Monday, January 17, 2022

Multi-Tasking... Really?

by Tim Che'

We live in a culture that highly values busy-ness (aka business). And multi-tasking is "all the rage" among super-moms and fast-paced executives.

It's like a badge of honor to be juggling endless things... like the clowns in the circus spinning plates or juggling bowling pins.

Todays TV shows are idolizing characters that easily breeze along while answering to an insurmountable amount of decisions in lofty offices of government and business.

I, personally, have never been impressed by such acts of intellectual bravado. And, I have always questioned whether it

is actually possible "multi-task"? 

I saw a Myth Busters TV show, that the kids showed me, that disproved the notion, in their Myth-buster ways, which showed more of a 'Rapid Tasking' than multi-tasking... a kind of quickly jumping back and forth with a high-speed (perhaps over- caffeinated) mind.

But when you watch a mother of 5 little ones feeding the baby, while making lunch, and talking on the phone to her office manager... what is really going on?

The Sad Clown

The inspiration for this article came to mind with the recent passing of Robin Williams, a self-professed sad-clown, who possessed the most extreme examples of this type of  mental hyper-drive.

It would be difficult to find an equal of rapid-fire intellect anywhere on earth. The question that came to mind was... did his extraordinary talent and creativity come from the creative right-brain? Or was it rather an extreme expression of a left-brained intellect that was totally out of control?

The intellect can be VERY clever but is limited to thought and therefor only able to rearrange that which already exists. It is not able to create anything new because all thought is based on language which is only of the past. I ask this question because I read the stories of Mr. William's long struggle with emotional issues and deep depression and I have noticed over the years that some people who struggled with negative emotional states seem to have well developed and over-active intellects.

 ALL emotions expressed are preceded by the programmed mind in response to the stimulus of thought or the environment. If you cannot control your thinking you will not be able to control your emotional responses. I don't pretend to know what his mental state was or is... I just find it interesting and wonder what true creativity is and where it actually comes from.

Neville says that creation is finished, and that creativity is just a greater receptivity to that which

Friday, January 14, 2022

Spiritual Defense

So... perhaps we are at war. A quiet war with silent weapons and an invisible enemy. Their are casualties that no one sees. And worse, few believe that anything is happening at all. The battle rages. It is called "Armageddon". It is the end times. It is also the end of time.

You see time is the intellectual part of the mind. The part that will lose the battle with the Awakened Imagination... Read "The Battle of Armageddon"

Here, Neville gives us the best defense during these trying times: 

"The best defense against the deceptive assault upon our mental and moral eyesight is the spiritual eye or the Eye of God. In other words, a spiritual ideal that cannot be changed by circumstance, a code of personal honor and integrity in ourselves and good will and love to others. 

"Not what thou art, nor what thou hast been, beholdeth God with his merciful eyes, but that thou wouldst be." 

Through the veins of the humblest man on earth runs the royal blood of being. Therefore, let us look at man through the eyes of imaginative love which is really seeing with the Eye of God. Under the influence of the Eye of God, the ideal rises up out of the actual, just like water is etherialized by the sun into the imagery cloudland.

The man who really finds himself cannot do otherwise than let himself be guided by love.

Our ability to help others will be in proportion to our ability to control and help ourselves. 

The day a man achieves victory over himself, history will discover that to have been a victory over his enemy.

The solitary or captive can, by the intensity of his imagination and feeling, effect myriads so that he can act through many men and speak through many voices. The best way to feel another’s good is to be more intensely aware of it. Ideas do not bless unless they descend from Heaven and take flesh.

Sunday, January 2, 2022

What is the Sun?

Of course, we all have been taught by the great scientific community, that the sun is a giant Hydrogen bomb, that is continuously exploding, at the center of our solar system... Right? Well, let's see what someone who actually observed the sun for years has to say about what it is.

Now, I don't know about you, but it really peaks my curiosity to listen to a different point of view on things we take for granted as true. His statement that you can not see the sun from outer space is at first preposterous... and fascinating when you allow your mind to open to other possibilities about what the sun could be... and what the earth is... and who you are!

