person in this world; that would save him. Now, look into your mind's eye and define carefully the solution of a particular problem. When you define the solution to the problem, do you know what you are actually seeing? You are seeing Jesus, for Jesus means "to save." So the state that would save that man from what he is, is the state of health. That is his savior.
The story is, "Now that you have found ME, let all else go, but do not let ME go." In other words, let go of everything you have ever believed, but do not let go of this concept -- that the man is well in spite of the evidence of your senses to the contrary. No matter what reason dictates, you hold onto Jesus, Jesus being that the man is healthy. You hold onto it, and you touch it by becoming intensely aware of it; that's the only way to touch a thing.

Let me tell you of something that happened only last Friday. I have a friend in this City

Monday, April 3, 2023

The Desolation of Abomination...

 The epitome of Desolation is at the hand of an Abandoned Imagination and displayed in the hiddious and vulgar expression of the "Left-brained", logical, linear, reasoning mind that can use these faculties to justify all of its Abominations. Intelligence is its tool, and Artificial Intelligence is its dystopian, tyrannical expression of its absolute. AI is the abandonment of the Imagination and the abandonment of your very spirit... the spirit of God. BEWARE the bareness of a busy life. In this video, we heard this phrase, "The Desolation of Abomination", for the first time. It really made us stop in our tracks.


Here is another great and entertaining presentation by Bill Donahue (Click) on this subject. Now, realize that Abomination is also a symptom of the Desolation of the Imagination... an abandoned and neglected "right-brain", so it is that you can read it either way: "The Desolation of Abomination" or "The Abomination of Desolation". Either way makes a powerful statement. Think about it!

Saturday, February 18, 2023


 So much to say about SILENCE: VARGO says it best. Get some quality SILENCE here:



Flowing silence is love
Shared silence is friendship
Silence seen is infinity
Vibrating silence is creation
Expressed silence is beauty
Maintained silence is strength
Allowed silence is rest
Received silence is joy
Perceived silence is knowledge
Silence-alone is being
Silence-alone is being, is being

Are you drowning in the noises
That surround you everyday
Do you struggle to keep things at bay
And at times does it feel like your loosing the way
Are you tempted by the voices
Trying to lead us all astray?
Do not always believe what they say
Come along, peace and quiet are not so far away

If your mind is out of tune
Feel the silence -
Don't know what to do
Feel the silence -
It is inside of you
Feel the silence -
If you listen you can hear it -
The silence in you

Creation - love - friendship - infinity - beauty - joy - knowledge - strength

Are you looking for a haven
Anywhere that you may roam?
There is shelter an oasis of your own
Come along, you'll find, you're already home

Friday, February 17, 2023


Does it Exist Anymore?

It is interesting to think about this quote in the context of ARTIFICIAL "fake" intelligence, that is all the rage as of late. People talk like it has the capacity to be some kind of God, and wonder and marvel at the idea of it.

We wonder... how would it handle a simple conundrum like the one listed in this quote? Holding 2 opposing ideas at the same time. Sounds like a Glitch... maybe gears and circuits flying apart? 

Wednesday, February 15, 2023


Why is one thoughtless?

The thinker thinks his thoughts through habit, through repetition, through copying, which brings ignorance and sorrow. 
Is not habit thoughtlessness?
 Awareness creates order, but it never creates habit. Settled tendencies only bring about thoughtlessness. Why is one thoughtless? 
Because to think is painful, 
it creates disturbances, it brings opposition, it may cause one’s actions to go contrary to the established pattern. To think-feel extensionally, to become choicelessly aware may lead to unknown depths, and 
the mind rebels against the unknown;
 so it moves from the known to the known, from habit to habit, from pattern to pattern. Such a mind never abandons the known to discover the unknown. Realizing the pain of thought, the thinker becomes thoughtless through copying, through habit; being afraid to think, he creates patterns of thoughtlessness. As the thinker is afraid, his actions are born of fear, and then he regards his actions and tries to change them. 
The thinker is afraid of his own creations; but the deed is the doer, 
so the thinker is afraid of himself. 
The thinker is fear itself; the thinker is the cause of ignorance, of sorrow. The thinker may divide himself into many categories of thought, but the thought is still the thinker. The thinker and his efforts to be, to become, are the very cause of conflict and confusion.
Krishnamurti, The Book of Life, September 10, HarperSanFrancisco, 1995

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Tools to Tithe...

 Again, tithing is a spiritual principle, centered around the idea that in order to access the higher realms of your consciousness, you must tithe (put away) the left-brained, logical, linear, carnal, sense-oriented mind. The following video is a good tool to do just that. InJoy!


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At Least Ask the Question...

 Here is a passionate WAKE UP CALL from Bill Donahue at about 15:45. You can explore tons more at 

"Overwhelming your God consciousness with material desires"

Friday, January 27, 2023

Jesus: Physical man or the Ideal MAN?


Quote from:

Neville Goddard 03-17-1969


The Bible is the most practical book in the world. In it we are told that one named Simon carried the cross behind Jesus. The word “Simon” means “to hear with understanding and consent to what is heard.” And Jesus is your own wonderful human imagination. 

The gospel tells what happens in the soul of Jesus. The events recorded there are seen and heard by none save but Him. Through these experiences He gains the certainty that He is not only the Son of God, but also God Himself. But when he tells his story few will accept it, as his experience of scripture differs greatly from its interpretation by the priests and rabbis. Simon, however, understands what he hears and, consenting to it, he carries the cross. 

We are told to “Bear ye one another’s burden and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Now, the law of Christ is described in the Sermon on the Mount. It is a psychological law, as Christ tells you in the 5th chapter of

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Martin Luther King... a Revelation on Racism by Abraham-Hicks

 We had the distinguished opportunity to witness this interaction with "Abraham" on their mexican cruise in '08. PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!