This video is required viewing for this weeks Casual Conversations on Consciousness titled "The Intellect and the Grid of Containment" 
  • Isn't it interesting that the brightest object in our solar system has dark spots? 
  • Is the sun really hollow? 
  • Is it just an accident that the moon, as viewed from earth, is the exact diameter as the sun as viewed from earth? What are the odds of that? 
  • And how does this relate to 'The Grid of Containment'?
  • You can't see the sun from outer space? or stars? What does that imply if it is true?
It is amazing to us how such questions have been eliminated from our culture. I was in the habit of asking young people a simple question, "What do you think the sun is?". The usual response centered around the idea that it was the star at the center of the solar system... one just said "Bright?" I would then say, "I know what you have been taught that it is, but what DO YOU think that it is?" Invariably blank faces and an "I don't know what you mean?" vacuum. 

So... What do you think it is?

When someone aked the great poet, William Blake, that question, he answered, "I million angels singing 'Halleluiah, Halleluiah, Halleluiah".  I'm sticking with that definition!

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Infinite Love in Unthinkable Origin...

In tribute to Neville Goddard:

"It is an intuitive desire of all mankind to be a finer, nobler being, to do the loving thing. But we can do the loving thing only when all we imagine is full of love for our neighbor. Then we know the truth, the truth that sets all mankind free. I believe this is a message that will aid us all in the art of living a better and finer life.

Infinite love in unthinkable origin was called God, the Father. 

Infinite love in creative expression was called God, the Son. 

Infinite love in universal interpenetration, in Infinite Immanence, and in Eternal procession, was called God, the Holy Ghost. 


We must learn to know ourselves as Infinite Love, as good rather than evil. This is not something that we have to become; it is, rather, for us to recognize something that we are already.

The original birthplace of imagination is in love. 

Love is its lifeblood. Insofar as imagination retains its own life’s blood (is operated with love), its visions are images of truth. Then it mirrors the living identity of the thing it beholds. But if imagination should deny the very power that has brought it to birth, then the direst sort of horror will begin.

Instead of rendering back living images of the truth, imagination will fly to love’s opposite – fear and its visions will then be perverted and contorted reflections cast upon a screen of frightful fantasy. Instead of being the supremely creative power, it will become the active agent of destruction. Wherever man’s attitude to life is truly imaginative, there man and God are merged in creative unity. Remember that Love is always creative, causative in every sphere from the highest to the very lowest. There never

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Why are We Hear?...

by Tim Che'
To listen for the call... 
of the birth of the Imagination in You

Image-Making happens in Man's Imagination

The Imagination is that part of your mind that can "see" things with your eyes closed; that can "hear" the voice of a departed loved one; that can "smell" coffee cooking even in its absence and can reach out and "feel" the softness of a rose petal in your mind. It is this part of you that can connect directly to the eternal. After all... if you can smell bacon cooking, even though their is none present, then where does the smell of bacon cooking exist? When you close your eyes to the "outer" world and find yourself standing outside on a sunny day, in a dream... where does the sunlight come from? If you can, in a dream, see places and objects, and have conversations with people... where do these things exist?

They all exist inside you... in your eternal nature. They exist in that part of you that is distracted by thinking and overwhelmed with responses to the physical senses. It is where ALL things exist and it is within YOU.
You are "The Light of the World"

But you/we have been taught to use our minds to "Think". 
And thought has NEVER created anything.

Thought can only "Think" about what has been created. Yet, it is so clever that it can think it is being creative. A truly creative act

Monday, September 6, 2021

Belief is the Worst Thing That has Ever Happened...

by Byron Katie

A doctor once took a sample of my blood and came back to me with a long face. He said he was
bringing bad news; he was very sorry, but I had cancer. Bad news? I couldn’t help laughing. When I looked at him, I saw that he was quite taken aback. Not everyone understands this kind of laughter. Later, it turned out that I didn’t have cancer, and that was good news too.

The truth is that until we love cancer, we can’t love life. It doesn’t matter what symbols we use—poverty, loneliness, loss—it’s the concepts of good and bad that we attach to them that make us suffer. I was sitting once with a friend who had a huge tumor, and the doctors had given her just a few weeks to live. As I was leaving her bedside, she said, “I love you,” and I said, “No, you don’t. You can’t love me until you love your tumor. Every concept that you put onto that tumor, you’ll eventually put onto me. The first time I don’t give you what you want, or threaten what you believe, you’ll put that concept onto me.” This might sound harsh, but my friend had asked me to always tell her the truth. The tears in her eyes were tears of gratitude, she said.

No one knows what’s good and what’s bad. No one knows what death is. Maybe it’s not a something; maybe it’s not even a nothing. It’s the pure unknown, and I love that. We imagine that death is a state of being or a state of nothingness, and we frighten ourselves with our own concepts. I’m a lover of what is: I love sickness and health, coming and going, life and death. I see life and death as equal. Reality is good; so death must be good, whatever it is, if it’s anything at all.

Until you experience death as a gift, your work’s not done. So if you’re afraid of it, that shows you what to question next. There’s nothing else to do; you’re either believing these childish stories, or

Friday, September 3, 2021

The Evidence of Dis-Trust... Contracts

by Tim Che'
Clearly, we embark on a journey to understand the true nature of ourselves, our mind, the "external" world and the source of all causation.

We must proceed carefully for we are bound to encounter the resistance of people who are not inclined to such an endeavor, and are not prepared, yet, to accept the ultimate responsibility that comes at the conclusion of such a quest. It is alright. It is part of the design. It is simply a matter of learning how to navigate such a terrain.

And so we step into the world of CONTRACTS.

The word itself makes one begin to recoil and collapse... to contract, if you will, into a state of dis-empowerment and smallness. It seems to be the accepted norm in our culture and yet, you can't deny that "pit in you gut" feeling when you find yourself needing to sign a lengthy one that you do not really understand. Perhaps, those who are trained as attorneys, and understand the "secret" and tricky language of that world, may revel in the ability to outwit their rivals and "get a better deal", or "pull one over" on the lesser intellectual. They are free to use this skill and knowledge to rule as tyrants, or help the ignorant navigate this system of trickery and mistrust. But they are the exception, the minority, and are doing the best that they know how. However, do we need contracts, attorneys and complex language if we TRUST? And, what is it to TRUST?

"Contracts don't work because they're not based on trust" (Prince)

Coincidentally, while writing this article, I saw the interview of Prince (R.I.P.) with Larry King, in which he
made the above statement... a wise person indeed! Most people will quickly dismiss the premise of this statement because they are not interested in discovering what it is to trust, implicitly. If a person is really intelligent and has an education that others do not, it just seems easier for them to get what they want using and placing their trust in the tools of contracts and their intellectual prowess over the lessor intelligent and educated. And who could blame them? But, What kind of world would it be if we could trust ourselves, trust others and trust in workings of this world we find ourselves in? Great question!

The foundation of trust is in the knowledge of "Causation".
And the bedrock of causation is in the direct experience that "Imagination Creates Reality"

If you had the direct experience of actually being the source of Causation in your world, you would

Monday, July 5, 2021

An Alternative to the Thinking Mind?

 by Tim Che'

"We are what we think. 
All that we are arises with our thoughts. 
With our thoughts, we make the world."
(Allegedly the Buddha)

This quote is generally accepted as a "truth", as it is presented, in the 'New age' movement and it is particularly appealing to the intellectual part of the mind. You know... the part that likes to "think".  Most likely this quote was translated by a thinking mind as it made sense to the thinker.

It is interesting to observe that the Buddha, and Buddhist teachings, clearly advocates, and are associated with, the meditative state of "no thinking". Yet, here he is said to claim that thinking is what we are!? And that "ALL that we are arises with our thoughts". And "with our thoughts we make the world".

Hmmmm... so let me get this straight: Thinking creates my world and it is what I am. Basically it’s everything!  But, we are to go through extraordinary measures and disciplines, for maybe 20 or more years, to learn to,  NOT THINK?


Disclaimer: This writer is in no way  claiming to be any kind of expert on the Buddha or Buddhism. The writer is only expressing his own revelation as it has been presented to him. If you are in disagreement with any statements in this article, the writer is agreeable to leave you with them in peace.

I am guessing that the "thinking" minds really love this Buddha translation:
" Look! See how great thinking is!"
 But is this quote true and is it what the Buddha really said and meant? There is clearly a conflict with this quote’s interpretation and the teachings, so let us explore it.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Saturday, February 20, 2021

But can you do it?

 And will you do it?

Thinking is the only cause of stress. Are you in control of your thinking? Or is your thinking in control of you?

Friday, February 12, 2021

Where did the Virus go?

Corona virus comes, and Corona virus will go. But where will it go? Here, Neville reminds us of our true nature and the nature of the world around us.

"I have seen this great flood of illusion as crystal clear atmosphere and now know that for me, the ark, the flood, is over.

 Man is either the ark of God or a phantom of the earth and sea - and he is not a phantom! 

Man is the ark of God, 
containing everything within himself. 

 Recently, (1954) a great doctor was asked about the flu which is spreading all over our country. Questioning where the bug goes when the flu subsides, he answered: 

"It doesn't go anywhere. It remains in man to be activated again." 

I say moods activate it. Leprosy doesn't come from without. Cancer doesn't either. Everything is within man. Read the paper and react. That reaction sets a feeling in motion, be it anger, frustration, or irritation. When the feeling leaves, where does it go? Back to sleep within you, for you contain the world and all that is in it."

If you understand that everything, including viruses, comes from within the consciousness of mankind, and that DNA is a reflection of that consciousness (including the unconscious), then you will see that all is contained in man. But what activates it? 

Ideas, emotions and reactions. 

"They" have been trying to make super-viruses for weapons for 100 years. They have tested them with names like Ebloa, HIV, H1N1, bird flu, swine flu, etc, etc,. But they have not yet got one to really take off. I'm guessing that "they" want us to believe they have this wicked virus technology, after all, fear is a good control mechanism. Covid19 has only taken off due to media propaganda and governments conspiring with it. The reason these experiments never seem to take hold is because they were created by the intellect and not a fundamental part of human consciousness, and therefore Un-stable. They start out scary and degrade out of that intellectual-made distortion. 

Because of this, they have had to rely on a completely controlled media propaganda campaign to get the results they want, which is the control and compliance of a world population. Yes, people are getting sick and some are dying with strange, flu-like symptoms, but it is not clear what exactly is causing those symptoms. The official assumption is always, "They tested positive for Covid19, so that must be causing it". There is a long-standing and rigorous scientific process, developed and known by all virologists, which is required to prove the link between ANY infectious agent and symptoms of concern. Interestingly, this process has not been followed by any organization that has made it public. 

So what else may be the cause? Could be almost any environmental agent... we may never know.
But we have to get back to TRUE CAUSATION.

Viruses are like seeds. They need fertile ground and water to germinate and take hold. The fertile ground is a body with a compromised immune system... probably compromised from the very vaccines they say are to prevent the disease. The water is your belief and fear of the disease... fueled by blindly following media propaganda and censorship of any non-fear instilling ideas.

You can believe yourself to death, if you are not careful.

I remember reading an account of a doctor who gave a death sentence of cancer to one of his patients. He showed him the x-rays, cat-scans, blood tests... etc, etc. Mountains of evidence corroborated by 2nd opinions and experts . The verdict being 6 weeks to live. Go home get your affairs in order... nothing we can do. The patient died almost exactly 6 weeks later. An autopsy was required for life insurance. The result showed that the patient did not have the disease that was diagnosed. In fact, they could not find signs of any disease. This situation was a SHOCK to the doctor. HOW could this happen? He spent the rest of his life trying to answer that question.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Pass-over... the Passage to your desires

The mystery of the PASSOVER...
It is a movement of MIND
It is a Passing-Over from one state of consciousness to another.
Beautifully explained in the following Lesson:

Neville Goddard Lesson 2


This Bible of ours has nothing to do with history. Some of you may yet be inclined tonight to believe
that, although we can give it a psychological interpretation, it still could be left in its present form and be interpreted literally. You cannot do it. The Bible has no reference at all to people or to events as you have been taught to believe. The sooner you begin to rub out that picture the better.

We are going to take a few stories tonight, and again I am going to remind you that you must re-enact all of these stories within your own mind.

Bear in mind that although they seem to be stories of people fully awake, the drama is really between you, the sleeping one, the deeper you, and the conscious waking you. They are personified as people, but when you come to the point of application you must remember the importance of the drowsy state.

All creation, as we told you last night, takes place in the state of sleep, or that state which is akin to sleep -- the, sleepy drowsy state.

We told you last night the first man is not yet awakened. You are Adam, the first man, still in the profound sleep. The creative you is the fourth-dimensional you whose home is simply the state you enter when men call you asleep.


This is the feast of the Passover. 

Something is going to change right now, something is going to pass-over. Man is incapable of passing over from one state of consciousness into another unless he releases from consciousness that which he now entertains, for it anchors him where he is.

You and I may go to physical feasts year after year as the sun enters the great sign of Aries, but it means nothing to the true mystical Passover. To keep the feast of the Passover, the psychological feast, I pass from one state of consciousness into another. I do it by releasing Barabbas, the thief and robber that robs me of that state which I could embody within my world.

The state I seek to embody is personified in the story as Jesus the Saviour . If I become what I want to

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Who is Asking?

You know, Sri Ramana Maharshi, that great Hindu sage of modern times? People used to come to him and say ‘Master, who was I in my last incarnation? ’As if that mattered. And he would say ‘Who is asking the question?’

And he’d look at you and say, get right down to it, ‘You’re looking at me, you’re looking out,
and you’re unaware of what’s behind your eyes. Go back in and find out who you are, where the question comes from, why you ask.‘

And if you’ve looked at a photograph of that man–I have a gorgeous photograph of him; I look by it every time I go out the front door. And I look at those eyes, and the humour in them; the lilting laugh that says ‘Oh come off it. Shiva, I recognize you. When you come to my door and say `I’m so-and-so,’ I say `Ha-ha, what a funny way God has come on today.''

Thursday, July 25, 2019

At the Very End of Technology...

The Surprise button! 
Read or listen to the entire talk at

"...a friend of mine many years ago, who said that Gnosis—which means… I suppose you’d best call it ‘transcendental knowledge’—Gnosis is to be surprised at everything. Because, you see, if you carry out technology to its final fulfillment, you have technological means of supplying you with everyneed or wish that you could imagine. So that you have—instead of just the plain little telephone with its dial on it—you have a somewhat more elaborate machine on which you can dial for anything you need at any time and it’ll be supplied instantly. Imagine yourself in that omnipotent position!...

...And what you will wish for in that final, ultimate push-button world will be a button labeled Surprise! You won’t know what’s going to come when you dial that one. And Chesterton’s fundamental attitude as a poet, as a theologian, was that even God needs a surprise and, of course, for that very reason endowed angels and men with the mystery of free will: so that they would do things that would be surprising and that could not be foretold."

Sunday, July 7, 2019

The Wedding of Spiritual Adults...

A wedding Celebrant... An HONOR bestowed upon me once upon a time at thetop of a mountain in the Colorado Rockies by 2 souls who recognized something hiding in me that was in alignment with their desire for a ceremony unbound by any religious traditions, yet captured the essence of a WEDDING and a MARRIAGE.

The results, posted here, represent a fantastic and humbling exercise in birthing these words into material reality, attempting to fit the occasion, the location and LOVE.

..."We have gathered here to witness and participate in a celebration of love. 

We stand together with a bride and a groom, with Marika and Kyle, as examples of the greatest aspirations of MAN, of each of us.

 And that aspiration is to love, is to know love and to become love… through the most difficult circumstances and in the most trying of times… and to shine the rays of love all the days of our lives. 

To love is to feel connected. 
We come to this fabulous place called Earth to learn to bear the beams of love. And to the degree that we love we acquire substance.
In this great quest to become love and acquire substance, we arrive at  the threshold of spiritual maturity, where spiritual adults can be united, and in that union, the power of love is amplified.

Today, we recognize in Marika and Kyle, a quality that is reflected in our surroundings, and in that reflection we become one with them in this moment. 

One knowing glimpse of the world around us at any single instant of time is sufficient to fill us with profound awe and a feeling of worship.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Thought is Measurement...

Now, thought is measurable, and I do not know if you have noticed, or reflected on it, that the West is the explosion of Greece, which thought in terms of measure. For the Greeks, mathematics, logic, philosophy—all the things they discovered, which exploded in the West...

are the result of measurement, which is thought. 

Does this interest you? Because without an understanding of the whole machinery of thought, its meditation has no meaning. So unless you really understand, have a deep insight into the whole machinery of thinking, you cannot possibly go beyond it..
tremendous significance, and where it becomes utterly destructive,

And in the East, India exploded over the whole of Asia, not among today’s Indians but among the ancient Indians. Today’s Indians are just like Westerners: romantic, vulgar, superstitious, frightened, grabbing money, wanting position, power, prestige; all that business that goes on all over the world, only they are a different color, have a different climate, a partially different morality.

But the ancient Indians said:

 measurement is illusion,

 because when you can measure something it is very limited, and if you base all your structure, morality, and existence on measurement, which is thought, then you can never be free. Therefore they said, at least according to what I have observed, that the
immeasurable is the real and the measurable is the unreal, which they call maya.

J Krishnamurti
Facing A World In Crisis